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The Unrelenting Struggle War Speeches lAllie s Moon is aove story with onely people who carry heavy weights on their hearts from the past Althea Ford had been told most of her ife that she was responsible for her mother s death She focused her existence on making amends for her Essentials In Hematology And Clinical Pathology lapse by taking care of her father through hisong illness and her sister who has emotional problems and fits She sees no other Graveyard Of The Sea Disaster Strikes 4 life for herself other than the narrowonely one she inhabitsFor the past two years Jeff Hicks has drowned his past anguish in whiskey becoming a homeless alcoholic when he was once sheriff He doesn t think of the future only the present When he s arrested for stealing an egg his friend Will who took over as sheriff arranges for Jeff to work on Althea s farm for a month doing odd jobs that she needs a handyman for Jeff doesn t want to spend a month in jail so he agrees to working on Althea s farmThe best part of this story was how these two sad people find peace and solace in each other It was good to see Jeff stop drinking and heal from the pain of knowing he killed a boy Even though it was in self defense he never forgive himself Although not as much time was spent on dealing with Jeff alcoholism I believe Ms Harrington made an effort for that to be realistic Allie as he starts to call Althea gives him a reason to g Althea Allie Ford is a spinster who has resigned herself to a Rue The Day life of caring for her sicklyittle sister after her mother s suicide and her unkind father s death Known by the townsfolk of Decker Prairie Oregon as the Crazy Ford Sisters the two young women New Headway Beginner Level live aife of virtual isolation out on their untended farm where they are haunted by painful ghosts from the past

Jefferson Hicks Is An Ex 
Hicks is an ex who descends into a deep depression and alcoholic haze after shooting a teenaged boy in self defense Having The Courage To Be Free lost his sobriety his wife and his will toive Jeff becomes the town s 1 derelict and most undesirable citizen Then one day the new Sheriff arrests Jeff for stealing and egg and offers him an opportunity to work for Allie on the Ford farm in Dear Leader lieu of spending a month in jail As Jeff sobers up and cleans up both figuratively anditerally he grows closer to Allie Soon his old self reemerges and his vitality and self respect return As Allie begins to see the goodness in Jeff as well as herself a slow burning yet intense passion and Titan Shattered love develop between them Outside forces are working against them however and Allie and Jeff must hold on to the strength they have found in one another if their happiness is to survive One of my very favorite elements in a good romance is a tortured and downtrodden hero and heroine who have been badly burned by their pasts but find strength in one another Fortunately this is also the type of character Alexis Harrington seems to really enjoy creating And she does it very well Ioved Allie and Jeff and I Medicinal Mushrooms A Clinical Guide loved that theyeaned on and supported one another when neither had anybody else in the worldAnother aspect of Ms Harrington s writing that I The Long Road Home love is her ability to create deliciously thick sexual tension thateads up to very emotional and explosive ove scenes and yet still give the whole story a sense of purity and sweetness that really warms the reader s heartAllie s Moon is the fourth book by this author I ve read and although it certainly isn t my favorite Homeward Hearts takes that prize it is still a very satisfying read First book by this author I ve ever read It was pretty good It had a slight dark feel to it probably because of the dark issues it contained I m not a fan of romances that involve alcoholism It moved at a good comfortable pace and didn t get bogged down with a ot of fille For all it was a very well written example of AmericanaWestern romance I couldn t help thinking of it as dated under some a Althea Ford Allie is one of two sisters that was Beatrix Potter left the family farm Before her father passed away he made her feel that all the bad things that happened to the farm were her fault She felt guilty from things that were beyond her control Her younger sister Olivia played this dilemma to the hilt Allie was at wit s end when theocal sheriff brought her a proposal The previous sheriff Jefferson Hicks had become the town drunk At one time Hicks had it all until he mistakenly killed a young boy His wife eft him and because he couldn t abandon his nightmares he ost his job to the dr. They were two strangers alone in the world until they found the one precious thing that could heal their wounds each other's oveAlthea Ford ives alone with her invalid sister in a crumbling Oregon farmhouse burdened by sins of the past Desperat. Allie's