[Donna Walo Clancy] The Baby Factory [young adult historical fiction Book] eBook

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Contemporary Hermeneutics eWith Donna on face book This was a Great BookI loved the story right from the beginning The author wrote from her heart Just as if she was in the storyI was songrossed that I could not put it down The book told a horrible tale of two young girls going on a camping trip on their spring vacation a camping trip on their spring vacation college Meghan and Sarah were driving through New England to a camping ground in Maine when they stopped to get gasThey were accused of not paying for the gas and sent to prison for 9 months But the prison turned out to be a Baby Factory and they Tried To Get Meghan And to get Meghan and pregant But only Meghan got pregant They rest of the story is so good if I tell you any you will not have to read the story and I would not want anyone to miss this storyPlease read it it is on sale right now at for 299 and well worth the money and the time to read it Original bookLoved this book I get tired of all the stories i read being some version of another that i have read This book was refreshingly origininal Loved the spunkiness of Meghan and the friemdship she shared with Sarah It was a great touch to add in the ghosts that helped her scape the baby factory Great read all around I m still shaking from finishing this book I met the author while on vacation on cape cod and forgot from finishing this book I met the author while on vacation on cape cod and forgot the book until now I literally couldn t put this book down I started it at 430 pm today and finished 5 minutes ago at 935 pm That was amazing definitely read First I just say this OMG This is such a well written story with so much on the dge of your seat suspense The story captures you right from the beginning as you can feel the xcitement between the two girls heading out on their camping vacation But they never get there They place they nd up in is so cold and deserted As the author describes the setting you can visuali. Urvive the cruel treatment of the warden and her guards and the survival instinct to find a way out of a successfully run fifteen year business How do they impregnate the girls and what hap. Truly an Exceptional and Gripping Novel One Of The BEST I Ve Ever ReadI the BEST I ve Ever ReadI been so Ang Mga Love Dilemma Ni Jane eagerly awaiting the release of this new book by phenomenally talented multi genre author Donna Walo Clancy and I am so overjoyed with its arrival This is one book which totally did not disappoint in the least To put it simply this is one of the best books I vever read in my whole life and I ve been an xtremely avid reader for many years now So for a book to affect me this profoundly and to stand out this much it s truly phenomenal Chock full of gripping suspense that makes you literally s truly phenomenal Chock full of gripping suspense that makes you literally to put the book down because you constantly need to know what will happen next to protagonists Meghan and Sarah The Baby Factory is definitely Donna Walo Clancy at her unuestionable best ven dealing with such a serious subject matter as the operation of a baby factory where young vulnerable women are brought in to a so called prison where they are incarcerated for the purpose of producing children to be sold illegally this phenomenally talented author handles the subject matter with the care and compassion of a first rate true professional at her craft of penning stories readers will not be able to put down until the very Super Fabulous end for anybody who loves to read captivating and thoroughlyngrossing suspense thrillers guaranteed to keep you on the dge of your seat page after page The Baby Factory is the "perfect book for you Chock full of dge of your seat suspense characters you can t help caring WowThis was "book for you Chock full of Pioneers Of Modern Typography edge of your seat suspense characters you can t help caring WowThis was great bookverymotional You want to rant at the injustices the girls suffer scorn the girls who are not smart nough to figure things out cry with the loss of some girls and rejoice at the triumph of Meghan Get your tissues ready Five Wow what a bookI liked it very much Read the book because I became friends. The Baby Factory Put yourself in Meghan and Sarah's place; jailed on false charges and sent to a women's prison that is a facade for a working baby factory Would you have what it takes to Se in your mind this horrible prison in the woods The wardendo you trust her when she s nice This is one of those books that you will not be able to put down I myself stayed up until 430 am because I was at a crucial part lol There are characters you will love and some you will love to hate I loved how the mysterious Dave was brought into the story I can only say if you love suspense you will love this book Incredible story brought into the story I can only say if you LOVE SUSPENSE YOU WILL LOVE THIS suspense you will love this Incredible story yeah as always remember to let someone know where you re going when you go on vacation I didn t know whether to give The Baby Factory three or four stars but I ve settled on three I actually njoyed this story and it had the potential of being a fantastic read Unfortunately it needs a lot proofreading and Poems Of Henry Lawson editingThere were a few typos and grammaticalrrors but many of the sentences need tightening up For Arty The Smarty example He nodded his head up and down Folk don t talk this way and I do think characters should speak naturallyI got a bit confused when the thoughts of characters were put in speech marks leading me to think they were talking to a person orven talking to themselvesMeghan was a lovely character feisty compassionate and caring but astute I liked her very much and thought her a courageous person I was disappointed that the story needed a ghost to help her since I felt her character was strong The Nine Lives Of Romeo Crumb Life One enough to carry her through and work out anscape on her own This would have been a five star story Hatastrophe except for the above It did have me in suspense and I kept turning the pages but it s such a pity it was spoiled by poorditing What a fantastic BookEverything is in this great book Love Hate Fear you ask about it and it is in this book I laughed cried got scared and was sad Just read it and you will see This was such a good story It was also well written loved the nding. Pens to the ones who don't produce offspring Do the girls fight and survive or does the warden win again The Baby Factory is a suspense novel that is available on com in print and on Kindle.

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The Baby Factory