[The Wished For Country [BOOK] Free Read online ePUB author Rebecca Del Giudice

The Wished For CountryA Senator stands alone against the march to war A man risks his life to expose the Ku Klux Klan A slave escapes to freedom – and takes a Confederate warship with him These stories and many like them are the focus of The Wished For Country Stories OF AMERICAN COURAGE AUTHOR REBECCA DEL GIUDICE BEEN American Courage Author Rebecca Del Giudice has been And Writing About American History For "and writing about history for 20 years During that time she’s rediscovered uniue stories that few Americans know or remember today There's the first woman doctor in the Unit. ,
Ed States who was only admitted to medical school because her classmates thought it was a joke – but the joke was them when she graduated first in her class The Danish immigrant who enlisted a future Human Ecology Of Beringia president in fight againstoverty in the slums of New York And the child of sharecroppers who awakened the conscience of a nation These are just a few of the 14 amazing eople rofiled in The Wished For "Country Stories Of American "Stories of American Read it now and get to know these incredible Americans In. Cludes rofiles of Elijah Parish Lovejoy; Elizabeth Blackwell; John Muir; Robert Smalls; Jacob Riis; Ida B Wells Barnett; Frances Perkins; Earl Warren; Wayne Morse; Emma Tenayuca; Stetson Kennedy; Fannie Lou Hamer; Shirley Chisholm; Harvey Milk "Topics include Civil rights women's rights feminism The Island Of Hope progressives labor history environmentalism nationalarks Civil rights women's rights feminism labor history environmentalism national Illusions And Lies W I T C H 6 parks rights human rights slavery Jim Crow voting rights the Vietnam War the Ku Klux Klan the Works Progress Administration the New Deal abolitionists

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