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Constantine, Volume 1: The Spark and the Flame

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Constantine ight away you can tell DC have fiddled with the former Vertigo fan favourite by naming it after the atrocious Keanu Reeves picture from 2005 It used to be called John Constantine Hellblazer and the name Hellblazer isn t mentioned once in this comic But it s still A Lost Witch A Modern Witch 7 recognisably the same character even though the character s doomed soul isn t mentioned as much in thiseboot than it was *before and I m not sure it s once mentioned that he I already ead 2 and 3 so this *and I m not sure it s once mentioned that he I "Already Read 2 And "read 2 and so this was out of orderI saw how things got started and I can t say I am impressed I ve seen interesting versions of this character in a page long cameo in Swamp Thing in the 80sI know the idea and I feel like I owe it to myself to try the Hellblazer series but this isn t goodI don t feel any interest no connection just a dislikeable guy who does magic tricksJeff Lemire was a writer for this Not so good but it utterly lost the plot when Ray Fawkes took it over properThe first 3 issues set up his un in with the hand of the cold flame which takes until the end of vol 3 to Belfagor 1840 resolveIt makes a bit sense now what happens later on but it s just lame Zatanna is supposed to be his ex here and only briefly appears it s not worth the ink spent on her Much like the later appearance of Shazamit s like oh ok But then just lame magic warrior shit when does Xena show upYawn I wasn t a dedicatedeader to Hellblazer but I did dip into it from time to time however I have been following Justice League Dark very closely so I feel that I have had time to prepare for the newer sanitized version of John ConstantineAs a horror comic this collection just doesn t cut it I mean I m assuming this was meant to be horror because the whole Constantine brand has always been horror but it s the new 52 so who knows what they e trying to accomplish There are a couple images that gave me chills on the whole the art is uite good in this volume but there were not many other horror elements present in the story certainly there was nothing psychologically horrific to be foundAs a part of the Dark corner of the new DCU I found this collection worked uite well There is actually uite a bit of info to help explain the ules of engagement for the world of magic and magic users The world of magic has always been a peripheral element to the DCU so to see it pull focus in titles like JLD Swamp Thing Phantom Stranger and Constantine is fun and efreshing for me The Dark titles provide a completely different POV Constantine makes perfect sense to me existing within that fold Unfortunately the stories themselves feel basic and flat in this volume This new Constantine is much interesting when he is forced to work unwillingly with a team As a solo he is forced to work unwillingly with a team As a solo well I ll come back for I m curious to see where this title goes35 I have to admit that I don t like the character of John Constantine I do like the Justice League Dark series and he is in that He is a great character to hate I decided to give this book a try and so I did I have to admit that I actually enjoyed this story was entertained by it and John didn t get on my nerves uite as bad as he has He s still a bastard but the story is goodHe s looking for a McGuffin a magical compass and it is The star of Justice League Dark and Hellblazer the longest unning Vertigo series is unleashed in. N 3 parts He is seeking them out Others are
also looking for 
looking for One time they beat him to it and another time he gets what his is looking for We don t get to see the 3rd item as this volume ends before the story gets there He does almost die though London is an interesting idea For some eason just being in London for John is deadly It s like the city is attacking him or something It was a crazy idea I am shocked that I want to ead the next volume This was so much better than the movie I haven t Gothic Lolita read other GN s of this story but it s nothing like the movie at alleally The movie missed the point of John I used to the people were being weird but it was eally a bad movie compared to this Bullet ReviewIssues 1 3 were STEREOTYPICAL AND A LITTLE VIDEO GAME GO TO THIS and a little video game go to this get this item fight these bosses but at least they were OK if not noteworthyIssue 4 was ehIt was Issue 5 that I just went WTF is this It had Shazam and seemed to tie into a bigger DC storyline and made NO SENSE Issue 6 wasn t much better dealing with the aftermath of the previous issueIf I were ating 1 3 "maybe 4 if I were generous it would be 3 stars Issues 5 and 6 leave a "4 if I were generous it would be 3 stars Issues 5 and 6 leave a taste in my mouth John Constantine has been around for a long time since 1985 in fact and for most of his history in the form of the 300 issues of the Hellblazer comics he has been a part of the Vertigo series from DC I A Touch Of Dead Sookie Stackhouse 4 1 4 3 5 1 7 1 8 1 read the story for about half that history before I gave up on it and it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I picked up this new series with Constantine now a part of the new DC universeSo does it work For the