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S definitely intended for adults There is a lot of sexual description in it and some violence Normally I m fine with sex in books but this book had too much and when I say too much I mean to the point where I honestly couldn t go a chapter without someone doing itNow you re probably reading this post so far thinking I dislike the book but that definitely isn t the case I enjoyed the story once it picked up and I was intrigued to see how Zack would develop from an anti social geek to a charismatic leaderConclusionThis book is probably catered towards young male adults and while I did enjoy the story I did feel that the overly sexual references spoilt it somewhat Books 1 and 2 are great easily 5 stars imo well worth reading This series was shaping up "to be a fantastic read as is i "be a fantastic read As is *I been struggling to finish book 4 and may abandon itWhy *been struggling to finish book 4 and may abandon itWhy the author lost the plot 3rd book is a totally different protagonist with new characters and plot Plot reboots ish in book 4 Waaaay to much literal cuckoldry for my taste and I m pretty easy going about books with that stuff I really wanted to like this book It had elements that seemed so very interesting The problem however is this Every single character in this story acts like an alien from another dimension whose behavior could not possibly be understood by humans because it is so weird and different from what we consider normal That s not good when your story isn t about said aliens Let me try to explain this better No one in this book reacts to anything in the way they should Everyone seems to be extremely distracted or somehow confused or just generally losing the plot in every interaction to the point that it makes you feel like you must have missed something but when you go back and read it again it becomes clear that you didn t miss anything the characters actually just ignored the normal flow of conversation or the relevant important details of what is going on around themI ll give you an example of the sort of conversation that takes place in this book I m going to make this one up so that I won t give away any actual parts of the story A typical conversation in this story goes something like this Hello I see that you re a secret monster How are you todayOh I m fine I don t really care about how you new I was a monster and I m going to ignore that obvious uestion entirely while I tell you about the man I just murderedThat s ok You don t have to ask about it and I m not going to ask about why you murdered someone or even show any interest in that very unusual activity that should concern me Would you like a sodaNo thank you Have you heard about the magic portalsNope I haven t heard about them at all and I definitely won t be asking you for information about them even though they re probably something I should care aboutCool I m glad we re probably something I should care aboutCool I m glad we that out of the way because I brought it up but I m not going to show any interest in it either Want to come bake cookies with me and my monster friendsSure I love cookies and baking I won t ask anything about your monster friends thoug. Dle shopMr Hartley isn't just an ordinary store clerk however and very soon strange things become apparent to him that few would notice Like the vampires running the place across the way or the attractive giantess that eeps watching him than a little bit too closelyAs things become clear secrets are uncovered and Zack's old fairly safe life goes away without warningNow thrown into the th. .
Mr HartleyGender issues characters flat overemphasisc on sexual themes imhoBut I really LIKED it at firstbut soon the main character turned out to be another clueless Good read had to struggle at first to understand what the character of Zach was all about but once we descover it turns out to be a good tale to follow heavely charged with subplots at play and a variety of issues for the character to work on A lot of room for the MC to grow A little long for what I am used to but a good read none the less When I first read this book I thought that it was enjoyable but the that I think about it there were an awful amount of problems with itFor one thing it s fat Now when I say fat I don t mean that it s gross or has a lot of obese characters running around What I mean is that it has a lot of unnecessary filler that the author has used to increase the word count The book is over 500 pages long when it could have been 200 with a tight story interesting characters and a decent amount of romance but the author somehow got the idea that is betterIt s heart breaking for an author when they write several chapters of what they believe is interesting stuff but it s necessary Another problem that I have is that there are too many characters and love interests Yes it is a harem book but it strained the limitI also found this book a bit difficult to understand a bit Are these other dimensions or is this the real world and all these monsters just go undetectedI do find it humorous that the author pokes fun of other books for their authors letting out their thoughts and sexual frustrations when this book is saturated with Power s funkThis is a harem slice of life semi erotica bookWarning it does contain sex and has some elements in it that might shock Some People The Author Really Should Have Put Some Warning people The author really should have put some warning the description This book ind "Of Caught Of Sneaked "caught of sneaked on me while browsing through The blurb and the relatively cheap price made it hard to refuseThe book focuses on Zack Hartley a recluse who has a special power that sets him apart from everyone else in that he can travel through special gateways that allow him to go from point A to B in a matter of seconds The story follows Zack as he develops his powers and in doing so causes a ripple effect throughout the supernatural worldThe book does start of slow and I was confused for the first few chapters at what Zack s special powers were Initially I wasn t actually wowed over his talent but as the story progressed his powers became defined and the ohhhh now I see it moment arrived halfway throughBesides the main character there is a plethora of characters but the author introduced them in such a way that it didn t feel like I was drowning in names Characterisation focused suarely on Zack and ind of ignored the rest Which resulted in that I didn t really connect with the othersThe story does start of slow and the author details literally every step Zack makes from what he s eating to the chores he s doing It only really picks up near the middle when about his powers are revealedThis book Mr HartleyZack needs to find work fastThat's not a new thing since jobs are hard to come by in these tough economic times So deciding to try something new he takes a shortcut through a tree to an interspatial nexus across town It isn't the sort of thing that most people do but this time it works out pretty well and he finds employment At a secret embassy masuerading as a rather humble can. .


