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Ss hurt a fellah On the good side it was an attempt by *a MAN to make female action heroines feminine rather than women who fight *MAN to make female action heroines feminine rather than women who fight men then go cry about it He still might need to polish that up a bit Oh wait Vince isn t a girl maybe it wasn t so badToo much like when I was in college Booze Girls Parties I know what Guys want I know what guys want I know what girls wantinsert favorite 80s MTV music video here of course I can t say it wasn t completely unrealistic but then knowing what I know now if there college went like mine well there s a reason I m gong to school on the 30 year planOther than that this is fun worth reading You may need to respect the genre which does include racy combat oriented people ven if they are thinkers All the drama of college without as many rocks in the romantic world and lots of fun battles and testsThere is also a great plot that is like the barrels in Jaws the first movie Once Suint and Pooper shot the shark with lines attached to barrels you didn t need to see the shark but when those barrels popped up oh boy adrenalin time You didn t have to see the shark to know it was there With this there are things going on behind the scenes and Haley has attached barrels to that plot shark that pop up now and again It is well done Herb Brooks especially for a genre that prefers straight up bad guys and interesting Generally this is a nostalgic read for young adults and adults too much sex booze and violence WarningSex Booze and violencencouraged by the University um the science on this does not work out to be accurate as much as it mirrors reality sometimes I think it was too cavalier about alcohol but did not count off because it isn t too far off of society on that one Sex it s not dripping with itugh sorry for that visual They are of age but so youngYes obviousoly if your a geriatric father of an 11 year old girl like me it might tug a thread or two that ultimately pull on MY LITTLE GIRL WILL NEVER GO TO COLLEGE and That s it Home Schooling until she gets a PhD Still it s all conceptual and not unrealistic Sigh there I said it it sucks being a reading dad sometimes King For Ever especially when you can read into thingsViolence this ain t your grand pappy s Buster Brown Comics these guys draw blood and break bones That is actually of a correction of a flaw in the genre but takin out a villain ain t always prettyGood read worth reading 5 stars which don t comeasy from meGood writing good multi tiered plot interesting characters some gender issues but manageable some drama but meh and fun college hijinks Gulp A nostalgic read I have mixed feelings about this book The fact that it was originally written as serial shows when you read it all in one go It leads to some strange pacing for a novel where the big fight that comes at the Four Corners Level 4 Workbook end isn tven foreshadowed in the rest of the book leaving you feeling like it just came out of left field While it was usually ntertaining chapter by chapter Good Story Clunky WritingThe concept and protagonist gallery is very very good It is a bit like a unholy crossbreed of Harry Potter and X Men And Is A Excellent Example Of and is a xcellent xample of being successful The tropes are there but neither taken overly seriously nor too flippantHowever one thing that become obvious with listening to the audio book is the authors horrible tick of nding The Hermetica Of Elysium The Elysium Texts 1 each characters line with Alice said Vince said said Alice said Vince Usually an authorither let sentence build choice of wording or just plain logic mark who said what Or at least choose something. Esser super beings Powereds as they are called have always been treated as burdens and second class citizens Though there has been ample research in the area no one has ver succeeded in turning a Powered into a regular human let alone a Super That is until now Note This is Book 1 of 4 in the Super Powereds web novel series Others will become available on Kindle as they are creat.

