N. Taylor (Pdf / kindle) The Desire to Touch – Epub and TXT

So much potential not yet realizedI volunteered to read this book in exchange for an honest review I am far beyond my promised review window and apologize for this but I have come to realize my dallying on this book is partially due to the product itself I do not like to write a review that I FEEL IS NEGATIVE BUT SOMETIMES IT SIMPLY CANNOT feel is negative but sometimes it simply cannot done otherwiseThe Complimentary Observations The humorous uality of Ellie along with her ungracefulness her self description and her inner voice conversations those with her angelic and devil alter egos I thought made the story realistic and a great read I thoroughly enjoyed her thinking things through with her angel and devil and with the humorous absence of them when she thought she needed them The author does a fine ob keeping the conversations in Ellie s head light even when Ellie has doubts Too bad she loses her mental selves half way through the story I did catch on that she loses her angel devil when shes gains self confidence and doesn t need them Nevertheless I enjoyed their tension releaseNot all of Trey is lovable sometimes he can seem like a cold hearted ss but then again we re reading from insecure Ellie s POV and she s not known for being level headed but rather umping to conclusions even the reader knows are illogical but on the whole he s a well enough defined character Obviously the two need to have secrets to carry the reader through the story line and wonder which way they will go This is a great original story from a debuting author This gem of a story is a good original one even if great original story from a debuting author This gem of a story is a good original one even if needs polishing Descriptions of activityaction would benefit from meaningful rewriting Succinct ness is an art form lost in this piece but one from which the book could benefit The Room for Improvement Originally I thought I was receiving an ARC version of this story not a publish ready polished copy Thinking this I expected this book to have misspellings and grammatical errors because that is the purpose of an ARC to flush out the errors polish the story the characters the consistencycontext and the actual writing before publication Unfortunately the grammar and punctuation errors specifically the use of apostrophes where they should not have been used or missing where they should have been used commas in the wrong place or missing altogether incorrect spellings misspellings not relating to the differences between the English vs the American ways of spelling a word the inconsistent use of italics for Ellie s thought discussions with her alter egos and the inconsistency in flow between the h and her alter egos is distracting to the reader causing one to read and reread a passage in order to puzzle out the intended writing Punctuation serves a purpose in communication Misusing and missing punctuation causes the reader confusion and can alter sometimes significantly the storyCliffhangers Hate em An absolute and instant turn off to any series for me Like others I do not have an interest in devoting time to a book only to be given half of a story There are far too many complete stories waiting to carry me away for me to invest my limited reading time on an incomplete effort A good story teller if there is enough story to warrant a series will be able to end the first story leaving the reader with a sense of completion while at the same time leaving the eager for Although a cliffhanger may be intended as such a cliffhanger feels like a cheap demeaning ploy to extract the cost of another book hardback paperback OR electronic from an unknowing reader I recommend this story it is entertaining BUT I recommend that readers wait for a corrected edited version I was surprised to learn that this book has been in the marketplace at since March with the seuel available at both and Smashword I Ellie has a traumatic and terrifying experience whilst living in England so moves to American t live with her Uncle and Cousin Whilst working ,

The Desire to TouchFour star rating but I m sick of reading a book then have to wait months for the seuel plus the extra cost involved in having to purchase books to for the seuel plus the extra cost involved in having to purchase books to out the ending I don t mind paying for a seuel if I m forewarned when I buy the 1st book ideally in the titlethat there is than one book then I can make an informed choice as to whether aI want to buy the book orbCan I afford the cost of purchasing books to find out the ending Like buying a pair of shoes pay for one then wait For Months For The Other months for the other to be made so I can purchase it and then have a pair of shoes to wear I was given a free copy of this book in return for my honest opinionI was expecting to love this story It includes all the things I enjoy in a story but something didn t uite click for me I think the problem for me in this was Trey the alpha male I have to really like the main alpha male character and I love it when the he falls for someone and doesn t care who knows it In this story he doesn t want to be seen with her in public He says it s to protect her etc but I found myself disliking him a little every time he did itThe plot was good and there was lots going on and it was pretty original too It gets pretty boring reading the same old plots regurgitated so the original plot in this made for a refreshing change It really kept me reading and kept me guessing wanting to find out what happens next and it was nicely paced with a little being revealed at a time That worked wellThis felt like a draft than a finished novel to me It really would benefit from a good editor Even ignoring the grammatical errors particularly the use of apostrophes where they were a good editor Even ignoring the grammatical errors particularly the use of apostrophes where they were needed or missed where they were commas in the wrong place or missing altogether and incorrect spellings the writing would benefit from a little polish This was particularly apparent during action scenes where the reader was given so much information about who was standing where and where they moved to it became a bit of a memory test Much of that extraneous detail could be pared right down so that the reader only focuses on the stuff that matters I would also have appreciated a little reminder whenever a minor character was reintroduced a uick line or ever a descriptive pronoun the singer the shady tailor my almost boss the security guard reminding the reader who that character was or how they knew the others would have made it a little easier place them and figure out why they re there I m not a fan of the inner voice either particularly when as in this story the inner voices are arguing inside the main character s head When the inner voices were arguing in the middle of a muddled action scene involving lots of other characters it ust didn t work for me at all Ellie had experienced a traumatic past and all the nervous bangle twitching worked as a good outward tell of her angst I personally don t think the inner voices were necessary as wellEllie and Trey s story continues in The Desire to Love so after the heart wrenching cliff hanger I m looking forward to seeing how their story concludes This book grew on me I was a little hesitant at the start and thought the main character was going to be a spoilt brat but then we started to get hints of deeper issues The snippets of information became intriguing and characters came into the scene I wanted to know answers about the family ust like Ellie I m glad the book ended on a cliff hanger there were too many ends to tie up The book does contain adult material which is handled well and I m glad there is a depth to the story which I m sure will continue in the next book A little frustrating at times but a good storyline and a couple of good twists too Very easy to read would definitely recommend getting the second book at the same time as they follow straight on. Motional story of angst romance and mystery The seuel Desire to Love out 1st June 2013Rated 18 due to sexual content and explicit language used. .

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