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To see if their horses are he overhears three *Men Talking And Learns That They Have Been Sent By *talking and learns that they have been sent by stepfather to kidnap her and take her Savta Simcha And The Roundabout Journey To Jerusalem forcibly back to her home The Maruis alerts Velina and they slip away atour o'clock in the morning before anyone else is awake and it is then that the Maruis suggests that they should stay off the main road and travel North by the twisting lanes of England How they encounter even dramas than they have already How they rescue a small boy and his dog A Tale Of Four Dervishes from a cruel drunkard How eventually Velina saves the Maruis's horse and himrom a highwayman and how they ind even on a road to romance is all told in this exciting story by BARBARA CARTLAND.

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Sed as an ordinary man while Lord Alfred is to go *South to Land's End The Maruis sets off alone Lord Alfred is to go *South to Land's End The Maruis sets off alone only *to Land's End The Maruis sets off alone his only being what he can carry on his horse Samson using the name of Neil Barlow But he has not gone very ar when a very pretty girl joins him on the road in a state of agitation and asks him if he will be kind enough to allow her to ride beside him She explains that she is running away rom her stepfather who is orcing her into marriage with a man she loathes and detests She tells the Maruis that her name is Velina but does not say any *and he tells her only his Christian name and they ride on *he tells her only his Christian name and they ride on they reach what appears to be a uiet inn After dinner when the Maruis goes out. A Road to RomanceThe Maruis of Whisinford and his riend Lord Alfred Middleton meet at White's Club and tell each other how bored they are with the London Season and the same parties with the same people night after night They commiserate with each other The Strength Code forinding life so repetitive where nothing new ever happens Listening to them the old Duke of Dunstead tells them that he has a solution to their problem and so he bets one of his well bred horses against one of theirs that if they go out disguised as ordinary men they will undoubtedly ind an adventure of some kind on the open road Because it is a bet and betting at White's is traditional the Maruis *AGREES TO RIDE NORTH AS FAR AS NORTHUMBERLAND DISGUI. *to ride North as ar as Northumberland disgui.