Drew Hayes ↠ 8 Summary

I m terrible at talking about what I like about a book What works for me depends a lot on what I m in the mood to be reading I am usually much clear about what I don t like so I want to preface this review with two statements1 Yes there are still plenty of proofreading rrors throughout the book As of when I picked it up in late November 20132 I checked the book out for book As of when I picked it up in late November 20132 I checked the book out for as This was great fun I really loved the main characters and they came a long way in the space of a year Really looking forward to the rest of the series Three word review Cliched *Tedious Inconseuential Slightly Longer Review *Inconseuential Slightly longer review pointless as 80% of this book was This book is one hell of a slog After I finished it I discovered that it started as a web series which helps Revenant explain the segmented drawn out story telling and out of left field twist at thend Characters are one dimensional and bland and their motivations are comically snicker adolescent and predictable Action is rarely The Hebrides ever used for character development instead the author beats you over the head with anxposition bat and over Where Are You Going You Monkeys explainsvery little thing a character does or says often through the characters own dialogue I m not sure Christ In Celtic Christianity exactly how toxplain it other than to say it is tedious I often got to the point of what the author was trying to get across about 3 paragraphs before he didMaybe that s hyperbolic but the book uite often left me deeply frustrated and as I write this I m struggling to come up with a reason whyhow I finished it in the first place I freuently had to put it down because I was so frustrated by the author s inability to simply GET ON WITH IT The story has all the subtlety of a poker game played in a mirrored room The slang is written by your dad that one time he tried to hang out with you and your friends and thought he knew how you all talked Fuck to the yeah That is literally a thing that is spoken by a character I m serious guys I could go onAnd nowHey I m doing or saying this thing and now I m going to xplain it to you concisely and in plain nglish to make absolute certain you understand precisely what I did or said meant We re not a fan of subtlety here at Lander Vince saidNot subtle huh Alice askedNot at all If I don t clearly state the very precise meaning in my words I worry that you and by Atlas Of Operative Craniofacial Surgery extension the reader whoven at this very moment is reading these words will be unable to fully understand The Dom With The Kink Monsters Badass Brats 4 exactly what my motivations were for saying that Vince saidAh I see So I m clear I ll always be able to tell why you said or did that thing you said or did Leaving no room for my own interpretation and byxtension the reader that might make us or the interactions between us interesting Alice askedYup Vince Said It s all out in the open Cards are all up there on the table Vince saidOh good I m glad I don t have to use my brain I m just the dumb rich girl who thinks she s a social geniusprincess stereotype after all Alice saidHaha and I m the boy scoutcharacter with a uniue attribute that he hates but in reality would actually be super cool who always tells the truth so it works for both of us Vince saidExcellent Alice saidYup Vince saidGood Alice saidFuck to the Yeah Vince saidOkay I m done It was a slog but I did finish it because there was a good story in there It was just buried under bad metaphors stilted phrasings unneeded modifiers cool wet river water and just awful attempts at wry humour all making for an overly long book This book did not need to be 800 pages I get that it This is an interestin. Update 8232013 Professionally dited Knowledge is power That would be the motto of Lander University had it not been snatched up and used to death by others long before the school was founded For while Lander offers a full range of courses to nearly all students it also offers a small number of specialty classes to a very select few Lander is home to the Hero Certification Progra. G book but a bit too simplistic for my tastes It tries very hard to be mature both with its plot and character s but never really manges to do that The talk and behaviour of most of the cast far too often reads like a 1415 year old imagines cool adults to behave and the same can be said of the general world building and plotting Big surprises ngrossing characters Originally reviewed in 2016 but I had to correct a typoWhen I first began this book I found it fairly interesting and thought okay going to be a 4 But as I continued on the book like some pieces of music just got better and betterThis is unapologetically a light brain candyish book No doubt about that make no mistake This is not something along the lines of Spinoza That said sometimes a book about an unabashedly light subject comes together on the uality of the story telling and transcends itself a bit I m moving this up to 5 starsI got the audio version of this book thinking I d listen to it as I did some other projects I hadhave going Never once however did I have to go back and relisten to a passage It held my interest right through Alsothe second is scheduled to be released in audio next month and *I marked it on my calendar If it doesn t This is less Pup Fiction and written from those wonderful fantasies *marked it on my calendar If it doesn t This is less Pup Fiction and written from those wonderful fantasies day dreams that a young reader of comic books might have had in the silver age of comics 1970s ish when Spiderman and the X Men were on the rise When I was nine years old I benefited from a friend who had a wonderful imagination and was able to make up stories where he inserted us into the mix of superheroes Most of his were borrowed from his xtensive comic book collection Stories could last for hours Too bad he s an optometrist today and not a writer This book sort of took me back there In many ways I am still like that 9 year old kid with a wild imagination and the ability to put words and pictures with that wonderful uestion What if we It s a good read The characters are rich There are shades of the great grand genre pulp fiction but also shades of the 1980 s prime time soaps There is a rich plot that if there is a fault takes a long time to show itself and links this book to the next one It s long which is a plus for me when it s good and I liked the characters There is action but there is a lot of action less action By that I mean the behind the scenes plots and twists Character secrets and stories and some relationship drama It s kind of a Soap Opera for Superheroes with lots of
action or an 
or an story with Superheroes and lots of drama the good kind I m giving it 5 stars but it s not perfect It gets five stars for smooth writing a well thought out plot an honest commitment to the Superhero theme and it s pulp fiction roots and interesting characters The down side of this isSometimes a little too much drama I did want to slap Vince and Nick a few times And Alicethough thankfully that was wonderfully managed There were also too many pretty people Okay I get it superheroes right Pulp Fiction right Whadya xpect Maybe a Swamp Thing Goes to College guy I don t know or maybe normal Generally this is tolerable given the genre Girly girls that could hammer the be Jesus out of you Right out of the comic books and possibly one of the most stigmatized problems with the genre Men can wear armor and Suit up Women wear skin tight unitards They have a partyWhat will I wear GaspCALL ALICE NOW Generally this was cute and there were plenty of female characters who could put a whopping smackdown on your M a curriculum designed to develop student with superhuman capabilities commonly known as Supers into official Heroes Five of this year’s freshmen are xtra special They have a secret aside from their abilities one that they must guard from ven their classmates Because for very one person in the world with abilities they can control there are three who lack such skill These Super Powereds Super Powereds #1

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