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Mr X AUTHOR Clarissa WildDNFSeriously His description made him sound like a Bond villain Bald facial scars and a fake metallic eye The only thing missing was a swivel chair and a white fluffy cat Are you a fan of dark romance Do you love a sinister depraved controlling dark king If you answered yes to those uestions then this book is a MUST read for you Mr X will consume you it will devour you and strip away your emotions You will uncover your own dark fantasies and it will be your blood that flows through the ages as you sink into his world I for one took a gigantic leap into it without a thought of looking backJay is a young girl working in a strip club she s addicted to drugs and has been reduced to selling her soul to feed her addictions Although she tries very hard to keep a Midnight Rumba part of her heart alive the lifestyle she lives is slowly draining her leaving her exposed to darkness and ripe for theicking When a contract is taken out on her to Sidma Mina Sma Przemija Tom 1 put a brutal end to her life she finds herself face to face with the devil No disguise in this devil he s a beasture and simple and Jay is in his crosshairsX s character is unlike no other I ve ever read he is the very definition of a dark king Clarissa Wild weaves an intricate web with this story I so easily fell into his head I was living and breathing his character I relished the kills right along with him I felt the same glory and satisfaction he did when he exacted his revenge on his victims I felt his If God Loves Me Why This pain and suffering and I caught the glimpses into the soul of the man he thought was lostJay and X have aast together its not one that she remembers due to a Get A Grip On Ecology previous injury but he remembers it and her very well She is his obsession his hatred of her fuels his every move He desires her but importantly he desires to ruin and break her As much as he loathes her he can t bring himself to end her life Taking her as his captive they go on the run together while he ruthlessly hunts down those that threaten to harm themIf you think this is a book you can figure out don t Clarissaushes the boundaries with each Sharks And The Worlds Scariest Sea Monsters page and the acts that are committed are shocking disturbing and for me one hell of a fucking ride As their world unravels around them and the enemiesress closer X Australias Bush Poets Henry Lawson Part 1 pulls Jay farther into his world Awakening her darkness and stripping her emotions away layer by layer X is such a domineeringassionate brutal lover I was left No Fury The Egg Of Renen Utet 1 panting and wanting to be the one tied to his bed Those scenes were completely spellbinding and definitely disturbing You d think it would be too much but it waserfect in my opinion An enthralling balance that kept me glued to this bookWill they survive each other Or will they be the end they can both see coming I was left guessing until the very last second of this book Let s see if you can figure it out A word from X You are my Astrology possession my fixation my enslavement You re bound to me forever Get ready for your mind to maddeningly fucked Clarissa job fucking well doneBy the way do you like strawberries You might re think your answer after you read this book 5 Deliciously Wicked Starsxo Cassiadeliciouslywickedbookscom Mr X is NOW LIVE BN Kobo EXCERPT Get the fuck out I say stumbling off the bedointing at the door With one uick jerk I Eraks Ransom Rangers Apprentice 7 pull myanties back on because I don t want that fucking bastard looking at me The gun is Proof Of Heaveb pointed at him but my hands are shaking I m weak I hate itGet over it This fuckingiece of shit deserves to dieThe moment he sees the gun his eyes widen and his movement stops Get out I scream flicking the gun between him and the doorHe scrambles up from the bed and ulls up the gun between him and the doorHe scrambles up from the bed and ulls up Ang Subersibo pants making meainfully aware of the fact that he touched me That my clothes are ripped and that he was about to stick his junk into meFuck this is fucked up I m not saying it again Get out or I ll fucking kill you right now I yell Okay okay I m going he says walking around the bed I follow his every step vigilant because I know The Well Of Gods Glory Unveiled pigs like him can t be trusted He could still change his mind and try to force himself on me again I ve seen it before with another girl at the club One time this girl was flirting with a customer and I knew she was taking him over the edge with her lap dance The edge means they aren t able to walk away any The men want and they won t stop until they get it Not all of us are willing to give it but she was She wasn t willing to give up herussy though Just like me We give them Seeing God In The Dark pleasure but theussy is off limits Too bad for her she didn t carry a gun around unlike me It was the last day I ever saw herMy anger gets the better of me because Billy s face while he tried to Ready Or Not Dawdle Duckling push inside me is still imprinted on my retinas So I bend over and take off my high heels throwing them at the back of his head Hurry up youiece of shit He turns around and rubs his head What the fuck I m leaving aren t I I should kill you for what you did As Billy twists the key in the lock a knock is audible and he freezes I keep the gun ointed at his Head Air Leaving My air leaving my in rapid breaths as Billy backs away from the door The door creaks I ve never heard it creak beforeSuddenly the door bursts open a shiny black shoe smashing the lock I stiffen chills running down my spine The leg retreats A gun appears out of nowhere A black velvet gloved hand holding it Fingers moving to the triggerBangIt s not loud like in the movies It s a thud like someone just unched a illow The shot is soft but unmistakably a gunshotAt first there is nothing Seconds seem like minutes as I stand here

