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Chain of events that to the church s major scandals More importantly this book paints a vivid historical account of how legacies within the church were established as well as the ways with which these were thrown asunder Rufo could have expounded his interviews to rural priests as I m sure their stories would be wealthy resources or the SCANDALS HE GAVE LIGHT TOTHIS BOOK EXISTS AS A he gave light toThis book exists as a to put it bluntly or the clergymen to wake up El Espa Los Amantes Proibidos N 1 from beingull of themselves and The Fender Bass face the challenges of the times Rufo may have been presentingacts about Catholic Church in this book of his but clearly his intention is Top Secret Ultra for him to defame the Catholic priest to the readers and in due course to lostaith in the Roman Catholic regionI have read this with an open mind Clearly the narration here is one sided often to depict the religious in a bad lightSorry Mr Rufo I know not all Catholic priest are holy but my trust with the Church and my aith is much deeper and cannot be tainted with this work of yours Wellthat was something Although honestly speaking I am not surprisedPriests are human beings They err I just don t understand why people would put their aith in them and not God Still we have not learned rom the past In this investigative book authored by Aries Rufo readers peek into the secret lives of those who are deemed as divinely impeccable The revelations are almost dumbfounding yet they are also reconciled by examples of holy men who walk what they talkAt the outset the book may seem to appear as incriminating the men of cloth however it should also be noted that the book is no less than a desperate cry or a reform in a respected institution that has long held a The Genesis Creation Story firm grip and control over the lives of many Filipinos Such cry is not an exclusive call to the Catholic Church alone but to all shepherds ofaith who may have University Of California Publications In Zoology Vol 9 failed or lapsed in the exercise of their duties and responsibilities towards their respectivelock. Countries in the world is the Church deeply involved in the shaping of policy than in the Philippines Overall reforms are taking place but these are highly dependent on the Church leaders the bishops who try to change mindsets and syste. ,

S by that lover Antipolo Bishop Crisostomo Yalung molesting young men at The Age Of 60 age of 60 Bishop Cirilo Almario plundering the irst ever savings bank in the country Monte de Piedad Monsignor Domingo Cirilos Jr pocketing church donations or Radio Veritas Bishop Teodoro Buhain and causing a nun to resign in shame due to a misplaced pectoral cross Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros who is actually a distant relative shame due to a misplaced pectoral cross Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros who is actually a distant relative mine Tsk tsk There is also lengthy chapters here about the church meddling in the political affairs of the country Well Jaime Cardinal Sin may he rest in peace was instrumental to the ascension to power by ex President Cory Auino in 1986 and due to political debt was subservient to the wishes of the cardinal Now that the son of the lady in yellow is in power we thought that it would be the same However even if the church lobbied heavily against the RH However even if the church lobbied heavily against the RH the law was passed and only time will tell if the decision was right or wrong For the meantime I think the Filipinos are tired and angry about the constant intrusion of the church to the affairs of the state These men in clothes should serve as spiritual guides and not David Lloyd George for example receive cash and luxury cars and eat in expensive restaurants pretending that those are neededor them to do their roles They should always remember their three vows poverty obedience and chastityMay they rot in hell these rotten apples in the supposedly holy organization Interesting read about the scandals harrowing the Philippine Catholic church Diane Rufo sheds light on a closeted organization and does it through an excellent journalistic endeavor Here are interviews of prominent and relevant characters in the politics of the Catholic Church in the Philippine setting Insomuch as he exposes the scandals that has beset the organization Rufo also brings you to the roots of such anomalous behavior His analysis starts at the organizational structure and moves on link by link in the. Ual misconduct and inancial mismanagement within its confines and lets them get away unpunished Accountability after all is not a strong suit of the Church Rufo also delves into how the Church influences policy as nowhere among Catholic. .
This book is shocking Well at least Report Of The Utility Review Committee To The 1985 General Assembly for me who do not normallyollow the local news especially on things that do not really interest me One OF THESE THINGS IS THE LOCAL these things is the local I am not a religious person but being a Catholic I do the minimum hear the mass every Sunday and when the inspiration comes to me pray the rosaryFrankly I still view the Catholic church as nothing but a business institution and to continue to exist it has to make profits It is a political organization too because there is a hierarchical organization that runs it That organization is headed by a pope who holds office in Rome and in the local level by a cardinal an archbishop and bishops All these men in cloth the princes of church have taken the vows of poverty chastity and obedience These are their lifelong commitments to God and to people when they were ordained as priests However sadly this book shows that those promises are easily said than done This book exposes the rotten apples in the basket of an institution I have been looking up to as a kid attending my Sunday catechism class We all heard about priests having girlfriends or boyfriends or committing acts of lasciviousness right That s common already I used to see or at least hear about them while I was growing up in the province So what does this book expose What makes I was growing up in the province So what does this book expose What makes book immensely interesting Here the people involved in the stories that are referenced with reliable sources cited and ootnotes everywhere here are the princes of the church the bishops archbishops and cardinals Their sins not only sins of commission but also omission I have long dropped the romantic notion about church and its priests I am already too old Annual Reports Of The Town Officers Of Hamilton Mass for that However the sins committed by the bishops here areor me unpardonable Hey some of them are of my own generation but I have never even tried the Paranormal Borderlands Of Science fancy things that they ve done having a lover asiderom my wife or in their case their priestly vow and having kid. Altar of Secrets Sex Politics and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church is the irst of its kind in the country Journalist Aries C Rufo shows a Church that is cloaked in secrecy It keeps the wrongdoing of its bishops and priests in sex. Altar of SecretsSex Politics and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church

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