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Glad to get out of my book slump with this book Sorry for the lame review I m very lazy these days There are lots of things that changed throughout the book The POV changes through the stories I like this because it shows both Alessia and Bree s points of view in the first book i thought bree In the first book I thought Bree a btch But in the second book her POV convinced me otherwise THE CLIFF HANGER THOUGH WHY This is the first I ve read in the series and I have to hand it to Maggi for making series and I have to hand it to Maggi for making so asy to catch up At first I was really confused by the terms and who was who but Maggi writes in a way that you can uickly and asily understand the world through context clues I found the characters interesting and the plot intriguingI received a copy of this book in xchange for an honest review Nicole Maggi s IN THE MOUTH OF THE WOLF book two in the TWIN WILLOWS TRILOGY is a gripping seuel filled with action magic and master storytelling I applaud Maggi s decision to split the narration between Alessia and Bree Gaining insight into Neues Jahrbuch F R Mineralogie Geologie Und Pal Eontologie Vol 2 each teen s perspective pulled me further into the supernatural world of the Benandanti In book two we re introduced to Nerina and Heath s forbidden romance which I find to bevery bit as romantic as Alessia and Jonah sBook three can t release soon Scapa 1919 enough thatcliff hangerwhy 325 starsThis one was way better I have had this ARC for awhile and finally got to reading it Can t wait to read The Blue Wood. O bring down the Malandanti and soon she and Alessia find themselves in a tenuous alliance But notven the powerful magic that Bree possesses nor the strong leadership that Nerina provides can stop the vicious Malandanti As the two Clans barrel towards their inevitable collision Alessia and Jonah are swept into the devastation and forced to make the ultimate choice. .
Read Cindi s review here I rec d an ARChad been looking forward to book 2 for awhile now Once again I tend to be vague for fear of spoilersBut Nicole does a great job of upping the stakes adding to the suspense and once again leaves the reader wanting Bree has a lot depth and has become a favorite lot depth and has become a favorite There s are lots of OMG moments And at the nd you are left pining for book 3 There s are lots of OMG moments And at the nd you are left pining for book 3 story is intriguing and continues to suck you inCan t wait for book 3 and for my official copy to arrive I m just going to say that I love books that can improve upon the first in the series It s just so rare And this book did that It was perfectA lot of amazing things happened in this book some of which I did not Very interesting Annoyed a bit by the cliffhanger So now I really want to read the third book Very suspensful The Story The Benandanti good shape shifters now have control of the waterfall but the Malandanti won t give up They ve brought in a mage to fight their battles Desperate to keep the magic of the waterfall safe and somehow bring Jonah to the right side Alessia nlists Bree to spy on The Guild Together they uncover secrets long lost to the Benandanti

And Some Terrible Truths 
some terrible truths how far their nemy is willing to go to control the worldBree soon finds out that Veto Message Of Governor John Sparks even though she is not a shape shifter she actually has magic and begins to train as the Benandanti s mage Alessia and Jonah try to stay A continuation of the Twin Willows Series that began with WINTER FALLSThe Twin Willows Waterfall is now under the control of the Benandanti but for Alessia the victory comes at a steep price And the arrival of Nerina one of the seven Conciliolders from the Friuli Clan only complicates her life Now she’s hiding a 450 year old immortal on her farm juggling school. Part but their feelings keep getting in the way and as another battle Looms Alessia Wonders If Alessia wonders if will betray herMy Thoughts I am really When Someone You Love Is Addicted To Alcohol Or Drugs enjoying this series I was given the first two books by the publisher and read them within 48 hours Book two continues the Romeo and Juliet love story between Alessia and Jonah However the twist is that Jonah wants to be free of the Malandanti and asks Alessia to help him find a way out Their romance is sweet with a little passion thrown in but not over the top So far safe for younger readersThe adventure isxciting as mages are introduced to the plot line and now outside magic is able to hunt and kill the shapeshifters I loved that the author brought Bree into the mix of things In the first book she is so stand offish but now she is in the thick of things and readers are able to understand her motives As Jonah s sister she brings in a dynamic of betrayal that is strained She is against the Malandanti and thus her father and brother but she is on the side of good so you can t judge herAs the series moves forward I find that the battle over the waterfall is now old news both books one and two have battles there I am hoping for some outside town action in book 3
The Story Of Alessia 
story of Alessia Jonah is the reason I ll continue on hoping they can beat the odds and be together Of course according to the plot a Benandanti will have to die first hmm 5 stars Keep it going I And her increasingly frustrated friends and trying to keep the Malandanti from regaining the Waterfall But it’s the passion that still lingers between her and Jonah that really keeps Alessia awake at nightAfter a fatal visit from the Malandanti’s mage Alessia brings in Jonah’s twin sister Bree to serve as a Benandanti spy Bree has her own reasons for wanting
 The Return Of The Native

Review In the Mouth of the Wolf Twin Willows #2

In the Mouth of the Wolf Twin Willows #2