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Leven year old girl is continuously raped by her father and as adults she and her friends don t bring it up They figure oh the dude is dead anyhow and we killed him so let s ust let everyone think he was a good guy mixed up in gambling WHAT That right pissed me off Even worse was the insinuation that Rhonda s mom knew and did nothing about it not Lizzy s rape or Daniel s murder That killed the book for me hide spoiler This book was ust as awesome as the other one I ve read from Jennifer I would recommend these books to anyone who likes a good mystery since both times I thought I had it figured out but then I turned out to be all wrong And I love it when that happens Hopefully she will continue to come up with such amazing stories When you walk into some restaurants you know they re designed by consultants That s this book restaurants you know they re designed by consultants That s this book feel assembled from a marketing menureader note I am revealing a plot detail stop now if you care Just like with a restaurant consultant bringing in mini burgers we get the short chapters we get the carefully designed cover we get the molested kid And we get the faux suspense with a set up for twists at the end Alas the last fifty pages suck too The two minutes it will take you to read this book will be lost forever so don t bother But it will take you to read this book will be lost forever so don t bother But least it was short enough that I don t feel too annoyed for having to read this for my book group at least it was uick The initial premise of this novel seems uite intriguing and promising but it very uickly degenerates into a very clich d and mundane story This is a book of two stories the first that of a little girl abducted by someone dressed as a rabbit The witness has a second story of her childhood experiences when another adult who dressed as a rabbit disappeared along with his daughter The story of the modern day abduction felt incredibly contrived and extremely far fetched and it felt like the author had decided who would be the least likely person to have carried out the abduction and made the story fit this decided who would be the least likely person to have carried out the abduction and made the story fit this The second story of the narrator s childhood became too predictable to me early on and I found myself skimming past those parts because it was dull and boringI can t say I was gripped or that I cared for any of the characters The character of Rhonda the narrator was uite one dimensional we don t get a particularly strong idea of her as a person other than that she s overweight and has had a sad pathetic crush on Peter for most of her life We don t know much about her by the end of the book either except that she had a very close friend who also went missing I found the whole rabbit theme in this novel to be ust plain stupid and annoying and I think this story could have been a much better one without the use of all the rabbit submarine and Peter Pan stuffDon t waste your time on this novel Two star. Sing child her best friend Lizzy who vanished years beforeFrom the author of the acclaimed Promise Not to Tell comes a chilling and mesmerizing tale of shattered innocence guilt and ultimate redemptio. ,

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Island of Lost GirlsThis is a story of memories and filling in the blanks of giant white rabbits yellow submarines and Neverland I really enjoyed the novel white rabbits yellow submarines and Neverland I really enjoyed the novel not uite to the extent of The Winter People but my second enjoyed the novel not uite to the extent of The Winter People but my second of what I ve read by McMahon Some Favorite Passages You did nothing Trudy called back You sat on your fucking fat ass and watched my little girl get taken away I ll be damned if that little twat is going to sit on her fat ass eating my sandwiches thinking she s some kind of fucking hero when it s her fault Ernie is goneCemeteries are so intriguing he said Each stone its own little mystery rightI used to come here all the time when I was a kid Rhonda confessed I d sit right there over Hattie and try to make sense of the world But that was in another time when I was Wendy and Peter was a boy dressed in a suit of leaves who promised never to grow old I don t know But I think you should listen to your dream Study it Write it dow I m Adolescence just starting this book but I m finding myself stuck on this Trudy s nails were nooke They were two inches long filed to points and showed off a fresh coat of reddish orange that reminded Rhonda of a bleeding CreamsicleUmmm What is that supposed to be a real personupdate finishedThis was a uick and easy read for me The plot was not terribly simple and only slightly predictable This is certainly not a piece of literary art However it s interesting enough to be a good way to pass time I recently read a positive review of this novel and picked it up at a local bookshop The main character Rhonda is filling her car with gas at a local gas station and witnesses a person dressed in a rabbit costume abduct a 6 year old girl while the girl S Mother Is Inside The Station Buying mother is inside the station buying tickets Riddled with guilt over her failure to take action Rhonda becomes obsessed with aiding in the search for the little girl and does an investigation of her own At the same time Rhonda confronts her own uestions about what happened to her childhood best friend Lizzy who disappeared at age 14 This novel takes many twists and turns and reads as a fascinating mystery invoking morbid curiosity in the reader I did not at all expect the outcome This novel deals with dark subject matter but is compelling Release Date April 22 2008 Genre MysteryThrillerThis book was pretty good although after reading the blurb I was expecting a bit You see the blurb leads you to believe that this story is going to be insanely creepy ie a person in a rabbit costume kidnaps a girl but I felt a little let down because it honestly wasn t creepy at all Instead we are taken on a hunt with the heroine and trying to figure out the pieces not only to this one disappearance but some that have taken place in the past So overall I was pretty let down with this aspect of the story it simply didn t deli. While parked at a gas station Rhonda sees something so incongruously surreal that at first she hardly recognizes it as a crime in progress She watches unmoving as someone dressed in a rabbit costume ,
Ver like I expected it tooOn the other hand Jennifer McMahon is an excellent writer and she really does write stories that keep you guessing all the way through This is not different with this story I you guessing all the way through This is not different with this story I admit though that I do prefer her newer stories as they have a bit flairOverall this is a good book but nothing spectacular I do recommend reading anything by the author though as her books are insanely good Edited to change misinformation While it did not change from first to third person it still was not written well and the story was Not Done WellThat Should done wellThat should be 15 stars and that is being generous The main character Rhonda is ust annoying She s been pining away after Peter her childhood friend since she was eleven but she s twenty three now and has made no move to get a life She s ust graduated from college and is getting gas when she sees a person dressed in a bunny suit abduct a small girl And Rhonda does nothing She does nothing Seriously I should have put down the book then but I Jupiter just couldn t Instead I kept reading about characters Iust didn t care about I had figured out the big mystery in Peter and Rhonda s past long before the author spells it out As for the abduction that Rhonda witnesses at the beginning of the bookthe author never really wraps that up Two people are arrested and one tells a story of what happened but no proof is ever found And the author Khle Sterne Gedichte Prosa Briefe just leaves it like that for the reader It s not satisfying The other story line from Rhonda s past is tied up in a neat little package thoughThe premise of this book was promising but the authorust didn t do it ustice This book was hard to get into at first but it ends up being a decent little mystery that I couldn t put down for the last 50 or so pages A young woman witnesses a kidnapping but does nothing to stop it Her guilt sends her on the uest to find the kidnapper who happens to be dressed as a rabbit who she worries might be her childhood love The book alternates between the present 2006 and the past 1993 to a memorable summer that slowly unravels clues to the mystery There really are two separate plots here that are weakly tied together But once I got the characters straight it was an enjoyable read with some good suspense This book is a bit hard to rate Parts of it were good parts were not so good The description led me to believe that there would be some sort of strong tie in between two separate disappearances but it hardly even got into one of them I was certain of at least part of the conclusion from nearly the beginning though a part of it surprised me Two of three twistssurprises I had figured out from a few chapters in The last left me feeling meh And I did have a major problem with part of the story view spoilerI was horrified at how Lizzy s continuous sexual abuse was handled An Idnaps a young girl Devastated over having done nothing Rhonda oins the investigation But the closer she comes to identifying the abductor the nearer she gets to the troubling truth about another mis.