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G you re very nowledgable about the book is still completely accessible it s interesting to still completely accessible It s interesting to stories of how famous Not a badly written book but what the author considers a memorable albums is definitely up for debate Can anything David Cassidy released really be considered memorable But then again everyone is entitled to their opinion In which a Pennsylvania journalist revisits albums from his 1970 s again everyone is entitled to their opinion In which a Pennsylvania journalist revisits albums from his 1970 s via encounters with major players in their productionThis is basically a collection of interviews with musicians engineers and producers who were involved in the making of memorable to the author LPs of the 1970s They contain few piercing insights into the creative process and therefore will chiefly be of interest to fans of the acts involved which range from the stellar Hall Oates Creedence Joe Walsh Chicago Effortless read uestionable choices but never less than entertaining Got me hungry for some classic rock It s a classic rock goldmine at first take it appears to an obscure study randomly assembled and there is randomness and off the beaten track selections but there s some great songs here and some revealing interviews It s written in a shotgun style and the writing is far from polished Yet The Music And the music and memories win the day When rock was rockFascinating to an old radio announcer If you re into the 70s music this is a great read Groovy man groov. American Woman at a White House appearance and Brewer and Shipley being called political subversives and making President Nixon's infamous enemies list and The Vinyl Dialogues offers a first hand snapshot of a country in transition hung over from the massive cultural changes of the 1960s and ready to dress outrageously and to shake its collective booty All seen through the eyes recollections and perspectives of the artists who lived it and made all that great music on all those great albums. .

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The Vinyl DialoguesA must read for music lovers Great inside stories of some classic 70s albums What giant hit was originally called the double drum song What instrument does Al Stewart think sounds like a wounded cow on his classic song Year of the Cat What Beatle did Ian McLagan of the faces call a bit of a prude Faces call a bit of a prude did Doug Clifford of CCR get the nickname Cosmo The book covers a wide genre of music from Renaissance and Edgar Winter to the Statler Brothers and David Cassidy But each chapter ept my interest even for those albums that weren t my favorites of that era And I m inspired to t my favorites of that era And I m inspired to purchase some of the ones that slipped under my radar My biggest problem was trying to decide if I wanted to read it from start to finish or go right to the chapters on my favorite performers to the chapters on my favorite performers Either way works I can t wait for a volume 2 Recommend what a great time had reading about the songs and albums I grew up with Pass this book by unless you re a music obsessive For those like me welcome The author interviews artists and band members about some interesting albums released during the seventies These are not very often the BEST albums so you won t have to read the same old drivel about Led Zeppelin IV or Carole King s Tapestry Musicheads already now all they need to about such iconic long players This is a perfect escapist book which will likely send you digging into your collection New Enhanced Version Featuring discographies and links to online previews detailed album descriptions for music featured in The Vinyl Dialogues A Rock Roll Hall of Fame Library Book The new book by Mike Morsch features interviews with Rock luminaries such as Hall Oates Stevie Van Zandt Dave Mason Edgar Winter Joe Vitale The Doobie Brothers Al Stewart and The Vinyl Dialogues offers the stories behind 31 of the top albums of the 70s including backstories behind the albums the songs and the ar. .
Ndor to YouTube or Spotify to hear some deep tracks you re either unfamiliar with or had forgotten about And because the interviewees are not always the bandleaders or lead singers you can get a perspective on the music that is typically not offered I don t think that I have ever been in this situation before in all my years as a reviewer This is a very well written book The premise for the book is an excellent one Yet overall I don t like very well written book The premise for the book is an excellent one Yet overall I don t Like WhyBefore I Go Any Further I WhyBefore I go any further I to eavesdrop on a family conversation taking place in a gas station somewhere in the vicinity of Springfield in Americas heartlandMarge Wow you can t find this stuff anywhere Seals and Crofts Pablo Cruise Air Supply oh Loggins and Oates and it s freeLisa I ve never heard of these bands Mom what ind of musi I was really surprised that I was not only able to get through this book but I actually enjoyed it That s because I literally had no clue who these bands were Ok well not no clue I ve heard of Hall Oates and The Beach Boys but ask me to name one of their songs and you ll get a blank expression much to my father s chagrin I m sure If I ve heard of these bands it s because they were a part of some modern vehicle For example I recognized The Turtles because I loved the movie Pirate Radio However the strong point with this book is that if you re like me and the 1970s music scene is not somethin. Tists It was the 1970s Big hair bell bottomed pants Elvis sideburns and puka shell necklaces The drugs the freedom the Me Generation the lime green leisure suits And then there was the music and how it defined a generation The birth of Philly soul the Jersey Shore Sound and disco It's all there in The Vinyl Dialogues as told by the artists who lived and made Rock and Roll history throughout the decadeThrow in a little political intrigue The Guess Who being asked not to play its biggest hit. .