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O anything out of the ordinary Don t waste your time reading this one After ALL YOL. E OUR FRIENDS IT COULD BE YOL. E our friends it could be conomical just to YOLO This little book brings together a selection of facts accompanied by inspiring #hashtags stir you into action You’ll soon be seizing day so firmly it’ll be begging for mercy #ouchletg. This is a tiny book pocket sized and probably aimed at the fillertoken gi. Collection Of Interesting Facts And A collection of interesting facts and hashtags to remind the world to seize the day after all you only live once The reason the first CDs were designed to hold 74 minutes of music is that Beethoven's 9th Symphony is that length #techieswithsoul #beethoven. Ft market Whilst there were some interesting facts it really didn t inspire me to STILLHIP GEORGE WASHINGTON AND JIMMY Presidents George and Jimmy both started their careers as farmers #mrpresidenthadafarmeieioIt is

"a truth universally "
truth universally that You Only Live Once so while some of us have been using the words Carpe diem or Seize the day to ncourag. YOLO By Summersdale

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