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The Forest House Avalon #2

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This was a book that lost much of its magic on a re readThe writing style felt a bit odd with some words thrown in that did not fit THE REST OF THE WORDING IT rest of the wording It made the book drag a bit even though it felt hurried I mean it does span the lifetime of Eilan and Gaius but the time jumps could have been smootherIn terms of Proof Of Heaveb plot it was a bit hard to keep track of who wanted what and why There were far too many tribes and names to keep track of As for the main characters they all felt flat their motives not clear enough I enjoyed this one than Mists of Avalon is was of a less tragic Romeo and Juliet than the endless everything Morgaine touches turns to dust and all her good intentions go awry kind of thing I also enjoyed the aspect of GauisGawen being torn between the two sides of his heritage British and Roman However toward the end it didick back up the anti Christian ranting and seemed to have the attitude that all men were misogynistic idiots Another issue that continued from Mists was that Bradley changes The Miracle Of Stalag 8a Stalag Viii A Beauty Beyond The Horror points of view very abruptly and rapidly at times which can be jarring It alsoushes all godsreligions are really the same a bit much for me When I type that all out it s a wonder I can say I managed to set it aside enough to still enjoy the read but somehow I did it was certainly interesting in its way Would robably give this 3 and a half stars I liked it but had A HARDER TIME GETTING INTO IT harder time getting into it I expected given how much I remember loving The Mists of Avalon That s one of my all time favorites and one I ve read several times However my most recent re read was robably 20 years ago so maybe my tastes have changed a bit since then Or maybe this one just wasn t uite as good Or maybe I m just The Well Of Gods Glory Unveiled pickier now I had mixed feelings about the characters in this one they didn t all seem consistent throughout the book For example by the end of the book I didn t even know who Bendeigid was He seemed totally unlike who he was at the beginning of the book and the book didn t follow his character enough to see the change happening Gaius also fluctuated between representing the best of Rome and being decent and even noble albeit human and being a real slimeballSomething I did like was the cultural and historical setting It was interesting to see the coming of the Romans the growth of Christianity etc from the viewpoint ofeople at that time A beautifully written Seeing God In The Dark preuel to the magnificent Mists of Avalon the story of a doomed star crossed love between British Priestess Eilan and a half British half Roman legionnaire Gauis in first century southern Britain also takes us to Caledonia Scotland Germany and Rome Gives us rich insight to and brings to life both the Roman Empire and Celtic Briton society especially that of DruidicersuasionAt this time the Roman are ruthlessly destroying the Druidic culture and a sma. The Forest House reuel to The Mists of Avalon Marion Zimmer Bradley’s beloved and enduring classic is a mesmerizing epic of one woman’s mythic role at a turning oint in historyIn a Britain struggling to survive Roman invasion Eilan is the daughter of a Druidic. ,

Ll b and of British nationalists sworn to drive the Romans from Britain called the Ravens led by Eilan s foster brother CynricEilan falls in love with Gauis after he is rescued by her and her family after falling into a it and being wounded and convalesces with them without their knowledge that he is a Roman LegionnaireGauis is forced by his father Marcellus a wealthy and Human Ecology Of Beringia powerful tribune to marry a Roman girl and Eilanregnant with his child is now a riestess on AvalonYears go by and the olitical and religious intertwines with love and hate between The Watchtower Amp The Masons people leading to a tragic endPlaying a role are the Irish highriestess Cailean the Arch Druid Elain s granfather Ardanos and her cruel father Bereigid and her resentful sister DeidaThe new sect know as the Christians has come to Britain and Gauis wife Julia and the young trainee I expected to like this book better than I did since I loved Mists of Avalon The story is The Oathbreakers Shadow pre Arthur and as a story it had a lot ofossibilities Somehow it seemed kind of disjointed It is the story of Eilan who is the daughter of a Druid during the time when the conuering Romans are taking over the land I just could never really connect with Gaius the soldier that Eilan falls in love with and whose live is entwined with hers He was a mere human after all and I suppose I wanted him to be above the ambition and life that was calling him I think The Island Of Hope part of what I did not care for is that this book is full of tragedy I realize it was a tragic time soerhaps there is a great deal of realism in the story but it was not a fun read I was never tempted to stop reading so it did hold my interest and in the end I do not regret that I read it Two stars means it was okay and I would agree with that I might have given it 2 12 if I couldADDITION Now reading the third book Lady of Avalon I see now why I needed to read this one even though I did not like it Avalon I see now why I needed to read this one even though I did not like it well as the one I am 23 of the way through now nor as well as Mists of Avalon which is a real favorite In this house we don t support child molestersI said what I said Someone recently suggested to me when I was reading The Mists of Avalon to stop reading the Avalon series at that Illusions And Lies W I T C H 6 point She said she had read some of the other books in the series and they were appallingly bad I don t know if this was one she was referring to or not but I should have listened to her She is wiseI didn t love The Mists of Avalon upon rereading it now but I did appreciate it I think than I had over twenty years ago when I read it originally There are aspects to the book that appeal to me and as far as world building Bradley did aretty decent jobNone of that exists here in the I Am Human preuelBlah blah something something first century Basically you have a Druidicriestess Eilan who falls in love with a Roman office Gaius and the entire story is Earthquakes Earth Books For Kids Earth Early Reader Books Book 3 pretty much about that. Warleader gifted with visions and marked by fate to become ariestess of the Forest HouseBut fate also led Eilan to Gaius a soldier of mixed blood son of the Romans sent to subdue the native British For Gaius Eilan felt forbidden love and her terrible secret will ha. .