most part yes it does though with notableeservations Constantine is still the tricky bastard that he s always been which is made clear in the first couple of issues when he sacrifices one of the few friends he has on the trail of a dangerous mystic artefact Pissing off other magic users is also pretty par for the course with Constantine and he manages to get on the bad side of The Cult of the Black Flame pretty early on There s also an appearance from Zatanna here depicted as view spoilerConstantine s former lover hide spoiler 35 starsEveryone s pretty much Classical And Quantum Computation right This isn t Vertigo s Constantine so fans of Hellblazer will probably feel uite a pang of disappointment at DC s shinier version of the character Not that John s shittingainbows but this title definitely captured his PG 13 sideI ve Weber Carburet Hp774 really enjoyed him in Justice League Dark so I was hoping since this is volume 1 that this would give an origin story for himNo such luckI haven tead a great deal about him outside of the DC universe so I m not The Essential Spinoza really sure about his backstory And even I was I was I d still like to see where the New 52 Constantine came from ya knowIn this Constantine goes up against some bad guys looking for a magical compass screws over everyone who knows him temporarily steals Billy Batson s power and gets himself shotAll of this ties in to the Trinity War stuff in case youe interestedOverall it a good story if you like him from JLD but hardcore fans won t be as impressed And as long as my library gets this one in I ll keep coming back for There s been a lot of apprehension about the decision to move Constantine as His own DCU title Liar cheater manipulatorJohn Constantine is all of these and yet he uses these .
Character from the Forever And Always realm of Vertigo into the DCU proper Hellblazer as a property had been a solidly and proudly mature title and was beloved in no small part for being so Obviously the move would mean that the cursing sex and violence of the original would have to be downplayed or at least be less explicitly drawn on the page I imagine that if you dearly loved the original it felt like uite a blow like it would be impossible to truly tell a Constantine story under thoseestrictions Is it actually Well that depends on your point of viewThe truth is it s only the presentation that s been sanitized and even that isn s been sanitized and even that isn by much This is PG 13 Constantine which gives the writers some leeway And Constantine s personality hasn t exactly been scrubbed either Very early in this book he turns his back on a good friend and the conseuences for his friend are deadly So not terribly far from his Vertigo origins However planting him in the DCU does have the unfortunate side effect of making him a party to whatever major thing is going on in the greater DCU at the moment Here it s Trinity War and it leads to the single least interesting issue in the entire collectionNot that the collection as a whole is terribly compelling Constantine is basically putting on an Indiana Jones act for most of it traveling the world in search of magical artifacts and encountering a laundry list of magical antagonists That part is decently told but not terribly original There are too many newly introduced characters with little background and meaning given to each and I felt like the artifact hunt was lacking in characters with little background and meaning given to each and I felt like the artifact hunt was lacking in And then the Trinity War issue seriously breaks any flow this book might have hadI doubt I ll continue with this series It s decent and it could be John Wayne Gacy Serial Killers Uncensored really good but it isn t there yet A coupleepeats of issues I ead in Trinity War collections not bad mostly eading for continuity The CW Constantine Touched With Sight Shadow Thane 2 really is the best of them all luvs This is the Hellblazereboot under the new 52 Ogopogo revampFirst off I love Constantine If it weren t for him there d be no Harry Dresden and probably no urban fantasy He paved the way for the damaged magicians in mega cities all over the world Buteading Hellblazer It s hard Such a product of its time the 80s in all its big hair big shouldered glory that it doesn t stand weathering well at least for meThat left me uite eager to check out this trade the first six issues collected It s still the same Constantine living with his mistakes and successes of the past Unable to enter London due to a curse he s living in New York now Stumbling over a mission to keep a very powerful artifact out of The Hands Of Some Mega hands of some mega that have formed the evil alliance known as the Order of the Cold Flame he travels around magic happens and he gets pummeled no than a few times with a victory that is tainted as only a Constantine victory canAll in all it felt like a typical A Tour Of Bones reboot Flashy action than exposition a uick sketch over all that s gone before There was definitely depth in the old stories time to look over aoom of people and pick out expressions and back story baggage delivered with a single look But as a vehicle to bring him into the new millennium it was a good star. Kills and to protect the world from the darkest corners of the DC UniverseCollecting Constantine ,

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