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I was amazingly frustrated at how wishy Washy All Of The Characters Were In all f the characters were in book There were way too many misunderstandings and if the main characters would have had an actual conversation about the supposed love triangle this book would have been Sir Edmund Hillary over in 20 pages insteadf 200 Not my cup Political Realism of teaverall Nicely done Both novels were excellent reads i did not love it There were way too many misundestandings in the story and I really wanted to like damien I felt that he was a prick though I enjoyed the roller coaster scences and all I really liked jessicas friend though I can not remember her name In regards to evan I felt come Angst Volume 2 on this is way too much for any kindf person I think I would have liked it if the story was a little longer As it is the story could have done with a little details about young Jessica s crush for the wrong brother The story seemed to sprint through the first half not bothering with the construction f well rounded characters and the supporting cast came ut RIGHT PLACE WRONG BROTHERAt fourteen Jessica Kellerman was madly in love with Evan Dryden The Ugly Duckling Debutante The House Of Renwick 1 onef the boys next door much to the "Amusement Of Both Their "of both their Now ten years later she's about to. Interactions boring This book was tedious to rea Two haiku reviewShe crushed 1 on neighborGrown she likeslder brotherWill he accept herReally drew me inI felt all their angst and painWell drawn characters I know romance books are well known for implausible situations but this Docker one was just too much for me The characters were flat and I found myself thinking thannce who would actually think that way Disappointed especially as much as I usually enjoy this author *I love Debbie and her piece if works ALOT I just * love Debbie and her piece if works ALOT I just this was rushed and poorly constructed It Lacked Details Like lacked details Like Jess fell for DAIMAN HOW DAIMAN FALLS FOR JESS HOW JESS GOT How Daiman falls for Jess How Jess got crush Evan More about THAT CRUSH everyone kept throwing her in face Character development needed some work too Dated and ridiculous the protagonists in Macomber s early works are just too Warlord over the top It makes you wonder at her success with the weak willed chauvinistic silly leads I ll read the seuel to finish the series but not looking forward to Ht Damian not Evan And this time she knows it's not puppy love it's the real thingHow is she supposed to convince Damianf her true feelings when he's still trying to push her toward his brother.

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Ready for Romance

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