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Hurt when he learned about Alyse s infidelity But I understand Alyse s POV too And I can t really blame her because we often do foolish things which we regret in retrospect but can never ever undo the mistake I really like Leo He was what he was and never pretended to be otherwise He didn t play games like the usual HP heroes But most importantly I loved how he acted like a real gentleman which is a surprise in HP land because heroes are seldom celibate or loyal to their commitments of love and marriage My fellow GR reviewer Asterope has written a wonderful review and that s what made me want to read the book A very satisfying and enjoyable read Strongly recommended Updated Review15 stars rounded upAs expected I absolutely did NOT enjoy this book which I read simply to make a point However I also never enjoy books where male protagonists cheat as well So I m rather relieved to see I do not harbour double standard However I think people who do rate books higher than 3 stars with heroes cheating during engagement and betrothal should be automatically bound to give this book a 3 star The HP authors are blatantly misogynists and so are we at least indirectly for supporting the reverse plot of this book and for so blatantly hating this book Am I biased about female leads yes I am That s because we do not have a balance playing field yet Provide me with a balanced society free of sexism and misogyny and I ll also play fairBack to rant relevant to ACTUAL book I was REALLY bothered about the cheating along with the hero As he has pointed out it was during the period of engagement However What I was bothered about was the circumstance and the lack of footing the hero had to be mad about this To begin with the engagement was almost fake Then the heroine NEVER had ANY personal contact information of the hero now whether she could have still contacted him or not is irrelevant the point is he didn t want her to contact him and he didn t contact her There was never a solid footing of the wedding happening his royal parents was basically using both of them to see if the marriage is needed or not it only happened because their public liked her So she was pretty much used by the ueen as a commodity He has never thought she being the 18 year old child might be effected by the gossips which he hasn t yet managed to overlook himself after so much grooming No help was offered to her about his alleged affair No explanation No matter what he claims without phone number or email address for a 20 year old it IS pretty impossible to contact a member of royalty to discuss the possibility of his infidelity when he had made it clear he does NOT want to form a relationship of a typical finac to her He knows his parents have never stayed faithful to each other and the whole world knows about It Yet He Finds It yet he finds it that she believed his mother when she has advised the heroine that Leo will be unfaithfulNow NONE of these are valid excuse to cheat There are very RARE circumstances when I personally would ustify someone s cheating I wanted TO SMACK THE HEROINE S HEAD WHEN SHE TRIED smack the heroine s head when she tried ustify it specially when she said the ueen told her to expect infidelityAccept my issue is that all of the above things has made Leo s case as the injured party extremely weak The author couldn t make him suitably hurt or angry Every time he tried to get angry he knew ALL of the above were true and I didn t particularly sympathize with him He lost his credibility as the wronged one for all of those reasonsAnd cheating aside neither of the characters were likeable Elyse has had a school girl crush on Leo since day one which Leo has correctly pointed out NOT love never love CRUSH yet she umps on bed with someone else She was SO wrapped up in the fairy tale future she never tried to be an adultLeo was eually selfish He was even unable to offer an 18 year old child his parents were so shamelessly using the courtesy of friendship If I hear business arrangement ever again it d be too soon Not only is he unable to offer his newly wed wife friendship he s incapable of any human warmth unless he gets laid And this was way before he found out about the cheating He has VERY reluctantly offered her friendship ONLY because he thought she was a virgin and wanted to make the honeymoon go smoothThese two wouldn t know the meaning of intimacy and honesty if it came back at bit them in the assAlmost 2 stars simply because NO name calling or double standard despite the heroine being a cheater I don t think he even called her a cheater he only pointed out that if she could have umped onto bed with someone else then it was not love that she felt and if it was he REALLY wants nothing to do with that loveHe also very truly points out that there was NOTHING she could have fallen in love with that he knew of him it HAD to be a crush which it in fact wasInitial ThoughtI probably won t end up reading it Even if I do I d most likely hate because I really DO hate cheating In Most FormsHowever How Many Of Us most formsHowever how many of us given a book 3 stars where hero was not celibate during betrothalengagement period And argued it s not technically cheating Specially with the royals and sheikhsAristides Convenient Wife comes to mind as an example So it is only different because she s the womanDouble standard at its best I thought heroine was a hypocrite I hate cheating and this book has a cheating heroine She slept with another guy because she was in love with the hero Talk about twisted logic Awful book. Behind the crown But will their fairy tale survive the headlines threatening to rip everything apa.