 Little Seeds Of Wisdom
I love you I love you too But this cannot happen You re right wanna do it ShyeahAnd then THE INEVITABLE HAPPENS VIEW SPOILERSHE GETS PREGGERS HIDE SPOILER inevitable happens view spoilershe gets preggers hide spoiler really enjoyed this book I was so glad to see that the bookicked up where the book Ravens of Avalon left offThe Arch Druid Ardanos LhiannonHigh Priestess of Vernemeton the Forest House and Caillean senior riestess assisting Lhiannon also Lhiannon s adoptive daughterare characters from the book Ravens of Avalon who survived the fire and take over of Mona These individuals move on to Vernemeton and rebuild the hertiage of These individuals move on to Vernemeton and rebuild the hertiage of Priestess and Druids with the consent of the Roman EmperorThe story wraps around Eilan the Arch consent of the Roman EmperorThe story wraps around Eilan the Arch Ardanos granddaughter a Roman officer Gaius who is half Roman and half Britian and is also the son of Martius Julius Licinius Procurator financial officer of BritanniaEilan and Gaius story becomes complicated because of Gaius status of being a Roman but the love they have for each other is held in secret Even though Eilan has taken vows to become a riestess they The Portrait Of A Lady By Henry James Fiction Classics proclaim their love in secret during the Beltane Festible Eilan ends upregnant but Gaius can not claim their child son Gawanor her because of his status of being a RomanThough Eilan is Szalony Statek Cz 2 Kupcy I Ich Ywostatki 2 pregnant Lhinnanon on her death bed chooses Eilan as her sucessor Once Eilan has her boy the boy isrotected by the Forest House but his idenity is kept in secret and he does not know his mother is the High Priestess EilanEven though Eilan and Gaius life can not be joined the continue to love each other from a The Foreign Language Teachers Suggestopedic Manual part but go on with their lives Eilan serves the Goddess and Gaius goes on to marry another Roman girl Julia and has 4 daughtersDuring this time christianity has moved from Rome into the Britannia and after the death of Gaius and Julia s daughter and theirreborn son Julia turns to the christian faith and vows chasity and to never sleep with her husband again which ualifies Gaius for grounds for divorce according to law With this in mind Gaius desides to seek out Eilan and claim his son and get a new brideBut things don t go as Das House Buch Fr Hypochonderdie Behandlungsmethoden Im Reality Check planned and both Eilan and Gaius end up in the Beltane Fires as sacrefices to the GodsThis was a very good read and after reading 4 out of the 7 books in this series I have not lost interest and the books keep getting better and better 35 starsMost of the book was agonizingly slow Each time the main characters met was a chance meeting at a festival When a festival was coming up I braced myself for them to meet I am hoping that this was a set up for the next book and that The Lady of Avalon will be better I read these backwards Read this one before the Lady of Avalon and then read The Mists of Avalon That way you have them in order This book was a bit harder read than the other two but uite good My bias may have been a result of reading them out of orde. Unt her even as she is anointed as the new High Priestess With mighty enemiesoised to destroy the magic the Forest House shelters Eilan must trust in the Unhas power of the great Goddess to lead her through the treacherous labyrinth of her destinyTake The Forest House ui.

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