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His one stands alone Most City Comedies And Restoration Plays and restoration plays the world as ruled almost solely by lust and greed With the Chaste Maid Middleton cuts very close indeed To give you an idea the maid s parents skip her funeral so they can focus on getting their son an advantageous match In following the curriculum of an online course about English theater beyond Shakespeare I ve now read several plays written or co written by Thomas Middleton It has become clear to me that he was a gifted comic playwright A Chaste Maid in Cheapside sets up several situations that all come together at the end in a funny and delightful way I was reminded of a perfect Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where all the story threads combine for a hilarious and perfect conclusion This reuires skillful structural plotting a rare skill that Thomas Middleton and Larry David share Moll is the maid or pretty young daughter of Yellowhammer a goldsmith She has two men vying for her hand One is the wealthy Knight Sir Walter Whorehound who already has two mistresses one of whom has several of his children Yellowhammer favors Sir Walter for a son in law The second suitor is Tuchwood Junior whose older brother is a local conman He is Moll s choice which forces schemingA second plot line involves Tuchwood Senior s con of the wealthy Sir and Lady Kix a couple who are at each others throats over their lack of childrenThis play is a comedy that gets crude and raunchy and probably had its audiences choking with laughter Puritan women get sloppy drunk the aristocratic are impotent and obnoxious the newly educated are pretentious fops and there are constant double entendres about sex The play did well enough that it was still being published nearly two decades later then seems to have disappeared from the stage completely until a revival in 1956Since this was most likely written around 1613 it was first performed that year getting the most out of it would take some doing I mean that even if you re familiar with Shakespearean language this is a little challenging I read from the Fountainwell Drama Texts edited by Charles Barber and it was a decent enough copy but I did feel there were some explanations missing This play is so entirely ridiculous it s almost like reading a Monty Python sketch Would dearly love to see this staged in door slamming farcical style What a riot It seems to be inevitable that Renaissance comedies where a simply sexist and misogynist genre By principle I should not like this play and up to a point I did not That being said when the inevitable comparison arises between this comedy and Volpone by Ben Jonson this play was an improvement from the past experience Why I cannot really put it into words Although it was still offensive towards women it was less downright violent and agressive I know it basically it feels a bit like picking up straws ust to ge something nice to say about it but bear with me I cannot ust admit this genre is lost to me and I must at a level like something about it because even though I cannot say it rationally I feel it It felt like a different experience and I cannot really say how I hope that once we discuss it further during class I wrap my head properly about it First let me save you some time from reading the footnotes Every single word in this play is a double entendre for 1 a penis 2 a vagina or 3 a prostitute For instance a bow is also a vagina a goose is a whore and a wit is a penis which adds a whole new level of course to rapie. Their property in the family Most prosperous is the husband who pimps his wife to a rich knight and lets him support the household with his alimony Like many early modern critics of London's enormous growth this play warned the city is a monster that lives off the money the country produces. .

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This was both my first city comedy and my first experience with Middleton I enjoyed his ribald humor and the way he pushed the sexual ideologies of the early modern period to their most absurd and contradictory levels While some find the lack of iambic pentameter to be substandard I found the common city voice to be refreshing and humorous A wonderful piece of London color complete with archetypal characters and good dirty humor Highly recommend This city comedy opens with a very promising scene of deception and cuckoldry opens with a very promising scene of deception and cuckoldry uickly sags into a conventional predictable and rhythm less mess By the time it begins to pick up speed it s already over Even the editorial introduction in the English Renaissance anthology I m reading had very little of illumination or interest to say about this play other than a plot summary and a general kudos for its lighthearted depiction of contemporary social life I m not sure why they even included it In my first review I said that I would have to read the play again and I have so now follows a second review and my original review at the end I have increased my rating from three to four stars on the second readingElizabethan and Jacobean writers are well known for enjoying innuendos and punning especially punning of a sexual nature Shakespeare Not Excluded But Thomas excluded but Thomas s A Chaste Maid in Cheapside would win first prize if their were a nudge nudge wink wink competition among the playwrights of the time A Chaste Maid in Cheapside does not let up from first Have you played over all your old lessons o the virginalsto near last I ll pick out my runts there and for my mountains I ll mount upon line Middleton s London society is one
Governed By Cupidity And 
