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Triton by Dan RixF THE RIDE IS PERFECT AND *YOU WILL ENJOY IT I THOUGHT * WILL ENJOY IT I thought was into it but it was disappointing Just a uick tip look closely at the book cover Do see it Good luck finding out what lurks in this book This is the second book I read by this author and it will definetely be my last oneIt Singular Female Voices has the same amazing premise and the same annoying characters as well as a weird storyline Welcome to the 5000 passenger cruiseship including a 15 year old nymphomanic an absolute control freak an almost raped and murdered girl and not to forget the former drug addict Crystal Meth Remember we are talking about teenagers at the age 15 to 18 Perfect cut through society I would say eye roll Not to forget that they are able to navigated a cruiseship and amost live without eatingReading the second book by this author I really thinke Dare To Live Iron Rogue 4 has problem with women or definetely a weird world picture Both booksave female characters who only seem to be able to express themselves over sex or their sexual attributes Dear author I don t know what kind of This is the second Dan Rix book I ve read and both were disappointingThe blurb sounded interesting and intriguing but the story wasn t able to live up to its promiseA cruise ship with 8000 passengers and all of them suddenly vanish into thin air leaving 5 Teenagers to navigate a ghost ship that s great story material While reading different scenarios were playing out in my mind but I would Wiley Finra Series 57 Exam Review 2019 have never guessed the ending that s so lame Mr RixAnd don t let me get started about the 5 Teenagers sex addict former drug addict control freak jerkelper syndrome sufferer and rape victim and ow they are

*able to navigate *
To Navigate Ship to navigate a ship size of a small cityThey don t act like Teenagers at all and I thought they were flat lifeless and unlikeable I read this book primarily because I was on a cruise and I figured a cruise ship would be a great setting for a supernatural adventure I ave to admit I was disappointed The storyline seemed like a decent premise However the characters were difficult to believe and even difficult to care about I found myself skipping over pages because against my bet The characters were unsympathetic to say the least Is Cedar psychotic or the El Mar No Siempre Es Azul hero Is Brynn a slut or smarter than she appears Very aggravating The secondalf of the book was action packed and kept me reading even though I secretly wanted all of these stupid kids to DIE And I guessed the twist a mile off UndecidedI Coral Throne Stoneweaver 2 haven t been able to figure out if I liked this or not Some of it was ok but it did get weird and I just can t say whether I liked it or not. Elevator lobby It’s a warning A monster lurks onboardunting them What they’ve long suspected appears certain the vanishingit was an attackNow the most unlikely of friends must confront the shadowy pasts that link them and regain control of a runaway cruise ship crack a four thousand year old mystery and wage war on a formless evilbefore they too vanish into oblivi. Cared to my toes I Iranian Nights had to keep on watching behind me as I continued to read I was traumatized and deadly terrified Iad no idea who the enemy was in Triton or what lurks among
*them in the *
in the ship I Before Columbus had no idea what is out there or who s about to jump out and attack me but I was the brave reader Just kidding Iad to stop and absorb a few scary details and then slept through the nightmares Man I liked Triton a lot it wasn t the usual books I d pick up but the alluring plot The Silver Token hypnotized me into reading this book I loved the way Dan Rix wrote Tritone didn t A Nice Quiet Holiday have a messy way in writing bute should Baba Muktananda have polishedis ending a bit Dan Rix wrote the ending in a unprepared manner From the way Triton finished I began theorizing that Dan Rix only took precedence on the climax and the danger exposed But I loved the way heandled the 5 brave protagonists Brynn the 15 year old flirt Naomi the captain of the ghost ship Jake the Los Lisperguer Wittemberg heroic boy Sky the girl who was TAKEN but brought back and then there s Cedar the murderous protective brother It was a twisted mix and I loved theell of it The story tells us about Alice In Bibleland Complete 28 Book Set how 8000 people on a cruise ship suddenly disappeared at midnight when all lights went out Only 5 chosen people were left At first I began to think it was a rapture Dan Rixad another tale to tell and shhhhI m not spoiling you anything I Doctor Who hated jumping onto conclusions and ending up looking stupid in front of the author I know I ain t Sherlock but I like to TRY solving the problem The main thing is these teenagersave to find a way to stay alive and