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Be the edge they need Dwarves of Chaos Bordin’s dwarves repelled the initial assault of the evil dwarves of Tiefes Loch Now Tiefes Loch has a new weapon in the Dwarves of Chaos the magically enhanced steel skinned warrior who are immune to pain Will the Chaos Dwarves be enough to defend Tiefes Loch or will the dwarves "of tiefes loch turn on their new ing "Tiefes Loch turn on their new ing his wife’s life is at risk will King Grizzle go to save her or do his duty and lead the dwarves to reclaim Tiefes Loch from the Chaos God Delvidge And what role will the humans play in the coming sto. All three book of The Dwarf Prince Trilogy are included in this package The "Half Dwarf Prince The powerful Anwar Alamira may have left to "Dwarf Prince The powerful mage Anwar Alamira may have left to control over his power but the minions of chaos have not The fallen dwarven ingdom of Shinestone must be retaken but it has not gone uninhabited Without the aide of Anwar Grizzle Stoneheart’s half dwarf half human son Grundel will step up With the help of his fathers old friends and some new ones of his own will he be able to defeat the minions of Delvidge the God "Of Chaos And Take Back "Chaos and take back fallen dwarven i. .

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Ngdom The Dwarf War The dwarves have retaken the mountain of Shinestone but there is no time to celebrate The Black Dragons are still a threat and the betrayal of the dwarves of Tiefes Loch is a heavy blow to Bordin’s children the betrayal of the dwarves of Tiefes Loch is a heavy blow to Bordin’s children the dwarves must prepared "To Defend Their Home Against Their Own "defend their home against their own dwarves who have abandon Bordin the god of dwarves The threat is great and the dwarves will need all the help they can get With no other choice the dwarves turn to the humans for help but will the humans choose honor or greed The arrival of an old friend might just. The Half Dwarf Prince Trilogy