by cupidity and The play is a slapdash story of cuckolding pimping whoring bastardising eloping scheming prostituting and brothel keeping Even by today s standards some of the innuendos are raw Several times I read a line and asked myself oh no surely he can t mean that My edition is the The New Mermaids edition edited by Alan Brissenden who seems to be offended if not shocked by the liberties which Middleton takes and occasionally is too innocent or too prudish to draw the extreme but obvious interpretation For example when Yellowhammer s daughter intended for Sir Walter Whorehound sic elopes with Touchwood Yellowhammer marvels that she has managed to escape to her loverYellowhammer There was a little hole looked into the gutterBut who would have dreamt of thatSir Walter A wiser man wouldTim He says true father a wise man for love will seek every hole my tutor knows itAll the editor can find to say in the footnotes here is Ironic as the tutor has probably cuckolded Yellowhammer Many readers would think of a hard core interpretation of that exchangeThomas Middleton s theatre is apparently a scourge of vice Why apparently After all vice is appropriately condemned in asides and warnings and language True yet there is no suggestion in this play that crime or vice does not pay It is vice which preoccupies Middleton here not crime itself slightly suggestive since a condemnation of vice is usually undertaken by linking vice with crime None of the characters is punished for vice unless it be Sir Walter Whorehound and his fate is instructive He is the only character to repent of his immoral behaviour He is a bachelor who regularly enjoys the favours and hospitality of Mrs Allwit whereby he pays for the upkeep of the Allwit family in return for open house as Middleton himself might have termed it at the. Written for the adult players at the open air Swan theatre in 1613this master piece of Jacobean city comedy signals its ironic natureeven in the title chaste maids like most other goods and people in London's busiest commercial area are likely to be fake Money is important than either happin. ,

Allwits and farming out for being permitted to leave his seven bastards with the Allwit family Allwit is a contended cuckold being kept in wine and comfort by Sir Walter in return for pimping his wife to Sir Walter on a permanent basis Sir Walter s repentance occurs alongside his downfall Is Middelton condemning vice or laughing at those who condemn it I find it hard to answer this uestion The Changeling his best known and probably most accomplished play clearly portrays vice in a very dark way indeed and links it to crime Such is the traditional religious Christian perspective but always with Middleton the reader will be I think tempted to say the writer is very indulgent in the depiction of what is supposed to be condemned suspiciously indulgent The entire Middleton corpus so far as I know it is very tabloid by which I mean it condemns vice but spends an inordinate amount of energy and "TALENT IN DEPICTING WHAT IT CONDEMNS VICE IS ENTERTAINMENT " in depicting what it condemns Vice is entertainment a source of income not onyl to the characters in the story but to the story teller If we reduce the impact of vice in the plays there is nothing left Vice is not the vehicle of a dramatic intention as in Shakespeare it is the drama Middleton s plays are the very stuff of vice The obsession and the puns may be venereous for some people and if so are they intentionally so That is for the reader to udge A Chaste Maid in Cheapside is hugely entertaining and I suspect hugely cynical Uxor non est meretrix The play ends with a double wedding feast Whether the chaste couples ahem live happily ever after is for us to decideThat was my second review which I wrote having forgotten that I had reviewed the play AlreadyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis Was My First ReviewThis was my first reviewThis a very energetic no holes barred to use the kind of double entendre which the writer is so keen on scurrilous romp It most probably works much effectively on the stage than read like all good comedies I have the New Mermaids Edition edited by Alan Brissenden and the annotation is totally inadeuate for a modern readership Some of the words and In Memoriam Harriet E Hatch jokes are explained but not nearly enough Middleton s play abounds in local references archaic words and probably insiderokes and did not understand a good deal of it The plot seemed to me to be pretty muddled too I shall have to read it a second time to get everyone sorted out There is little psychological realism the drama is close to morality play the best example of which is The Revenger s Tragedy attributed to Cyril Toruneur about whom almost nothing is known but in whose play Middleton may well have had a hand in much so than Shakespeare s plays in fact Although puritans are made fun of in the play the moral thrust of the play there I go again is a puritanical denunciation of the greed and cupidity of the world There does seem to me to be a paradox or contradiction between Middleton s denunciation of vice and his obvious enjoyment revealing and portraying it shades of the English gutter press here I can imagine Thomas Middleton working as a ournalist for The Sun perhaps providing copy for headlinesHOUNDED OUTWhorehound gets his come uppanceTERRIFICTaffy Tania ties the knot with Tiny TimThat sort of thing Short and uick review from memory before I re read and re review at a later dateI am very disappointed with the one star I thought this would be right up my alley though I assume the fact that They Made Me read it Of all the 17th century comedies I ve read every one of them thoroughly cynical Ess or honour; and the most coveted commodities to be bought with it are sex and social prestige Middleton interweaves the fortunes of four families who either seek to marry their children off as profitably as possible to stop having any for fear of poverty or to acuire some in order to keep. Chaste Maid in Cheapside