Trembling With A Gun 
with a gun my hand watching everything unfold Fingers shake and breaths falter Blood ours from his head Billy falls to the groundMy jaw drops because I can t believe my eyes Billy is dead but it wasn t me who killed himThe gun fires again and again two shots one right between the eyes and one into the heart Each one Human Ecology Of Beringia pulling me further away from this world It all feels like a dream but I know it s not I just wish it was so I could force myself to wake from this nightmareI want to scream but I can t Air is trapped in my throat and it can t escape I don t even know if I should run I m frozen inlace as the mysterious killer steps into my room and reveals himself to me A bald stranger wearing a fitted black. Mr X is ready for you but are you ready for himUSA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Clarissa Wild brings you Mr X a dark Romance thriller which is a stand alone without cliffhangerAuthor Note This is not your average romance story Some eople will kill for love He’s come to kill meI’m a user and abuser of my own body In my darkest hour I sold my soul to the devil and now I must. ,

Suit a white collar contrasting the colorless ensemble Lines of ink stick out from underneath tattooed into his skin on both sides of his throat However the most striking of all is the x shaped scar that marks his right eye A wound seared into his skin ages ago leaving ruin and havoc on his face His eye has been replaced with a metallic fake an eerie warning of the horrible events that he s involved in Events that I might get involved in too nowWho is this man that stepped into my roomWhy is he hereCan I trust himHis face turns from Billy to me An eye as black as night stares back at me unsettling me to my core At first both his eyes widen but then they narrow as if he s surprised I shiver trying to keep the gun steady but I fail in my attempt to keep it together The look in his eye reminds me of the stories my nanny used to read to me stories about the devilHis steps are fast and big as he comes toward me indifferent about the gun in my hand Don t come closer I ll shoot I warn but his hand is already locked firmly around my wrist He jerks it to the side forcing me to drop the gun I yelp as his hand moves from my wrist to my neck choking me I wrap my fingers around his desperately trying to claw my way out but it s no use He s twice as strong as me and his will seems unbendableTerror fills me as the gun in his hand rises to eyelevel The cold metal feels like a burn against my skin He looks me straight in the eye his coal black eye filled with chilling determination I just finished Mr X and I really enjoyed it I knew going in that it was going to be disturbing but I so enjoyed every bit of it Jay is a The Oathbreakers Shadow party girl She knows how to make a man want her What she doesn t realize is the conseuences of her actions Here comes X He is aaid assassin and his job now is to kill Jay Jay doesn t understand why this is happening He is scary and she knows that he means business and will do everything she can to stay alive even if it means seducing the assassin X doesn t know what to do He is torn so he decides to keep her until he can make up his mind I will say no I m going to keep this spoiler free and you will just have to read and see what happensWow This story had it all Lust anger rage revenge hatred Did I mention most of the seven deadly sins Seriously this is not a story about rainbows and unicorns This story for me is just about revenge No matter how you look at it this book is about getting what you want no matter what you have to do to get it I enjoyed it It was a good The Island Of Hope plot It had some mystery to it The characters were well rounded I loved how it was in both of theiroint of views You really got a feel for the characters and can understand better why they did the things they did There are always conseuences to your actions and I love how that was Illusions And Lies W I T C H 6 played into this story Revenge can be bittersweet Lies and truths blend into one What would you believe X X XHMMMMMM He is a dirty boy I loved him I know that he is not your typical lets bring him home to daddy type of guy but once you get the full understanding I feel for him You know hisast You see his resent Now it s about knowing what his future will hold Will Jay be involved I really liked her She has a lot of spunk She did what she had to to survive She fought him tooth and nail Hell I would too I wouldn t have given up It s hard though because with the mystery aspect of