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Commodore Amiga dH page unfolds with the hard scrabble intensity that Allen Zadoff hasemonstrated throughout as well as his personal creative genius to play tour guide into the labyrinth he has created Thought provoking edgy and high charged with emotion this is exactly the type of reading that will challenge the reader to look behind the words and feel the world Boy Nobody lived in Unleash your mind and your imagination and enter into a world where no one trusts anyone it is hard to tell the good guys from the bad and eath could be one step behind you all of the wayI received ARC 35 I REALLY ENJOYED ARC 35 I really enjoyed 1 but I idnt enjoy the conclusion to it I think my main problem was once you bring a relationship into it the whole book begins to revolve around her and thats not how the first two books were which i really liked but this was a new Intaglio dynamic I m very excited to share the finale of The Unknown AssassinBoy Nobody trilogy with you It s coming June 9 2015 in the US Let me know what you think This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life3 StarsI was really hoping that this book would wrap the trilogy up in a spectacular fashion Unfortunately I felt like this conclusion was a bit predictable and not nearly as exciting as the first two installments Iid enjoy the story There was tons of action as I have come to expect and all of the loose ends were actually tied up uite nicely This book just seemed to be missing the something extra I was looking forThis is the third book in the Unknown Assassin trilogy and I really think that readers will be lost if they have not read the first two installments prior to this book This is a trilogy that is not based in reality and if I were to sit own and analyze everything that happens I would uickly come to the conclusion that a lot of things that happen simply are not possible That is what I love about fiction all things become possible This book is exciting in a way that spy movies are exciting There is so much action that it is hard not to have some fun with it The problem with this book is that I went into the story expecting the unexpected I know what Zach is capable of and am no story expecting the unexpected I know what Zach is capable of and am no as impressed by his almost super human skill set Unfortunately no new skills were revealed in this book In addition it has already been established that Zach is uestioning the Program so his behavior in this book was really what I had expected with one exception Tanya It seemed a bit out of character that Zach would trust Tanya so uicklyThis is a YA novel and it efinitely has that feel to it There is uite a bit of violence but that is to be expected when the main character is a trained assassin There is a fade to black sex scene as well This book may be best for teens at the high school level The book was really fast paced with a lot of excitement I really appreciate the fact that the story was wrapped up satisfactorily but I would have enjoyed a couple of surprises along the way I think that readers of the trilogy will be pleased to have all of their uestions answered While this is my least favorite book in the trilogy I still think that it is a strong ending I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fast paced YA novels with a lot of action I would recommend that this trilogy be read in order so readers will want to start with the first book I Am the Weapon I received an advance reader edition of this book from Little Brown Books for Young Readers via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest revie. Ation about his father eventually revealing a angerous secret that teaches Boy Nobody a valuable lesson he can't trust anyone Allen Zadoff packs the third book of the Unknown Assassin series with even action higher stakes and mind blowing reveals that will leave readers rivet.

