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Mr A In keeping with THE HARDBOILED DETECTIVE BOTH PERSONAS TYPICALLY WEAR SUITS AND hardboiled detective both personas typically wear suits and hats; Mr A's outfit Is Completely White Mr completely white Mr uses white half black cards to signify his arrival as well as to represent his belief that there can only be good and evil and no moral grey ar.

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Similar in concept to Ditko's The uestion Mr A is another of Ditko's unusual characters is one of the Clearest Of Ditko's Belief In Ayn Rand Philosophy examples Ditko's belief in the Ayn Rand philosophy as Objectivism The character Rorschach in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' brilliant Watchmen is based on both Mr A and ,
He uestionColor Covers Black and "White ComicsThe Plot Rex Graine Is A "comicsThe plot Rex Graine is a reporter for the Daily Crusader He is known for his uncompromising principles and incorruptibility In order to fight crime Graine wear metal Gloves And Steel and a steel that resembles a placid face thus becoming. ,

Mr A #2 Author Steve Ditko