MoonReact to this guilt Althea tries to atone by dedicating her Dutch Painting In The Seventeenth Century life to the farm and her sister and Jeff goes the other way entirely by running away from all of his responsibilities and cares until he barely cares if heives or diesSo the book is about two wounded souls shoring the other up Responsible demanding Althea the employer forces Jeff to sober up and redeem himself through an honest day s work The old awman in Jeff begs Allie to address the injustices in her ife and believe she deserves Happiness Apart They Re Apart they re victims of their own consciences Together they re able to unravel the other s problems and stand as stronger individualsI enjoyed watching the characters grow in this way You see Jeff as a straight up drunk at the novel s beginning He s filthy he s scrawny and his hands shake so bad he hasn t written shake so bad he hasn t written his own mother in years Harrington doesn t make a major plot point of his alcoholism but she still treats it with the proper respect Throughout the book you see him battle the temptation to drink though he doesn t relapse so it s not dispensed with in a facile manner Althea starts the novel a slave to her father s memory and her sister s whims working hard for everyone but herself She s unhappy worn out and tiredWatching these two slowly find their happiness was incredibly satisfying in the face of their troubles This is definitely a romance in the slow burning department They share only a few rather chaste kisses before the only sex scene happens at about 85% of the way in I thought that the subdued deliberate pace worked for the characters In place of heated embraces and freuent makeouts Jeff and Allie talked Before they fell in Art In Transit love they formed a friendship And perhaps because of theong build up their night together was all the heartfelt and emotional It was an act of ove rather than just physical attractionI also found the antagonists cleverly written We start off with one villain the mean drunk father of the boy Jeff shot then end up with another villain in Althea s sister I iked how they had understandable if not sympathetic motivations and how their mischief was so well tied up with Allie s and Jeff s character growth They didn t just provide external conflict to put the HEA on hold they made the HEA possibleHaving rambled on uite Whom The Gods Destroy long enough Il wrap it up here Although it had a few spots of over obvious foreshadowing and Four Faces Of A Leader lacked the transcendent sparkle of an amazing book it was damn close to a five star read for me If youike emotional redemptive romance in a historical western setting this is a wonderful read While perhaps a bit dated this book tells the sweet story of two people haunted by their pasts who find comfort acceptance and personal growth in one another I found myself rooting for Jeff and Allie both as a couple and individually The novel s homespun atmosphere and narration reminded A Lot Of LaVyrle lot of LaVyrle s Morning Glory even though the premises of both stories are very different Sharon Moreno This is a story of two extremely emotionally scarred people who find through one another the ability to break the chains that have bound themThe author has the ability to clearly convey to the reader the emotional torment both H and h have experienced and continue to experience Her characters are realistic and genuine as well as Hawthorne likeable with exceptionsJefferson Hicks H comes on the scene as a drunk Two years prior he was the sheriff Then circumstances in hisife broke him Now he s biding his time until he either meets a bullet or whiskey puts him in the graveAlthea Ford h has sacrificed her Zoeys Broken Heart Making Out 26 life through guilt and fear for her younger sister The promise she made to her SOB fatherives with her daily as well as his voice in her head that has the power to not only influence her thoughts but to direct her every actionThen there is the sister Olivia Ford who is not all that she seems on the surface She too has been emotionally warped from her past Nothing in her How To Cure Backache Caused By Disc Problems life has changed or occurred to deter her hateful manipulative self serving mind set until Jefferson is plopped into theirivesThe way the story unravels is emotional and drew me right in I really iked Jefferson and Althea Their interaction and gradual care for one another was realistic warm and tenderOn the other hand the way Olivia was characterized I didn t care at all what happened to herI will be ooking for from this author. M his silent numb heart suddenly begins to beat again Drawn to this woman who is as much a prisoner of the past as he Jeff discovers the healing power of ove But to claim it they must confront spiteful enemies determined to keep them apart forev. ,

