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Sissy Slumber Party

 Hermeneutical Inquiry
I ve certainly read sexually *Explicit Books And Kinkier Femdom * books and kinkier femdom but what put this one over the top was the way it got into the young man s head and made me feel what he was fee. When Jason gets caught "spying on his sister's friends while they are in the shower the girls "on his sister's friends while they are in the shower the girls revenge Now Jason is at the mercy of a group of women who want nothing than to turn

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The author is a superb storyteller "WHO KNOWS HOW TO DELIVER THIS "knows how to deliver this and kink "THAT I LOVE I CERTAINLY HOPE SHE HAS ALONG "I love I certainly hope she has along lines femdom sissy slaves because I will buy them. Ongs to SamanthaWARNING This 12500 word story contains forced feminization humiliation pegging spanking and one weak willed man who secretly yearns to be turned into an obedient siss. Ling the xuisite rush of being thoroughly dominated by "A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN AND BEING TURNED INTO HER BITCH "beautiful woman and being turned into her bitch were also a few unexpected and delicious surprises "As Well All In "well All in Im into a sissy slut good for only pleasuring the groupAs Jason learns to submit to Samantha the girl's leader he begins to accept his new role as Jamie the cute little sissy who bel. ,