H because that s what a normal person would do I ll just focus on cookies or somethingGreat That sounds very normal and cool Let s go person I just met and haven t really bothered to learn anything about but somehow trustAs you can see this is an extremely awkward conversation and if you read this story then you re going to be in for a lot of them You re going to find yourself screaming at the book Why don t you care about that thing Ask about the thing At least that s what I did Eventually I just couldn t take it any and I dropped the book halfway through I figured that even if the ending turned out to be that all of this was a weird dream and "That People Acted Like Robots Because It "people acted like robots because it t real then that would still mean I had just read a book where everyone acted like a robot despite not being a robot and I just wasn t going to enjoy that either way A good if somewhat taxing readNOT A Story for YA readersA good and uniue storyCould have used far fewer supporting characters hard "to eep track sometimesA wonderful take on sexuality though the main character s overcoming childhood sexual trauma was a little heavy " keep track sometimesA wonderful take on sexuality though the main character s overcoming childhood sexual trauma was a little heavy the dues ex And the sex subplot though handled uite tastefully seemed to detract from this really enjoyable yarn Just as a warning this is NOT REALLY A HAREM I ve seen that leveled as criticism and it s fair in so far as that some people don t like it This however is not a harem The women or men in a harem don t go around sleeping with everyone including the MCs best friend and do so often than him It s basically a story about cuckolding because every good guy lets himself be cuckolded Not just with one wife but with a whole bunch of them Most of whom bang his cool best friend on the regular often times so than him while he is out to safe the world and earn money that is distributed between them The story started out okay enough with an MC who was somewhat of a pushover and then rapidly went into full cuckolding fetish territory Why cuckolding is so insanely popular on Good Reads I ll never understand The pacing isn t great There s in this story than most books We are given a lot of time with Zachary to get to Maaf Jika Aku Tak Sempurna know him love him feel his pain and joys In the end that is what makes this book and probably the series worth 5 stars Overall worth tryingA few things I disliked particularly gender swapping as a form of punishment Second time I ve read that sort of thing in a PS Power book and I don t think I ll ever be on board with it Seems like a bad idea to take someone with a weak or distorted psychological makeup and then swap their gender in hopes that they ll learn respect etc Seems like it s obviously going to lead to harm for them mentally But I guess it beats books where they d castrate peopleAnyways not sure of how I feel about the protagonist s past trauma I don t see thisind of back story enough to compare but I don t think it hurts anything but sometimes it feels weak I wish it would get detailed about some accounts or not mention them casually at all Feels unnatural at timesStill I enjoyed the boo. Ick of a world that he'd always been told didn't exist he must survive and face the worst thing imaginableHis own memoriesThe first three books of the series are being released on September 17th 2014 These books contain sex violence and adult themes Not recommended for children under 14 years old or people with delicate sensibilitiesBook One Mr HartleyBook Two BetweenBook Three On the Lin. ,

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