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The Prince She Never KnewOh I liked this one Very different very interesting and beautifully written Great characters and I ust loved the way their relationship developed Such a different slant to have the heroine be unfaithful is that actually a thing when you re not yet married rather than the hero And what a turnaround for the hero not to come up with disdain when he discovers the heroine is not a virgin He s annoyed she slept with someone whilst they were engaged and whilst he stayed celibate but not about the virgin thing This story seemed so much adult and intelligent in its approach to the arranged royal marriage trope Looking forward to Sandro s Story and I am so hoping ueen Sophia gets her comeuppance The Prince She Never Knew is the wonderfully en capturing and engaging story of Alyse and Prince Leo growing together learning about each other together and slowly falling in love while pretending to the world they already are madly in loveI love stories that get straight into it We meet Alyse while she s nervously waiting for the call to walk down the aisle to marry Prince Leo An arranged marriage for the good of the nation Although they ve been engaged for six years they re essentially strangers Alyse is used to being unimportant to Leo but realises to keep the charade alive they need to establish some sort of relationship with her husband During their honeymoon Alyse slowly chips away at a distant Leo which really isn t such a hardship when she realises Adolescence just how easy on the eye he is Try as she might it s always one step forward two steps back One drama after another ranging from an awful mother in law the ueen to Alyse s history coming back to haunt her to Prince Leo s long lost brother coming home to claim his rightful place in the palace all make for a wonderful and thrilling read all the while in the background Leo and Alyse battle on can they become a team can they love each other will Leo honor his marriage when his brother comes back into the picture or will Alyse even want to stay married to himAlyse is the day and Leo is the night they re both super likable and one of the best things about this story is they re mutual acuaintances and there s no dramas no game playing it s all new and exciting for Alyse and duty for Leo but once he too takes a second look there s no going back The Prince She Never Knew was another fantastic read from Kate Hewitt I love the far away places she takes me and the roller coaster rides I go on A December release which I d highly recommend to anyone who loves a change from the usual angst andust want to read a olly good love storyStay tuned for a review of Kholodov s Last Mistress the second original novel by Kate Hewitt which is accompanied with The Prince She Never Knew I usually hate cheaters but am inclined to forgive a one time slip However this doesn t really hit the type of cheating that is a betrayal of an actual relationship Although engaged in an arranged marriage there is no real contact or communication between hero and heroine and he shows zero interest in her as a person the imbalance of power is such that she could not seek him out She has reason to believe he is with other women not ust because of pictures but because he makes no effort to have a romantic relationship with her SoI didn t hate her for her lapse although it would have been better for her to seek him out and discuss their relationship first I did like their relationship s development after the marriage Love isn t A FAIRY TALE LEO IT S fairy tale Leo It s and painful and messy It hurts And yet it s also wonderful because when I m with you there s nowhere else I d rather be AlyseI think that uote sums the book up well This book isn t about the fairy tale it s a lot down to earth and realistic We get to see the h and H progress from strangers to tentative friends and into something But due to this there it isn t romance in the traditional sense hearts flowers undying declarations of love before they even know each other etc things are very rocky and tentative They have their ups and downs and these halt and further their relationship along I found myself engaged with their progress and found it interesting to see how their relationship starts and solidifies After reading this book and comparing it to other MOCarranged marriages I can see how this one is far realistic Because of that I thought it was an interesting different read Though while I understood how Leo became how he was I did find myself a bit annoyed with him at times But I liked was I did find myself a bit annoyed with him at times But I liked Alyse didn t give up she loved him and kept trying I like that she tried to have conversation and talk to get to know him as I felt in this situation sex wouldn t have been the answer to accomplish that There needed to be a base to the relationship for sex to have any real meaning so I like that it was held off for a bit The story explores love and what it means to love someone and shows how love can blossom and flourish A few other thingsview spoiler I Didn t love that Alyse had sex with someone else a drunken angry mistake 2 years after she was engaged to Leo She believed tabloids that he as with another woman got drunk and had sex with a friend from university and regretted it all these years At the time Leo and her were strangers but still I can forgive her in that she was young and all of that and I m not going to call her a slut or anything like that The heroes of these stories do far worse engaged and screw around for years I guess I was Jupiter just surprised about it as it didn t Behind the royal weddingWhile the world believes her romance with Prince