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Favourite time period of hers seventeenth century France and England and centres on the lives of the impoverished xiled Stuart family in the 1650s following their defeat in the English Civil Wars and King Charles s Four Corners Level 4 Workbook executionWritten in first person present tense through Minette syes I thoroughly King Charles s September Sacrifice executionWritten in first person present tense through Minette syes I thoroughly Clegg s characterisations of some of my favourite Stuart personas James II when still Duke of York Rupert of the Rhine Philippe Louis XIV Athenais the Mazarinettes Military Tribunals Amp Presidential Power etc I think she made very realistic characterisations for all the charactersspecially Henrietta Maria Clegg a historian clearly knows ven the lesser known details of the historical figures involved and does a good job of filtering in these facts into the storyline without being heavy handedThis book felt like the literary "euivalent of ating a sumptuous dessert sweet frothy decadent specially with all "of ating a sumptuous dessert sweet frothy decadent Revenant especially with all references to the characters clothing and hair this is something Clegg is known and loved for by fans There is something unuestionably romantic about the whole thing That being said the book as a whole lacks the gravitas that some historical fiction readersnjoy If you re anything like me you ll welcome Clegg s style of writing for it is fun The Hebrides escapism I look forward to reading the seuel which is currently in the worksThe SCL rating 45 Melanie Clegg is a really gifted writer Minette s story isn t the mostventful as most of the chaos and danger surrounding her father s tragic reign occurred when she was a very small child However I was riveted by Clegg s prose which gave us minute details of Minette s childhood with her mother Henrietta Maria the unfortunate widow of Charles I of England They stayed in xile in France and were supported by the kindness of Louis XIV while her older brothers work to restore the monarchy in England Minette has a close relationship with all of her brothers most notable the future Charles II and James II Minette is humbled by her lack of wealth and has a sweet disposition which makes her character truly likeable She is under scrutiny at the French court as the highest ranking Princess and has to contend with the intrigue and gossip led by Cardinal Mazzerin s nieces while being the poorest dressed at court due to their strained financial situation She befriends Athenais de Rochechouart a future. Henrietta Maria is the original Cinderella waiting breathlessly and with some trepidation for the moment when her family’s fortunes will be restored and she can reclaim her proper place in the worldA treat for all fans of The Secret Diary of a Princess by the same author Minette leads Melanie Clegg turns out another great book The only complaint I have is that it nds way too abruptly but there will be a follow up to this one Excellent More please I really Christ In Celtic Christianity enjoyed this book Full of historical detail and descriptions It wasasy to read and the development if the plot xcellent I look forward to the *NEXT BOOK DEALING WITH THE LATTER HALF OF MINETTE *book dealing with the latter half of Minette life I loved this book Clegg is so good at getting into the heads of the people whose lives she is ssentially journaling And living in Minette s head and world for a while was interesting She s a historical figure I only knew a little bit about and the period of the Restoration is a fascinating one This book is just part one of the story and I can t wait to read Ah it s so hard to read historical fiction that Atlas Of Operative Craniofacial Surgery ends on a high note when you know it doesn t ultimatelynd that wayAnyway that aside I loved this book Well drawn characters good pacing immersive history I felt for Minette and I loved the characterization of her mother The focus on how these two women felt in the aftermath of the revolution and how these vents shaped them was well doneand heartbreaking Not much insight into Charles II or Louis XIV but that s okay Melanie Clegg is a historical doneand heartbreaking Not much insight into Charles II or Louis XIV but that s okay Melanie Clegg is a historical to watch This book tells the story of Minette Charles II s youngest sister and covers the period from 1654 up until 1660 when she married the Duc d Orleans It s very well written and ngaged me thoroughly from the start I loved the descriptions of life at the French court and how the characters were brought to life I found myself almost in tears at a few points in the book one scene where Minette goes to see the site of her father s An Introduction To Genetic Engineering execution was one that I foundspecially poignant This book "is so interesting the period it covers is one that I ve always found fascinating Melanie is a fantastic "so interesting the period it covers is one that I ve always found fascinating Melanie is a fantastic and brings her characters to life so much so that you feel you actually know them Published by Madame Guillotine in 2013 Minette is the first part of Melanie Clegg s two part series of historical fiction books about Henrietta Anne youngest daughter of King Charles I of England and his French born ueen Henrietta Maria Melanie Clegg is best known for her works about Marie Antoinette and her books set during the eighteenth century For this however she turns to another. To know her was to love herBorn in the very heart of the dangers of the English Civil War smuggled out of the clutches of Parliament as a toddler and then raised in near penury inxile in France the charming and beautiful Princess Henrietta Anne Stuart youngest daughter of Charles I and.

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Powerful mistress of Louis XIV and begins to shed some of her naivety I can t wait for Clegg s seuel as I really have njoyed this piece I simply think that I d be interested in reading a really biography about Minette than a fictionalized version of her life These things can work but this BOOK COVERS HER LIFE BETWEEN THE AGE OF 11 covers her life between the age of 11 17 and that results in two problems1 It s also a First Person POV and her voice doesn t sound like a leven year old at all I
still hugely preferred 
hugely preferred over the author trying to imitate a first person narration of a young child which honestly would have been annoying to me no matter if she managed to get it right or failed at it but I still did a double take the first time I read how old she was because what Eleven Seriously2 Nothing much happened to Minette during that time OK that is perhaps the wrong thing to say She still had a much The Horus Heresy exiting life than anyleven year olds who aren t the daughters of an Celia And The Wolf executed king and who life inxile but she still can t do much Because she is so young and because her mother isa complicated character So this book is her going to balls her reacting to news about what her siblings are doing balls and some romance Now I don t mind any of these things but I generally prefer less balls and of the otherMinette simply had almost no own agency which is logical and understandable considering the circumstances but for me that was still rather frustrating to readA second book about the rest of Minette s life is planned and since I like the author and from what I read Minette s life will become really interesting then I will probably still read itit s not The Byzantine Republic even that the six years described in this book were boring Just as said a biography might have been better since it could have put all thevents in a bigger context Warning This book is based upon known historical Adams Gene And The Mitochondrial Eve events and people and they will be freely discussed in this review If you are unfamiliar with this period and wish to remain spoiler free I recommend you not read this review This is the first of two books based on the life of Princess Henrietta Anne Minette younger sister to Charles II Told in the first person narrative the book begins in 1654 The Stuarts are inxile and a young Minette is living in Paris with her mother with money and apartments provided by the. He reader into the flamboyant The Little Red Hen Beginning Reader Illustrated exciting and treacherous world of Louis XIV's Paris and Charles II's raucous Restoration court as seen through theyes of an nchanting and unforgettable heroineThis is the first book in a two part series about the youngest and favourite sister of Charles II. Minette by Melanie Clegg
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