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Series fer ya It s got charm out the Wazoo I Need A Bubba I need a Bubba my life #I love bubbaAnd willowdean and miz demetrice and is adeliaAnd precious the dog in this #love bubbaAnd willowdean and miz demetrice and is adeliaAnd precious the dog in this bubba is trying to propose to willowdean during a picnic in the graveyard before they are rudely interrupted by a horde ofzombies never fear it s ust a movie but hilarity and murder soon follow bubba is arrested twice this time once for murder once for smuggling flour don t askStill laughing Poor Bubba He always starts out to do good things and somehow ends up in ail usually as a result of being charged with a murder that he didn t commit This time Bubba really has his hands full His scheming mother Miz Demetrice and her friends are up to something but no one will tell Bubba what it is Then there is Willodean Bubba s heart throb As their relationship grows what could possibly derail them Maybe Bubba misfortunes and lots of Zombies As usual CL Bevill has given us an enjoyable mystery story the same cool characters present in her previous Bubba books and intermittent humor All put together in an excellent and well edited package Enjoy Love this seriesLove this seriesBubba finds "another corpse Bubba is a college educated southern boy living at home with his eccentric fiery "corpse Bubba is a college educated southern boy living at home with his eccentric fiery who runs a Pokerama game and has bubbas back as well as getting him in trouble sometimes too May need to have lived amongst southerners to fully appreciate but I really like this series read in order. The Zigzaggery Zombies is book 5 in the Bubba series Book 1 – Bubba and the Dead Woman Book 2 Bubba and the 12 Deadly Days of Christmas Book 3 – Bubba and the Missing Woman Book 35 – Brownie and the Dame Book 4 – Bubba and the Mysterious Murder Note Book 45 – The Ransom of Browni. I love Bubba and his family friends and local characters This one wasn t so much a serious murder mystery but it was fun and nicely done Bubba s life is definitely rolling along this time he has a movie set and the peripheral nut obs associated with it There s some FBI guys running around like nitwits and of course Ms Demetrice and Ms Adelia are up to something Not enough Willodean but she s not going anywhere sotil next time Book 5 in the Bubba and the Mystery SeriesBubba has Zombies to take care of and Willodean to woo This book feels very much like the last book but things start to come to a head as the book progresses I have always liked these stories the characters and the plots But I feel like it is time to move on It feels very much like the stopping point that Book 3 was for me And this time I am going to heed the warningIt s still a very fine read I love this series very much It s written well the characters are enjoyable But the ending sort of feels like everything is tied up in a bow and it ends very neatlyThree stars Bubba finds himself in trouble a lot in this book His mother #Miz Demetrice and her good friend Miz Adelia are up to something and the DEA is involved Bubba can #Demetrice and her good friend Miz Adelia are up to something and the DEA is involved Bubba can uite figure out what it is but he knows that no good is going to come from it for him His attempt at proposing to Willodean gets interrupted by Zombies in the cemetery and goes downhill there for him He gets cast into the movie finds a dead body shocker It’s trouble as usual for Bubba His mother Miz Demetrice and her good friend Miz Adelia are up to no good with the DEA watching them for mysterious reasons In addition Bubba’s also trying to get the beauteous sheriff’s deputy Willodean alone for some uality time when zombies invade Know and finds himself under arrest andor police suspicion for most of this book He tries to figure out who the killer was along with trying to figure out what his mother has done to bring the DEA down on all of them Willodean is keeping a secret from Bubba that she also tries to get out several times but also gets interrupted by one thing #Or An

Event Though I Missed 
Though I Missed Book In Here #an Event though I missed a book in here I didn t have any trouble following Bubba s adventure into movie stardom When a dead body is found in Bubba s house no one is surprised not the first time He has a standing cell at the ail Trouble is he didn t do it and being in ail is not helping him figure out what his mother is up #To And Will He Ever Be Able To Ask For # And will he ever be able to ask for lady love s hand in marriage Damn zombies Bubba is once again in the thick of things in Peagrimville and this time it involves a zombie movie Miss Willowdean and Miz Demitrice among others He has to face being arrested twice for things he didn t do and Mis Demitrice and co horts are up to something illegal that has the DEA sniffing around Add to that Bubba is trying to find a way and an uninterrupted time to tell Miss Willowdean what his true feelings for her are Read it You will laugh until you cry and be glad you did Can t WAIT for the next one Ms Bevill This one did not hold my attention like the others so I skimmed through it Man I love this series So dadgummed funny Ifin ya were wantin to read a true gut buster this is the. N a cinematic manner Further the director of the movie is apparently murdered by persons unknown and someone is pointing a finger directly at Bubba again Zigzaggery zombies fetid filmmakers maternal madness and cryptic casualties are all par for the course What’s a Bubba to do Bubba and. ,
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Bubba and the Zigzaggery Zombies Bubba Snoddy #5

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