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Henri Matisse eUghtyncounters and somewhat interesting characters For the most part I like Caite and her confidence and the fact that she has finally learned to accept she can never make a relationship work if she is denying her own desires Caite is coming into her own and with Jamison by her side she is flourishing Jamison is a bit harder for me to like because of his general attitude he is hard and controlling and completely disappointing when he breaks Caite s heart Though I understand the reasons behind his actions he is still a butthole for hurting Caite The plot is full of drama and sexual tension and in the Time Enough At Last end the differences between Caite and Jamison are not insurmountable and they are able to come together to create a HEA worth reading about Burned by Sarah MorganSource AuthorPublisherRating 4 5 starsIs there really anything humiliating than getting dumped by your current boyfriend as your smolderingly hotx boyfriend listens in Yep How about being told within The Balthus Poems earshot of yourx boyfriend that you are not feminine Youll Get Through This enough should join a book club and learn how to bake and then being attacked in the street after you run out of the restaurant and have to be saved by yourx Oh and then the x criticizes your fighting stance Yeah I think that ualifies as well and truly humiliating For five long years Rosie s most nduring relationship has been with her battery operated boyfriend Men just don t get her she s fierce strong well trained and than capable of defending herself in a bad situation In other words most men are intimidated by her Further Rosie has come to accept that no man is Poetry And Experience Selected Works Vol 5 everver Felice Alla Guerra ever going to compare to Hunter Black her first love her first lover and the man who tore her apart when he walked out on her without so much as a backward glance For five years Rosie has forbidden her beloved sister from saying his name and has tried to convince herself that she is totally and completely over Hunter Black Yeah rightHunter Black has traveled the world literally perfecting his marital arts skills working as anxpert on Hollywood sets and trying to forget his ninja Rosie When Hunter decides it was time to settle down he returns home to London buys the fitness center he did all of his The Nag Hammadi Library early training in and witnesses hisx s stunning public humiliation Though he wants to reconnect with Rosie witnessing her dumping and ass kicking was not what he had in mind To make matters worse Rosie doesn t seem to want anything to do with him and she is adamant about not giving him a chance to Research On Written Composition explain his despicable actions from five years ago What does a man have to do to win a girl back The Bottom Line I really liked this read Rosie is tough and determined to protect herselfven if it means denying her feelings for Hunter Black Hunter is a bit harder to love but once I understood his reasons for leaving Rosie I was better able to get behind him and root for him Hunter really does have Rosie s best interests at heart and he just has to convince her of that Thank the Lord part of Hunter s strategy involves some really stellar sex The past and the present come together in Burned making this one of my favorite types of reads The plot is The Parables easy and interesting and the characters are both so stubborn and stunning that I just couldn t stop reading Burned is definitely hot little summer read that I can fully recommend to all 18 readers I was provide a copy of the paperback book by the AuthorPublisher for an honest reviewLet me just say that I felt in love with this book their is two short but steamy sexy story I couldn t put the book down and I wanted if you have not read this book get to itThe first book is Crossing the Line by Megan Hart and I have to say that I love her kind of writing the first book that I got to read that I read thentire book in one seating was from her it was DIRTY after reading that book I started to read and now I became a book addict and that was thanks to that book than I read this book and felt in love with her style of writing here is my review for the first bookCROSSING THE LINE WOW HOT I just finish reading this book and I love it love the characters and love how the book turn out to be I have to say that one of

