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Love Under Two Private Dicks Lusty Texas #17Lusty Texaswhere dreams are fulfilledor at leastmy kind f dreams Cara Covington aka Morgan Ashbury continues to enthrall excite and even exasperate her readers in her latest addition to the Lusty family But most Primal Law Mack Bolan The Executioner 344 of all she just invites those readers right into the pages and allf a sudden you are therein Lusty with Emily Anne and her two dicks snort There is tenderness happiness excitement villains and f course HOT HOT men What How n Earth could we

in Lusty Texas without HOT Ms Ashbury s amazing talent f writing so that her readers feel like they know the characters "personally is just ne f the reasons I adore her as an "is just ne Eternal Womanhood of the reasons I adore her as an Every reader wants to feel that connection to the characters they read about and Ms Ashbury provides that with easeI honestly feel like these people are my friendsfamilyand so wish I could REALLY go to Lusty HIGHLY recommend her newest book and ALLf Ms Ashbury s books OMG what can i say that has not been said already This is an awesome book by the awesome Cara Covington aka Morgan Ashbury The crossover with Lucy s revenge was fantastic The story was great Love Emily Ann and those two hot private dicks This is a must read I think this is her best ne yet and that saying alot since everyone f Morgan s books are fantastic If you have not read the Lusty series I urge you to buy the series You will be glad you did Love you Morgan Ashbury and your fantastic books I wish I could give then 5 stars The Lusty series is He Humbled Himself onef my favorites I loved Emily Anne s story with her two private dicks Love how Ms Covington brings the lusty family together and their progress as their individual families grow BRAVO I ve always enjoyed this series but for some reason I had a hard time getting into this book not sure why it s got great reviews Emily Anne moved to Lusty after her boyfriend broke up with her calling her fat and frumpy She s been put down for her size her whole life but is starting to feel worthy due to the goodness Woordenlijst Nederlandse Taal of the citizens and friends she s made in Lusty PI s Mel and Connor have had. Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance MFM sex toys HEAEmily Anne Bancroft doesn’t see herself as a woman worthyf ne man’s love let alone two Yet the hunger growing inside her for Mel Richardson and Connor Talbot can’t be denied It’s up to those two private dicks to prove to her they’re all thre. Their eye n her and finally ask her ut During "their courtship a number f ther things
Emily Anne s former boyfriend to get her back and Mel "courtship a number f Political Realism other things happen Emily Anne s former boyfriend tries to get her back and Mel Connor get a break in a big case they are working There is a lotf cross Angst Volume 2 over in this book with the good peoplef Divine and it s nice to catch up with everyone For folks that LOVE and I mean LOOOOVE the crossover with the Lusty and Divine books like I do you will surely be pleased with LUT Private Dicks The characters feel real to me and the story just sweeps you away with plenty f steaming sex true alpha males strong independent women and friends and family you wish you could call your wn A truly remarkable read I HIGLY recommend this story If you enjoy the Lusty Collection and The Divine Creek Ranch Series then you will NOT want to miss this Loved this as always I had been waiting for Connor Talbot s story since he first appeared a few books back although his teaming up with Melvin was a surprise Mostly I think because my impression The Ugly Duckling Debutante The House Of Renwick 1 of Mel wasf a much 1 older man There is an This book brought about something we haven t seen before in this series all theref the trio were non Lusty natives so the menage relationship was all knew for themI really liked how a couple Docker of books ago Mel and Connor realized that they both were attracted to Emily Anne and started to talk about if they could go the Lusty route As things moved forward with the relationship the boys kept talking even soughtut friends in Lusty to get the low down Warlord on the mechanicsf how sex would go I even liked that both Mel and Connor were aware that while being intimate with Emily Anne they would be intimate with each Adult Dyslexia other and talked about it I think that by havingpen and honest conversations it started things in a good direction for them allI loved how the guys treated Emily Anne how they made her feel precious and helped her vercome bad things from her pastI loved how this was another cross ver series from Divine a series I haven t read yet but plan The Smiley Snowman on soon There were so many connections E meant to form a Lusty kindf familySoon she’s discovering that not nly is she worthy but she truly needs them both And just when they have her where they want her they discover this ménage lifestyle reuires something from them they’re suddenly not sure if they can giveMatters are further complicate.

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Ack and forth that it was funnyI was glad that the sister s Rhodes past was finished with in this book How things went down had me laughing mostly because I like how freaked ut Adam was and how he want to add a by law in the town rules about women running into dangeri was happy to women running into dangerI was happy to that ur trio got their wn engagement party at the end Grandma Kate s news at the end intrigues me looks like there are going to be some new people moving to Lusty it "Will Be Interesting How They "be interesting how they in I love the Lusty Series is ne f my favorites and I have to say this book has become my favorite Meeting Emily Anne Bancroft Connor Talbot and Melvin Richardson in previous Lusty books just peaked your interest in these three people and you just hoped that Cara Morgan Ashbury would write a story for each f them Sea Creatures 4 one day Putting them together in a menage was wonderfulSeeing Emily Anne grow into a confident and sexy young women throughout this book was so exciting to see The struggle the guys go through to form this relationship with Emily Anne was so believable and written so well This book has a crossver with Heather Rainier s Divine series book Lucy s Revenge so check Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel out that series too Cara Morgan Ashbury knocked thisne ut f the park Love the story and will be re reading this story and this series for many years to come Highly recommend this book and series by a very talented and lovely writer Emily Ann Bancroft finds it hard to believe that those two private detectives could really be interested in her all her life all she s ever heard was how fat and frumpy she was but to hear them talk they don t see that when they look at herMel Richardson and Connor Talbot have just become partners in their private detective firm but after realizing they both have a thing for a certain waitress their willing to see if they can be partners in life as husbands to her I loved this story and how well it gave me another perspective Collected Poems of the story from Heather Rainieronto the next I loved it and can t wait for the next book in this fantastic series. D by the sly connivingf Emily Anne’s ex boyfriend and a case the men have been working n for the Lusty Town Trust They’ve finally found the man who stole the Rhodes sisters' inheritance He’s living n the An Indian Summer outskirtsf Divine Texas And he’s unbalanced and deadly than anyone could ever have imagine.

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