it to really say Again want to be spoiler free but everything happens for a reason I will say that DAMN they just sizzled It was hot and ON FIRE Loved every delicious smack All I crave is her All I want is her completely I knows she s only giving it to me because her life s on the line but I want to be than that I will make it so that she ll only ever want I will make it so that she ll only ever want even when she can choose not to That even if I were tp free her she d still come back to me no matter what Utter devotion My mistake was loving her Her mistake was inviting me in We both should have knows better than to lay with fire And now the burning never stops No s became yeses until I don t know the difference any His rule is law I m not allowed outside Death is what follows when I don t obey I know that Ive seen it countless times And I want to live However I m not so sure any that I can live without him If you like dark and twisted reads then this one is for you I enjoyed it and would read it againStory 5Sex 5Overall 5Reviewed by Beggin Shay from Mommy s a Book Whore 195 rounded up to a 2 for the rating OMFG I had to ush hard to make it through this oneWithout a to a 2 for the rating OMFG I had to ush hard to make it through this oneWithout a the worst dark read I ve ever had the misfortune to start A proper WTF was theoint of that read for me I feel like I wasted 2 days Bloody hell I didn t like the How To Be A Finance Rock Star plot characters or writing I think the only thing I did like was the blurb Wish I d left it there ARC kindly offered by the author Sorry I m sure you This was a very dark story about a young woman named Jay who can not remember her childhood She knows that bad things happened to her but she can not remember what She is young but street hardened and wise Jay is working at a strip club and turning small tricks to support her cocaine habitJay finds herself in a difficult situation and inops a man who scares her than anyone she has ever met before There is something about him that is different but Jay can only think of one thing escapeThe man who takes her captive goes only by Mr X He has the hardened look of a killer because that is what he is He is an assassin hired to killWherever Mr X goes he leaves death in his wake If you are lucky your death comes uickly but X likes to The Portrait Of A Lady By Henry James Fiction Classics play and his idea oflay will make you screamMr X takes Jay and makes her his captive She is unwilling and uncooperative She doesn t know why she is still alive All she knows is that Mr X has an interest in her and she sees that as her ticket out of this hellBut she has no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes This game has been going on for far longer than Jay can even comprehendAs Jay learns about X she discovers that he is truly a sadistic and sick man He wants her to see it allJay learns that she may just be safer with the monster she is with than on the streets aloneBut hate and love begin to blur and soon all that they both knew is turned upside downMr X tak. Pay the rice With his gun to my head I have no choice but to listen and obey but I refuse to go down easily Nothing is stronger than the will to survive My instincts kicked into full gear the second he stepped into my motel roomExcept when I look at him I see my own heart staring back at me A history tainted by bloodI don’t know his name but I know he wants me To save mys.
Es Jay to heights that she never dreamed of She is a slave to his touch and he revels in the ain and ecstasyJay soon learns about he enigma that is Mr X She can not help but feel for him But as her memory starts to unravel will she ever be able to forgive himIn the end will she ever be able to love a monster And can the monster ever really learn to love her backMr X what have you doneWell this little gem was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review I have to say that I was blown away I absolutely loved this story Jay is a The Foreign Language Teachers Suggestopedic Manual pretty complex character She was a spoiled rich girl who ends up on the streets and addicted to cocaine She finds herself at the mercy of a sadist whoushes her to the brink over and over againThe sex in this book is definitely not for everyone It is hard and rough and there are no safe words It is not safe it is not sane and at times it is not necessarily consensual X has no boundaries with Jay His only goal to make her beg him for it So he takes her to the edge time and again until she can hardly stand itMr X turns out to be way than what you see on the surface He is a smart and cunning killer who has mastered the art of manipulation He is also meticulous in his Das House Buch Fr Hypochonderdie Behandlungsmethoden Im Reality Check planning So when hislan goes out the window you know you are in for a treatThis book reminds me of Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts It has that same dark and gritty feel that leaves you wondering who to trust and what to believe There were several twists in this book that took my by surprise The main male character is an anti hero and the main female is not all that likeable in the beginning Despite that or maybe because of that I was sucked in It takes a good story teller to make you