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first books that I it was one of Megan Hart I read Dirty a while back and I felt in love with her writing and after Reading This Book I Am In Love this book I am in love her writing I love the book I couldn t put the book down at all I am gone keep this short since I don t want to give anything awayThe story begging with Caite she is a junior account manager at Wolfe and Baron and has been working there for 8 months when one Of Her Boss Who Is her boss who is get sick she goes to her other boss Jamison to let him know what s going on but Jamison is on the phone and ignoring her Caite decided to take control in her own hands Now Jamison Is a control freak he never let go and always wants control but all that changes when she tell him that the other boss his best friend had to go to the hospital and that she was taking over that s when he started to notice her and after that night its when Iidsete Aegade Lood I everything started to happen that it shouldn t she started to take control and they started to spend time together and the they are withach other the their sexual tension gets harder to resist will they finally cave inI really love and Positive Thinking enjoy reading this book I love the banter that is going with Caite and Jamison I love how they are withach other and the sex scene are hot Author Megan Hart THANK YOU for introducing me to this awesome characters and this amazing book love itTHE SECOND BOOK IS BURNED WOW HOT I just finish reading this book and I love it love the characters and how the book turn out to be I have to say that this is the first book that I read from this author and I love it I am gone keep this short since I don t want to give anything awayThe story begging with Rosie she is a Martial arties trainer its a Friday night and she is out with her soon to be The Dominicans ex boyfriend while they are talking well him doing the talk of letting her know that that their relationship is not working she is taking by surprise and ask him what does he mean by that before he could answer she see that a couple seat down on the table next to her All she see is the back of the man but she has a weird feeling about it while the conversation pick up with her date telling her that she is too tough and that she likes to fight that make him not feel like a man she ask him that she don t understand how she should be that s when he said that he wanted someone that like to bake and be in book club that s when the man turn around and that s when she recognized who it was Hunter he was the one that teach her how to fight he was her first and the person she felt in love with after seen him their she got up and took off after that night their life was turn up side downI really love andnjoy reading this book love the banter between Hunter and Rosie I love their attitude and how they don t put up with no one attitude and the sex scene are hot Author Sarah Morgan THANK YOU for introducing me to this awesome characters and this amazing book love it I received a copy of this from the publisher for an honest reviewWe were lucky in Australia we got one Will Haunt You extra novella in this book than the rest of the worldThese were 3 verynjoyable storiesI have come to know that I am going to always like Ms Hart s books and Crossing the Line met my xpectations It was hot hot hot and I just loved Caitlyn and JamisonI have to say I have not read any of Sarah Morgan s works before Burned but I am pretty darn sure I will now Rosie and Hunter s story set my kindle on fire There s is a black belt of unresolved sexual tension well unresolved for a little while anyway I loved that they had their history and how. One chance to prove to her outrageously hot and ridiculously controlling boss that she's got the chops to succeed But Jamison Wolfe isn't uite what he seems And once they cross the line between business and pleasure Caitlyn discovers the one place where she's in control Burned by Sarah Morga. ,

Orignally reviewed on a hrefBewitching BibliophileI received this as an advanced reader copy from the publisher in xchange for an honest review this gifting doesn t influence my review in anywayOne of my favorite go to authors is Megan Hart for this she is writing Crossing The Line Barnes and NobleFirst Impressions Ratings 4 stars5 Rules for Sexy Play in the Workplace1 Know the company policy You just got an opportunity to finally snag that sweet corner office The last thing you need is a wicked distraction2 Don t date your boss Sure Jamison Wolfe has a smile that could send a woman into instant orgasmic joy But important he s your strict control freakish boss Your hot sexy control freakish boss3 Keep PDA out of the office Okay so you slipped up Once It was just the temptation of having Jamison at your complete naked mercy4 Prepare for the worst This can t go anywhere You know it he knows it So why stop now5 Be discreet Even when it gets intense Even when you push Gods Crucible every limit you both possessI loved the writing it really pulled you in felt good without being overly descriptive As this is a contemporary world building isn t really needing Four for making it realistic I laughed when reading the names of the social sites since some of them are clearly supposed to be like the real ones vinetumblrtwitterThe pacing was good gets to the point uickly hasnough tension to keep you interested and was actually pretty smoking when they got down to it I really loved how the characters develop and how the story flowedThis was very different from my normal Swift eroticacontemporary with a strong power flip It s barely defined for what it really is but I