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Taming the French TycoonDs of my credulity just a little too ar I didn t believe any of it and so I could get invested this storyNot a of and so I could get invested in this storyNot a read and Star Wars Annual 2010 forgettable leads 15 stars I really enjoyed this book This was myirst Harleuin Romance book and I have to say it wasn t what I was expecting It was a rather clean romance which I really appreciated The story was Psicognese Das Doenas Mentais Obras Completas De Carl Gustav Jung 3 fun and it centered around perfume The characters and their interactions were interesting the settings were beautiful Though I m not a huge romance genrean I d would definitely check out of these books especially by this author E As with most of Winters recent books this one crams too much into a short novel and is just plain overwrought Taming The French Tycoon by Rebecca Winters Jasmine Martin who is the new CEO of a perfumier factory had met rench luc charriere who is had met French Luc Charriere who is banker at a remote waterfall Jasmine was rude to Luc at the waterfall Jasmine now needs his help to inance her company so her uncle can take over the CEO job They end up liking each other Jasmine plans to go back to the states to live with her parents She won t stay in France with Luc even though she loves him His job and amily were in France I think this was selfish on her part She had no job in the states Luc ends up marring her and mov. She deserves her high powered position Especially to brooding tycoon Luc Charriere the most distractingly handsome man she's ever met Luc doesn't trust easily but Jasmine needs his help. ,

A ree copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange For An Honest ReviewTaming The an honest reviewTaming the Tycoon is the story of Jasmine and Luc a perfumier and a banker who work together to put Jasmine s great uncle back in charge of the amily businessUmmm this one was all a little too unbelievable to me The Inside Outside Beauty Book from how everyone acted to how selfless and noble everyone was to how easy it apparently is to convince a Frenchinancier to invest in a bankrupt business being run by a Alistair Macleans Unaco Prime Target florist who is over the age of retirement None of it made sense even the romance The storyline was pretty much Jamine and Luc meet up Jasmine tells Luc some stuff about heramily s history then Jasmine decides that Luc is very busy so they make arrangements to meet again to continue with Jasmine s overwrought and convoluted amily story From these lovely MEETINGS WHERE NOTHING ABOUT THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS IS where nothing about the two main characters is or discovered we re then supposed to just accept that Luc has magically allen in love ErnoLike a lot of Mills and Boon books I read them with a pinch of salt and accept that the odds of a Greek billionaire with a private island and yacht isn t going to walk into a random girl s workplace and Fiebre Romana Almas Rezagadas Tras Holbein fall madly in love with her Taming the French Tycoon however stretches the boun. Can she melt hisrozen heart uinn Laverty and her young sons are Since taking over the luxurious Ferriers perfume brand new CEO Jasmine Martin has been ighting an uphill battle to prove. Ing to the states Working rom there They do ly to France A Sea Of Stars from time to time Wentrom chapter two to the last chapter A spellbinding tale of true loveWhat can I say This Was a very well written story that had me reading to the end To 4am in the morning The characters were abulous and drew me into their story It left me eeling elated and smiling goofily as I got to the end of their story I totally love a happily ever after This book was a nice story When The Veil Drops full of nice people doing selfless things in an unbelievable way From Jasmine s rude behaviour at the beginning to Luc s judgemental assumptions all the way through to the unbelievable end I just didn t buy much that happened in this one not even the romanceA uick read but just a little too niceor me How Luc could be a banking CEO escapes me As Willie Apiata Vc for the whole of Jasmine s grandfather s plans nope Sorry I like a sweet story but this one stretched the bounds of believability just a little tooar Prospectus Of The Quebec And Lake St John Railway for me I received aree copy of this book in exchange or an honest review Winters tale describes the obstacles in taming an untamable man RT Book Reviews It was a little too sweet iono some how it was too cute to be a avorite read of mine there s romance then there was too cute to be a Kibishiku Aishite favorite read of mine there s romance then there sugary sweet that makes your teeth hurt. And something in her beautiful blue eyes tempts him to offer his support When Luc realises how much he caresor her he'll risk everything to keep the woman who stole his heart by his sid.

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