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Inking Caught stealing he was given a choice work at the Fords farm for the rest of the season or go to jailAllie and Jefferson were two damaged individuals who had a difficult time etting go of the past Each tried to make amends for their sins through different means Allie put every burden on her shoulders Besides trying to complete all the physical work it took to running a farm she became a nanny and maid to her younger SISTER AN ENABLER BEFORE THE WORD An enabler before the word popular she thought she was doing her best for OliviaJefferson was the opposite He couldn t make up for the wrong he did so he took to drinking When he was offered help he drank some Finally he reached rock bottom He didn t care any what happened and he was ready to dieThese were two souls that screamed for forgiveness It was hard to imagine why Allie allowed her sister to treat her so shabby except that she had extremely ow self esteem Jefferson allowed her to see an honest picture of what Olivia was and it wasn t pretty Allie held Jefferson to a higher The Stolen Heart level something no one had done in a veryong time While still very much a romance the author did a respectable job showing what alcohol can do to relationships The slower pace of their friendship first was realistic They helped each other Queer Theory Gender Theory look beyond their immediate problems and see that they needed each other in ways than one If ever a HEA was deserved it was for these two individuals If you enjoy an emotional journey with fractured characters this story if for you There is just something about a story that has such tortured characters that pulls at the heart strings These two were so broken emotionaly that it was pretty hard to see how they would ever become whole again but Alexis Harrington has such a way with writing that she made it very believable She didn t just have Allie and Jeff fall inove at first sight and BAM everythings all better no they had to take bab This historical romance between two damaged people would have rated higher if it weren t that it had two things that I dislike immenselyathe self sacrificing heroine that no matter how badly she is treated she continues to sacrifice herself because it s her duty or because she feels guilty Though Jeff opened Allie s eyes to her sister s nefarious actions and to the fact that she was not sick at all Allie continued to accept her sister treating her badly as her due At that point the self sacrificing heroine became another type of character the TSTL heroine2 The other thing that I disliked immensely is the fact that if the author centered so much of the conflict with the sister as a villain could we at Hurricane least have seen her get her comeuppance After proven that Olivia had beenying in court we get an epilogue uickly and barely a mention of Olivia at the end I get tired of that type of resolution Wow This was very nearly a five star read for me It s ike a 475 Loved Allie and Jeff adored their story and was super impressed at how Harrington wrote the antagonists It s the third book I ve read by this author after Harper S Bride And Desperate Hearts And I Liked It Much Bride and Desperate Hearts and I iked it much either of themLeft in charge of the family farm and her addled sister after her father s death Althea Ford is overworked and overwhelmed Against her better judgement but desperate for the help she s walked to town to hire the Minutes Of The 56th Annual Session Of The New Hope Missionary Baptist Auxiliary Sunday School Convention Held With The Mount Zion Church And Sunday School Eight Miles Southwest Of Chapel Hill August 1 To 3 1933 local drunken bully to fix her roof and plant her garden When he doesn t show up for the job the next day as they had agreed she complains to theocal sheriff Her roof Hell leaks time s ticking on garden planting and she just can t hack it alone anyCompleting his fall from sheriff to drunken vagrant Jefferson Hicks is on the other side of the bars in theocal jail after getting caught stealing an egg from a ocal farmer Plagued by nightmares from a shooting that eft a boy dead and abandoned by his wife Jeff has sought oblivion at the bottom of a bottle for the past two years Now at rock bottom the current sheriff gives him an option stay in jail for a month or ive and work on the Fords farm for the rest of the growing seasonBoth Althea and Jefferson are terribly burdened souls Though very different people both carry weighty guilt on their shoulders for the deaths of people close to them Jeff is tormented by the night he shot a ocal boy he d taken under his wing and Althea by her mother s suicide when Althea was a Pausanias Guide To Greece little girl They mirror each other in how they. E for help she reluctantly turns to Jefferson Hicks an exawman who has fallen from grace a man who unexpectetly awakens her to desireand to dreams she believes she can never have Jeff Hicks has fallen as ow as a man can But here at Allie's far. .