loved it I knew I was going to love Caite when she told Jamison You d be pleased too if you paid attention to itYou should pay better attention Jamison I just knew it was on from then and I couldn t wait to read how they would work it out Jamison had himself a long journey and I loved when he was finally figured out how this was going to work man did he put in the workThis is Sarah Morgan s contemporary addition to the series Burned takes on the concept of what would happen if you ran into your first love First Impression Rating 35Every girl needs some self defense But at Fit and Physical you ll learn martial arts and get fit at the same time Look great feel better and kick a little butt Check out one on one personal training with our favourite karate black belt Rosie Miller She loves her job the world of martial arts and her life is justwell brilliantTrainer and martial artist Rosie Miller s zen is seriously compromised when Hunter Black her former coach and lover becomes her new boss With all the sexualnergy still crackling between them her poor little zen doesn t stand a chance So this time Rosie is determined to do than put up self defense She and Hunter are going to play by her rulesAs a contemporary we re in modern London and the authos love of London comes through clearly as she makes it the playground for our characters The story was well written flowed well and the sexy times were well written and steamy This is a great uickie romance that is paced well and had good time not a uckie lust to love but a renewed love storyI liked that the character was a strong well rounded character in all of her life her love life sucked but she knew that and was working on it in her own wayFor the characters we get almost nothing about Hunter until close to the The Militant Messiah end It s all from Rosie s point of view and her pov is pretty freaking narrow Other than her obsession with her flat chest we don t get much description of herself or others so it s hard to create a frame of reference which made it a little hard to connect to the characters Hunter kind of felt cardboard flat because we knew next to nothing about himxcept that he s a good looking man who inspires fantasies in Rosie s partSteamy on sexy times I mean really steamy I loved their connection which felt real and very raw I loved Rosie s thoughts she s funny as hell but would have loved bearing from Hunter I m spoiled like that The only cons of this story I get that Rosie or Ninja as Hunter loves to call her is a karate The Return To Camelot enthusiast as she s a teacher and does competitions but ummm how may women do you know who are going to be dressed to the nines in heels andverything and decides she s going to celebrate her birthday present by doing thisYoutube Video Link In Original link in original a tube hanging over London Let s be real That felt way too out there still in line with character That felt way too out there still in line with character still weird for reality I loved that she ven can be a little bit of an idiot and she was still obsessing over her past mistakes which I "can totally understandoverall i liked the story i "totally understandOverall I liked the story I think it would have been better as a longer novel give us time to get to know themThese were uick fast reads that were steamy and drew you in this is a perfect summer readWant a chance to check out the books for yourself Harleuin is giving away five physical copies to five lucky winners Void where prohibited Must 18 years or older to ntera Rafflecopter giveaway Happy Reading Liked the Hart very much but the other one was so so Crossing the LineI LOVE Megan Hart s books so I was really looking forward to her story and was not disappointed I love that she writes about something here that I feel is far too underrepresented in romance right now view spoilerdominant female submissive male hide spoiler Crossing the Line by Megan HartSource AuthorPublisherRating 45 starsCaite Fox has her dream job she works for a PR firm that almost Mst125 Essential Mathematics exclusively handles nothing but highnd clients her immediate supervisor allows her to work independently and develop her own client list and she has a full access view of the scariest and most beautiful man on arth Jamison Wolfe Jamison Wolfe is driven his PR firm has a healthy and growing reputation for stellar work his negotiation tactics are generally loud but ffective and he does NOT do relationships I guess it s a damn good thing Caite knows Jamison is off the table not Silver Eyes even and option and only a beautiful man to be admired from afar Though they rarely work together Caite and Jamison are suddenly thrown together after circumstances beyond their control force them into a closer working relationship Caite knows she shouldn t lust after her boss the way she does but she can t help it he is just so damn sexy Though Jamison is hesitant about working with Caite and allowing herven a small measure of control he hates the peoplecelebrities she is working with Biblical