read about two messed up Unhas people who come together in such a tragic wayExceptionally dark and twistedI loved it A copy of this book wasrovided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review 2 starsThough entertaining Mr X completely missed the mark as a dark read for me Additionally the book kept running in circles and Mr X s reasoning for revenge was lame Sorry there aren t In Chimley Corner pictures hereThe story is a twisted romance between Jay the druggie heroine and Mr X a deadly assassin who hates her for some unknown reason I honestly can t say about the booklot because a fairly large The Dream Carvers portion is them having super hot kinky sex The way the story unfolded however was elaborate and well thought out dual POVs specific time stamps that don t make much sense in the beginning but will after the first uarter of the book and appropriate flashback scenes thatrovided additional information about these characters Unf My mistake was loving her Her mistake was inviting me in We both should have known better than to The Girl With The Sturgeon Tattoo play with fire And now the burning never stops For a second there I was so freakin afraid that this was going to end just like Raw did It didn t thoughDespit I was so excited to read this book the synopsis had me going yes yes YES The cover reminded me of something but I couldn tut my finger on it until I started reading the book and then I got itNot only did the cover remind me of Hitman the story did as well the hero is an assassin checktrained from a young age check Gundam Seed Destiny Volume 4 part of the organization check organization comes after him after botching a hit check However in all fairness there were some differences like the impressive amount of sex the two of them seem to be able to have for twoeople who are trying to not get killed Ummm that s about all I got for differences this was one of those books that seemed to drag on forever I read it all in one sitting and it seemed like it took days because I felt like it sucked the life out of me but in reality it only took hours but I was stuck in that no mans land of urgatory where time does not
Exist But You Refuse 
but you refuse ut a book down because just maybe something good will happen I wanted so bad to love this book but I couldn t get Lille Petter Edderkopp past the similarities to Hitman Iretty much just hated Mr X and thought Jay was just blah 2 Stars Life is a string of events each leading to another One man One choice One deadly weapon It all adds up to this one moment The gun this man is Acting Re Considered pointing at my head The second I saw the blurb for this book I knew I had to read it as soon as I could get my grabby little hands on it What can I say I love me a good mindfuck and I really love a good dark romance While theremise of the book was great the flow of the story intriguing and the set up interestingsadly it just didn t work for me I can tell you that it could have easily been a solid 4 stars for me if not for a few things Unfortunately these few things were integral Spiritual Leadership parts of thelot and with them lacking it made the entire book fall flat for meI couldn t help thinking the entire time I was reading it that this book is what would happen if you mixed Hitman with Monsters in the Dark Bald head red tieNow that s not a bad thing necessarily if only it delivered on the Network Security Essentials Applications And Standards premiseJay is a stripper and drug user doing whatever she can to get by including hooking herself out for money to theatrons of the strip club But one night everything in her life changes in the blink of an eye with the appearance of a man a gun and an no choice All I wanted was for her to be mine now I want her to be dead X was a character that grabbed my interest from the start I M TALKING FROM THE VERY m talking from the very chapter This is no Penguin prince charming He was dark sadistic and determined I ve become a monster I was burned to ashes along with my soul but I will rise and make themay The author had a very uniue writing style that trickle fed the reader bits and Confessions Of St Augustine pieces of history through a series of flashbacks that wereerfectly interwoven into the storyIt becomes evident from the first few chapters that X And Jay Have Some and Jay have some of history together Though Jay doesn t remember and X is determined to make her The Uncannily Strange And Brief Life Of Amedeo Modigliani pay for it I won t give you than that since I don t want to ruin the book and giving anything else away would be a spoiler What I will tell you are the 3 things that ultimately killed the book for me1 X s reasoning behind his revengeThe entire book the reader is led to believe that something horrible happened to X that Jay view spoilerwas directly responsible for hide spoile. Elf I’ll sacrifice my sanity My body My soul Something tells me the x shaped scar that marks his eye is the only escape I have He is Mr X the man who comes to claim my life Can I save myself before he demands my heartWARNING This book contains very disturbing situations strong language drugs and alcohol and graphic violenceNo Cliffhanger Complete at 90800 words Stand Alone.

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