Leo Diomedi Alyse knows It with the character Especially considering how much she said she loved him I did like that after hearing Alyse wasn t a virgin and had sex he didn t freak out completely He was disappointed and hurt but didn t get on a high horse about it He also forgave her and told her to stop beating herself up about it I was surprised that Leo during the 6 7 year long engagement was celibate himself That doesn t happen too often with heroes in these types of books So even though they were strangers he didn t sleep around So it seems in this book instead of it being the guy who does it it was the heroine hide spoiler She s in love with H their mothers and the press happen so they re engagedH is going along because duty and part of that duty means staying faithful even if he doesn t really have a relationship with his fianc eShe s in love with H but he s not in love with her so she sleeps with other man during their engagement But she s in love with HI read this a while ago and still remember it andust can t understand her logicThis is a huge NO for me What nonsense is this You love someone and are engaged to him but you sleep with someone els Then decide maybe you didn t love him in the first place The spineless hero who shows some backbone and goes spineless again I thought the story was getting better even after the confession of infidelity which personally for me is an off putter but then it spiraled down towards the end It kind off ended too fast without any feeling of completion We have all at some stage read a book about marriage arranged to ensure some or another something or someone goes the way it is meant to be and in the end it always comes together by the couple truly falling for each other In my lifetime I have read over a dozen of them and I have found that if the story behind the arrangement is not cleverly crafted the read falls flat no matter how hot the passion is or how nice the ending happens to be if the reasoning is no good the book is a no goIn the new read from author Kate Hewitt I was slightly concerned after reading the blurb that I might end up walking away with the feeling of being let down as it sounded very familiar but what I found was a simply magical skillfully crafted world of passion romance stunning brilliance and one amazing cracker of a plot The read is about Prince Leo and Alyse their romance to the outside world seems perfect a royal couple to be proud of but behind all the happy smiles waves of excitement and pretend happiness there lies a much deeper connection between Prince and woman the problem for this couple is that even though love is blossoming on the surface there are headlines that can rip them apart and none of the damage will ever be repairedThe character of Leo was awesome I loved that the author showed him as being able to hide behind a different world able to hide behind a different world losing a little bit of himself each time he is with Alyse I think a lot of us today have a tenancy to use which ever world we have around us to hide what truly is going on in our lives this connection to reality made me love the character of Leo even The character of Alyse was well written and I found her to be very interesting with the link between her and the past and the life Of Leo It Made Leo it made one of those characters that you know is going to pop out from a concealed little bubble and burst onto the pages when the perfect moment hits and it did hit believe meThis woman truly dug to get to know the real Leo that she could only see the glimpses of and I loved every minute of it The backdrop settings were exuisite enchanting and simply magical It felt as if I was truly surrounded by the glamour of royalty The dialogue was Kate Hewitt at her best emotional punch packing romantic heart wrenching and so good it left me reading the words out loud which I can tell you only happens when I get so entranced by a book I forget that not everyone around me wants to hear what I am readingI am taking away a message of when you love someone you need to speak up and tell them the worse that can happen is them rejecting you and even that as hard as it seems can be overcome but importantly when the chance for love comes around again suck it up and don t let the fear from the past hold you back from saying the three words that might change your life foreverI highly recommend this book for all fans of Kate Hewitt books as always THE AUTHOR DOES NOT DISAPPOINT AND author does not disappoint and you with that perfect feeling of romance is the breath of life 55 star review To truly know the person you love you need to break down the barriers This read also contains another brilliant read from Kate Hewitt titled Kholodv s Last Mistress ARC received from the author in exchange for a honest review This one was very different from the usual HPs This is about a royal marriage of convenience The relationship has been portrayed very realistically It takes time to build a relationship to learn to trust The story has beautifully captured the awkwardness a couple feels in a MOC Even if they desire each other there are barriers awkwardness to overcome It takes time to open up your heart and really love someone you didn t know before You would not like it much if you are looking for a lot of drama angst and steamy sex or sexual undercurrents But if you want to read about how real couples who are strangers marry and then fall in love then this one s for you I really liked the hero I could totally understand his reluctance in opening his heart to a stranger He was really. T's ust a calculated shamYet beneath his icy exterior Leo's kisses give Alyse a taste of the man. .

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