Hermeneutics even For Jamison to give over any control at all is astonishing and Caite knows this is her chance to impress Jamison and maybe solidify her future with the company Now all she has to do is reign in three reality stars and make them look good in the world of social media Almost immediately disaster strikes when one of the stars gets herself arrested and creates a media frenzy Jumping into action Caite smoothes over the story makes the star look like a victim and has Jamison s firm coming out on top of it all Impressed with her abilities Jamison gives into his own desire for Caite and most interestingly the control freak also allows Caite to take total control of the situation Their first fewncounters are intense hot and totally out of Jamison s comfort zone but totally in Caite s For years Caite has denied her own desire for control in favor of making a relationship work but with Jamison she is free to be herself in the bedroom if not in the boardroom For Jamison the lack of control is both completely freeing and completely terrifying and just as he becomes comfortable with his situation disaster once again strikes and tears the couple apart The Bottom Line Crossing the Line is a short and My Life And Work easy read packed full of na. Twice the funand twice the heat New York Times bestselling author Megan Hart and USA TODAY bestselling author Sarah Morgan team up for fun and fearless tales of women who don't just cross the lines between pleasure and controlthey tangle them up Crossing the Line by Megan Hart Caitlyn Fox has. They struggled against it Th A print copy of this book was provided by the publisher inxchange for an honest reviewCrossing the Line by Megan Hart4 starsThis book is a perfect A Light In The Storm example of how you can think you don t like a plot but as it turns out you just needed someone to do it rightA submissive man in the bedroom hasn t worked for me in the past but it worked for me here I loved this short story from Megan H My Cosmo reading years sadly didn t include an imprint of steamy romance stories only sealed sections and the odd tampon freebie If they did I would have been all over it Even though I m no longer an avid Cosmo reader I thought I d still try the books published by Harleuin I was intrigued by this book as it featured an author who does plot and steamyually as brilliantly Megan Hart And OK I like the cocktail cover having mastered making candied orange peel This book contains three stories of roughly 100 pages The Battles Of New Hope Church each onextra Lauren Dane s Cake than the rest of the world bonus for Australia all featuring strong female leads who are prepared to say what they want and work hard to obtain it In these cases what they want is a particular man and they ll reveal their feelings and fight to make him see it s love I think these heroines are very positive for the Cosmo age group late teens Blood Amp Shadows Book 1 4 early twenties these women take control of their lives in work study and in their love life Note that the sex scenes are uite steamy thoughI loved Megan Hart s story Crossing the Line the most This is the story of Cait who is a genius with social media knowing how to work it to her clients advantage She s had a secret crush on her boss Jamison for some time and when they work closely together sparks fly Cait s in complete control of the relationship something Jamison s not used to but he s thinking that he could given Cait and some time I liked how the balance of power outside of work tipped in Cait s favour Even though it s a short novella both characters are well developed there s an opportunity for a love triangle and the focus isn t solely on sex Cait s thinking about where she wants to be work wise there s a subplot about her other boss and the rowdy reality stars the firm has taken on It s all deftly packaged and was a great read Sarah Morgan s Burned took the reader to London where we met Rosie champion at martial arts and unlucky in love She only dates boring men who want her to bake cakes and join book clubs but Rosie s so much feisty Are men hung up on the fact that she can defend herself When her first love Hunter returns Rosie s sister advises her to get him out of her system and move on But after spectacular flirting Rosie can t do that Will Hunter destroy her love life again There s crackling tension in this book as Hunter and Rosie try to decide what they want fromach other then automatically assume the other wants something Focus On Curves And Surfaces else d oh It s hot but with a sweet tinge I liked also learning about Rosie s sister Hayley she s the star of Morgan s novella Ripped she s smart anngineer by trade cool and got the man Hunter s also a hot hero who combines hurt strength and sensitivity It would have been nice to learn of his backstory perhaps another timeThe final novella was Lauren Dane s Cake For me this was the weakest story the heroine was younger in art school perhaps I m too old to relate now I m postgrad and Grigori the hero wasn t my type He s a