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Nally get some action in a novel I hadn t realized it before but Njal Stormcaller hasn t actually shown up in any of the books yet And verily he is a badass Ever since Dan Abnett kindof reinvented the background of the Space Wolves in his Horus Heresy novel Prospero Burns i ve been totally in love with this new concept and Chris Wraight has consistently embraced and run with it very very well Each of his books about the Sons of Russ have been amazing and I can t freaking wait for the next novel to be published can t freaking wait for the next novel to freaking wait for the next novel to published on t understand the backs of these books They refer to the Wolves being at each other s throat and Each pursuing their own agenda BUT I DIDN T REALLY GET I Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn t really get from the content of the bookI think Chris Wraight is a good enough author but I found this and Blood of Asaheim hard to get into I m happy I finished them though After the mountain of problems which buried the sheer potential within Blood of Asaheim s story ideas Stormcaller was a chance to turn things around It was set to truly finish off the prior novel s events which was little than a to be continued and perhaps accomplish thanisgracing both the Sororitas and Space Wolves alike Combined with mention that Njal Stormcaller himself was appearing who had remained something of enigma even among fans this one looked to be an improvement In all fairness it was correcting a few prior issues but as before this The forces of the Ecclesiarchy arrive to retake their world and uncover the sinister secret behind the world’s corruption a secret that threatens the survival of the Imperium itse.

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Stormcaller Space Wolves #2Want to read this book but not sure which book is the first book to read uite a good read with well thought through and coherent links to Space Wolf backstory The ending was a little bleak but I suppose the second book in a series should always leave us a little apprehensive about how the pack will be able to acuit themselves with glory in book 3Hj lda Not in the same league of perfection as Wraight s Scars or his Swords of the Emperor stories but this series of meandering well tempered almost serene Space Wolf stories has a eep melancholy to it that leaves me itching for Very characterful perhaps not to everyone s taste but right up my street in a way I never expected to be with Space Wolves I Thoroughly Enjoyed This Entry In The Series enjoyed this entry in the series promise of the first book was lived up to in the second with a huge space battle intrigue and heroism and tragedy from multiple characters I m looking forward to the third book with bated breath to find out the fate of Gunnlaugr and his pack and I highly recommend picking this series up Wraight has one a great job of making the Space Wolves breathe with feral Controlling Your Dreams danger Finally finished Half the book in threeays I can t for the life of me figure out why I put this own Christ Wraight s style absolutely gushed at the end of this book finally escribing with apt force the primal warriors of Russ with as much visceral language as he ha. The Space Wolves return in the seuel to Blood of AsaheimAs events on the plague wracked world of Ras Shakeh spin out of control the Imperium escends upon the world in force Njal Sto. D the plague warriors of the prior novel in this series The action was far intense and the characters well riven Better than its in this series The action was far intense and the characters well Sun Kissed Kendrick Coulter Harrigan 7 driven Better than its far intense and the characters wellriven Better than its I fully look forward to reading of this series in the future Well this is the second book in the Jarnhammer series and very Tudes De Style different to the first It s goodon t get me wrong but I think it could have been so much Some great characters especially the Cardinal and Njal but the but I think it could have been so much Some great characters especially the Cardinal and Njal but the are Ingvar and Gunnlauger I would like to have found out about Ingvar s past with the Death Watch but that might still come I guess Can t wait for the final book to see where Klaive leads them Another excellent Space Wolves novel by Wraight He captures the strong but likeable personalities from the first book in the series and expands on them The action and plot are well paced exciting and straightforward Wraight is able to write within the 40K universe and also add little twists that might shock traditionalists such as having an Eldar Wraithknight corrupted by Nurgle and by the Soul Eater Not Vol 1 decisions the main characters take to break away from their Chapter That was a great 40k book i really enjoyed the first book in Chris Wraight s new Space Wolves series Blood of Asaheim but this one was handsown MUCH better Very exciting lots characterization for our main protagonists and it was really exciting getting to see a character i ve been fond of since the early 90s fi. Rmcaller Space Wolves Rune Priest arrives to reinforce the embattled Jarnhamar pack and finds his battle brothers at one another’s throats each pursuing their own agendas Meanwhile.