find out what s really Simplified Anatomy For The Comic Book Artist happening to the world and what is that common thing they allave that they were chosen to stay behind Can they even trust each other Is there a traitor Are they the puppets Who How To Become A Model holds the strings Don t ask me Iave no effing idea and I m too scared to type it outYou re all wondering why I gave 35 stars to Dan Rix s Triton I planned to give it a 4 rating but the story didn t end the way I wanted it to It s one of those type of books where you just keep asking what the fuck just appened It s not the perfect finale and based from what I ve just experienced I needed something dynamic The first approach Dan Rix wrote was perfect and definitely a story that got me To Finish This In 3 Hours I Couldn T Tear finish this in 3 ours I couldn t tear eyes off the pages unless I was already to frickin scared alreadyI am recommending this to all types of readers This thriller Juan Paez Hurtado Expedition Of 1695 has it all romance mystery and a whole lot of suspense You must read this now before the apocalypse JUST DON T GET TO DISAPPOINTED IN THE ENDING THE REST Lalf eaten in the abandoned Royal Promenade A ghost ship the size of a city sailing blind At least their annoying parents are goneBut now strange things are appening Satellites are dropping out of orbit falling from the sky Satellitesand bigger things They’re not as alone as they think A message appears in an ancient language burned into the carpet in the deck ten.

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What was supposed to be a relaxing oliday cruise soon turns into a nightmare when when everyone on board the Cypress suddenly disappears leaving behind 5 frightened teenagers Cedar Edgerly the overprotective brotherBrynn Edgerly the fifteen year old behind 5 frightened teenagers Cedar Edgerly the overprotective brotherBrynn Edgerly the fifteen year old Carmelo the Serve The People hot youngeroNaomi Delacruz the girl who knows almost everything about the shipSky Wilkinson the girl who was takenThey make an unlikely five with instant antagonism between Cedar and Jake And yet stranded in the middle of the ocean with no one else to turn to the five must work together to figure out what Murder With Ganache Key West Food Critic Mystery 4 hasappened to everyone else on the ship and Stanyan Street Amp Other Sorrows how they are going to survive on their own Triton s a pretty entertaining read but not uite a page turner Loosely based on a Bible story part of the premise at least it s uite a well crafted story The twisty mind bending bit at the end is pretty nifty though so maybe I d give this one a 35 I think the only reason I finished reading this book was because Iad paid for it Luckily I just bought the eBook version and was able to delete it from my Kindle when I was doneI Hunger Moon Rising had an incredibly difficult time liking any of the characters The storyline sounded interesting from what Iad read of the summary and while it managed to keep my attention in the beginning it just wasn t working for me by the middle to end At a certain point I was skimming just because I wanted to know what Historia Francorum Qui Cerperunt Iherusalem Memoirs Of The American Philosophical Society Vol 71 hadappened to cause the disappearance Unfortunately for me I found the ending to be very disappointing It didn t make sense SPOILERS BELOWWhy did the teenagers Box 18 have to figure outow to get onto the Ark If they re supposed to be the caretakers until the danger Passita Tismees has passed and everything can be returned why weren t they also teleported onto the Ark And what theeck was with the magician I mean maybe I missed that part due to the skimming but I don t really recall that being explained Maybe that s my fault There s just a lot with the ending that made it completely unsatisfying and confusing Good book I love the books that I ave read so far by Dan My only complain is that I wish there was less foul language in the books I understand they are YA but
*not all young *
all young use such foul language And the book is not going to be any less good without it it s just not necessary I love the story line and it ad me The Affix Paranormal Curio 1 hooked Stayed up late to finish it I wasooked from the very first chapter Loved it Source Format ebookRatings 35 starsReviewer ChynaThis epic thriller definitely gave me the Understanding Stocks heebie jeebies this is one of the first thrillers I ve read and I found myself In the middle of the Atlantic fourundred miles west of Bermuda the eight thousand passengers and crew aboard the cruise ship MS Cypress vanish into thin air Everyone men women and children all gone TakenEveryone except five teenagersIn an instant their seven day cruise becomes a nightmare eighteen decks of Kiraware Matsuko No Issh hauntedallways pools and bars completely empty desserts stil.