Mohawked tattooed pierced artist from Russia and I didn t really see what Wren the heroine saw in him He was meant to be a tough talking love Justice em and leavem artist but with Wren we mainly saw his sensitive side his mum bakes and brings him macarons which are not cookies Wren He s driven and has an annoying x wife but she didn t make much impact on the story Wren is strong and knows that she ll need to show Grigori he s capable of making the right decisions in love I did like the way she chased him down it was inventive and funny not to mention showing the utter reliance of people on their iPhone I felt this book was sweeter and new adult than the other twoThis set of stories is a great book to pick up and put down over a busy week or devour over a weekend If you like pick up and put down over a busy week or devour over a weekend If you like pick up and put down over a busy week or devour over a weekend If you like your hot and heavy with strong heroines you ll njoy thisThank you to Harleuin Australia for the copy of this bookhttpsamstillreadingwordpresscom If the cold weather is starting to get to you it may be time to pick up a copy of Cosmo s latest Red Hot Reads from Harleuin In Tangled Up Romance genre stars Megan Hart Sarah Morgan and Lauren Dane come together with some steamy adult short fictionMegan Hart tests the boundaries in Crossing the Line Caite Fox is working her dream job in a high Swineherd end PR firm Unexpectedly she is forced to work alongside herxtremely sexy boss Jamison Wolfe While Caite desperately tries to control her lust for him Jamison struggles to give her the professional control she needs to be able to reel in some reality stars celebrities that will boost the firm s media ratings Soon as their desire for Own Your Financial Freedom each other grows it is not just his control in the workplace that Jamison must let go of and no longer her lust that Caite controlsImagine being dumped by your boyfriend because you are not femininenough for him while your x boyfriend the one love of your life is within arshot This is the case for Rosie Miller in Sarah Morgan s Burned To make matters worse after fleeing the restaurant Rosie gets attacked in the street and said The Wise Woman ex Hunter Black must come to her rescue Then Rosie learns that he has reappeared out of the blue to run the martial arts gym she loves working at But what happens when their proximity reignites old sparksIn Lauren Dane s Cake Wren Davis is working as a bike messenger using the job to pay her way through art school so she can do the work she really wants as a graphic designer Somethinglse she really wants is the tattooed pierced and sensual Russian artist Gregori Ivanov one of her regular deliveries and a celebrity on the Seattle art scene Over time the two become friends but soon both desire from Our Hero General U S Grant each other than friendship they both want to have their cake Each of these stories is a shortasy read written to be devoured Clearly the works of skilled romance writers all three spicy stories are packed full of sexual tension and certainly manage to turn up the heat Reptiles And Amphibians Of North America Audubon Society Beginner Guide even though they are limited to only about 100 pagesach These are well paced plots full of drama that ach tells a very different storyWhat impressed me most about this collection of novellas is that all of them aside from being delightfully naughty had really interesting characters These are strong women who know what they want Caite xplores this sexually playing the role of dominatrix Rosie holds her own in the male dominant world of martial arts wren manages a perfect balance between working and manages a perfect balance between working and her passion and won t be steered off course Hurrikanen Fights Back even for a very very hot man As a woman I would like to discover a little bit ofach of these heroines in meThis sinfully sexy collection of short stories will make for a wonderful bit of naughty indulgence These smoking hot novellas are definitely triple the fun Crossing the Line by Megan Hart and Burned by Sarah Morgan are very good uick reads Crossing lines is the an office romance story where Cait becomes involved with her boss Jamison who is an hard ass control freak but likes to let go of that control Nothing over the top but a nice toe dip into a male submissive from an alpha s side Burned is the second chance at love between Rosie and her teen sweetheart Hunter Black Hunter is perfect for Mr Black as he is an MMA specialist and Rosie is training int the arts as well This is sweet in how they finally reveal their pasts and come back together Highly recommend this one. N Trainer and martial artist Rosie Miller's zen is seriously compromised when Hunter Black her former coach and lover becomes her new boss And with all the sexual nergy still crackling between them her poor little zen doesn't stand a chance So this time Rosie is determined to play by her rul. .


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