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Ern banker And since certain features of this case
"suggest the oriental "
the Oriental s worth looking into as wellReaders familiar with Sax Rohmer s work will fnd little mystery here Once there s a mysterious Oriental in the case it s obvious he s guilty somehow From there on in it s secret societies poisons nknown to Western science subtle mental powers and lots of perilThis isn t Rohmer s best work by a long shot He divides the role of hero p between three male characters poorly has characters make stupid decisions to keep the happenings mysterious and the backstory is given in four straight chapters of infodump at the end Exciting but incoherentAnd that s before we get to the racism sexism and making *THE VILLAIN EFFEMINATE IN APPEARANCE TO *villain effeminate in appearance to that he s somehow nnatural Perhaps the weirdest bit in this direction is that weirdest bit in this direction is that s face is repeatedly described as Sioux like without any indication of Native American heritageThis is by the by the second Paul Harley book the first Bat Wing was apparently of an actual mystery Mr Harley is an ex barrister who has turned to political consulting and detection as a interesting career He s apparently psychic able to detect auras of evil or danger Which would be helpful if this sense were directional and didn t sometimes interfere with his ability to make rational observationsLike many pulp heroes Mr Harley is also a master of disguise Pity the baddies were specifically looking for someone in disguiseMr Brinn is a harder edged sort and rather cold blooded He has a sense of honor that allows him to dally with other men s wives but not break his word It s a good thing he s a millio The review from afar No 15 Re revised forward to these overseas reviewsSince emulating a yo yo I continue to rely on the old style Kindle 3G for any non technical reading I tip my hat to the fine folks at Project Gutenberg virtually every title I have or will be reading in the near future comes from them Fire Tongue is a non Fu Manchu novel first published but second for the character written by Sax Rohmer in the early 1920s Its star is Paul Harley a man who is both well known and well respected and somewhat well heeled to boot He has been an official at some point in the past and continues to be consulted by the Government when his knowledge and skill are neededAs this is a Sax Rohmer story there is an Eastern motif and danger but this time the threat comes not from Egypt or China but from India and Iran The arch enemy is an Iranian and the cult that is the basis for Fire Tongue is also originally from that land albeit nder an older name I m going to avoid any spoilers as there are plenty of places where one can get a partial or detailed synopsisIn addition to the intrigue evil and allure of the East we have the characters who are Western We start with the man who first contacts our investigator Dr Sir. Ms the mysterious Fire Tongue Psychic detective Paul Harley investigates in this. .
This is the second Paul Harley mystery It isn t a bad story but Paul Harley does not get too far in solving the murder That falls does not get too far in solving the murder That falls someone who is a suspect It s still a decent adventure but just doesn t ite jell somehow Paul Harley on the trail of an evil oriental to rescue an attractive young woman from his clutches Paul Harley is engaged by a gentleman Sir Charles Abingdon who fears his life is in danger Before the man is able to adeuately explain the danger the danger he dies right in front of Harley His last words are Fire tongue and Nicol Brinn Nicol Brinn is a famous and eccentric American explorer while Fire Tongue means nothing to Harley He meets the man s beautiful daughter and learns nothing form her except that she has been in disagreement with her father over the attentions of an Oriental merchant named Ormuz Khan from PersiaHarley meets with Nicol Brinn and learns that the man has a mere passing acuaintance with the dead man but he clearly has information about his death Brinn steadfastly refuses to divulge an Fire Tongue has a promising title but alas is but second rate Rohmer Here one finds the characteristic Rohmerian menace from the East this time in the form of a secret society based in India and presided over by an effeminate financier from Iran There are two stalwart men of action and two dam Most of the Rohmer I ve read has been Fu Manchu This is similar but just different enough Cracking old style adventure with all the expected ingredients a bit of mystical stuff Eastern conspiracies murders and a dogged detective Right after finishing it I went back to Manybooksnet and grabbed Rohmer If there s one thing a detective hates it s when their client hems and haws about explaining basic details of why they need a detective only to die just as they make From Doon With Death A New Lease Of Death up their minds with only a cryptic lasttterance as a clueBut that s the situation Paul Harley is in with his latest case Sir Charles Abingdon noted osteologist suspects he may be in danger but is so vague about the circumstances that it s impossible to tell why He promises to make explanations at dinner but collapses just after drinking a bit of water ttering only Fire TongueNicol Brinn before passingNicol Brinn is an *American Millionaire Who To *millionaire who happens to in London just now but what possible connection could he have Sir Charles And the phrase Fire Tongue is a complete mystery Oh and neither the water nor the glass itself were poisoned so how did Sir Charles dieBrinn appears to know something about Fire Tongue but is evasive at best on that matter and claims to know nothing about Sir Charles death or why he might have felt threatened He does promise to let Harley know if he has any definite leads Very suspiciousHowever Harley learns that Sir Charles daughter Phyllis Phil Abingdon has been receiving attentions from Ormuz Khan a Middle East. A new force stalks the fog shrouded streets of London bringing death to its victi. Charles Abingdon he fears for his life and indeed dies right in front of Harley The mystery begins and it leads next to an American adventurer Nichol Brinn Brinn is a larger than life character who constantly tests himself with feats of daring and danger It soon comes out that Brinn knows the meaning of the phrase Fire Tongue but refuses absolutely to speak of it So Harley begins some old fashioned gumshoeing to find out whom what and whyWritten in the same time period as Dashiell Hammett wrote several of the Continental Op stories books I found some similarities to how the men go about their tasks I m not implying any plagiarism just *A Similarity Both Men Wrote *similarity Both men wrote of investigative stories about pure detectives or men just caught p in a mystery As in much of his work the action and surprises take precedence but here there is a large dose of mysticism tossed in Harley is a man endowed with a sixth sense and it appears or at least references to it oftenLike all of his works this book contains the casual racism that alienates many modern viewers I note it and move on but recognize that one wouldn t get away with such behavior today even in a deliberate parody of the style Unfortunately I see and hear similar or worse phrasings in my second home on an almost daily basis That doesn t excuse Rohmer but you have to pick your battlesAlthough I enjoyed the exploits I found both Harley and Brinn to be tedious and long winded than many of the other characters in other books Fu Manchu can get long winded but he is so deliciously evil that one doesn t mind That and the disorder of the plot made this a less enjoyable book than almost everything else except The Orchard of plot made this a less enjoyable book than almost everything else except The Orchard of but that is so different in tone and subject that it can t really be graded in with his other worksFire Tongue sueaks in at Three 30 Stars Not my favorite but still a possible future re readYou can get this book for free from the Gutenberg Project site Fire Tongue is definitely an interesting read but the language and culture are obviously from a different era That s not necessarily a bad thing but it has ite a different flow from modern English and the story is rampant with racismThis is a fairly predictable mystery story with enough fun and exotic detail to make it entertaining The lang Ludicrously OTT but surprisingly readable a model for today s conspiracy novelists to ponder seriously when creating lovable megalomaniacs who threaten our cornflakes A fiery taleThis second take of stouthearted English gentleman Harley is rather exciting Again we have mysterious Oriental menace and a beautiful pure English girl in peril Harley and an American adventurer combine to combat this peril and save the girl and the world Despite the white superiority racism of the period 1920 s the writer allows a fine EastWest love story to be shown A good yarn I enjoyed it. Mystery classic with supernatural elements From the author of the Fu Manchu books.

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