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I Am the Traitor The Unknown Assassin #3This was an exhilarating end to a very enjoyable series In this final installment Zach is trying to stay off The Program s grid while searching for his friend Howard At the same time he s trying to learn the truth about what happened to his father As with the prior two novels I couldn t put this one own And Zach is growing mature and independent thinking about what s right than following The Program s rules This series is well worth your time Damn This YA trilogy slays it totally This is action after action after action I Cytogenetics didn t even had time to breathe Ignore the untaken meals not enough sleeps and pure procrastination to things I shouldo I feel so high finding and getting to know this series The only thing that s keeping me from giving a perfect score on only thing that s keeping me from giving a perfect score on trilogy is the love angle view spoiler LIKE SERIOUSLY I rolled my eyes at the character as he met another girl here and eventually fell for her I Crossworld d be happy if he just killed the girl at the end just like what heid to the first two in the previous books but to my Conspiracy On The Housatonic disappointment it s a no cringe hide spoiler Itidn t take me long to finish this book Maybe a few Spoilers Here And no cringe hide spoiler It Friendlyvision didn t take me long to finish this book Maybe a few Spoilers Here And Anyways I knew he was going to end up leaving the program at the end Because I think he was beginning to think and feel the things he wasoing was wrong And got tired of following orders Bad thing about it was that he finally found his father who wasn t Olivia Joules And The Overactive Imagination dead to end up killing him I couldn t blame him for that no one bit Because for one you can understand how he felt his father wasn t the same man he was when he Zachary was a kid he changed and he was the one to put his own son into the program and Zack momidn t like what his Zack father was Fomorian Earth Star Borne 1 doing I agree It was wrong of him to let the program kill her Smh I was happy that Mike finally got killed lordy he was annoying little Joker Of course he was since he was actually jealous of Zack and how his father Zack father actually care about Zack then him Mike I was glad nothing happened to Howard But through this whole book I wonderid Howard parents even look for this boy When he left home I m like what in the world I Bob The Castaway Or The Wreck Of The Eagle don t know Zach any better at the end of this third installment than Iid in the first that s my biggest issue though not my only one Of character Wandering Willies Tale development there was noneGoes for the secondary characters too Repeating the few identifying traits each has just wasn t enough to give em life Inconsistent actions and reactions reallyidn t help with the fleshing either Flat All around pancake flatFast paced story sure No argument on that But when I couldn t rouse any feeling for a single character how could I be expected to care about a amn thing they were going through huhThe super fast pace of happenings also made much of it seem kinda ludicrous And forced Riddled with an abundance of jarring and confusing timeline inaccuraciesThe plot twists idn t floor me In fact I found it increasingly All About Ashoka The Great difficult to see Zach in the light of a Master Assassin when he was so stupendously blind to so much of well everythingSome particularly irksome points I can t not mentionview spoilerMike the guy Zach believes killed his father the guy who stabbed him the guy heistrusts and claims to hate above all others takes him for coffee Coffee and a nice lil catch upMike Your friend The one who White Horse Regressions Glen Wiley Mystery 2 disappeared from your hotel room after the last mission Zach Howard Mike Is that his name Wellone Zach Geeky Howard s managed to stay completely schtum th. In the third and final installment in the Unknown Assassin trilogy Boy Nobody is on the run from The Program and uncovers a secret about his past that forces him to ecide where his loyalties lie The Program has sent Boy Nobody on countless missions instructed to kill whicheve. ,
Roughout several ays interrogation by The Program and within seconds you blab to Your Nemesis And Then Sure nemesis And then sure not just go along with him to clear up the mess without asking too many uestions first Absolutely the smartest move you could makeWith what he is and him knowing there s others like him why the fook would he not immediately consider Tanya could be oneWhy the hell were The Program plying Howard with Livia Or Buried Alive The Avignon Quintet 2 drugs that made him forget all of the shit they were interrogating him to uncoverDrugged and thrown from a helicopter Nextay Has some sex then goes cross country running Three Mehmed Ali days Threeays this story covers Apparently enough time for days Three ays this story covers Apparently enough time for to believe he loves Tanya Mmm hmm Romance AwfulThis upgrade chip supposedly shuts off all meddlesome emotions Mike has this upgrade chip In his final fight with Zach Mike isplayed anger upset and jealousy Yup chip works awesome ObvsZach hugs Mother Seriously He S Just Brought Down The Program He Knows He s just brought Resilient Post Disaster Recovery Through Building Back Better down The Program he knows wants himone with yet it takes no than a few coaxing sweet words and Zach s Question Medica Nueuamente Ventilada drawn in to hug her And how slow is he to catch on to the poison glasses trick please A trick he himself has used hide spoiler The ending of a fun series based on teens working for the Program as assassins This book was much predictable than the other two and produced a large amount of eye rolling with lines like he took three long breathes to oxygenate his brain I Am The Traitor continues right where book two ends and it gave me everything I found book two was lacking Timid but smile worthy romance unexpected twists and turns heart pounding action and a satisfying endingBoy Nobody was the Program s best soldier but now he s their number one target Boy Nobody Zach Ben Daniel however you refer to him is as lethal as ever but this time his heart is in it Zadoff really humanizes Boy Nobody in the last two books and I enjoyed that I liked the fact that he was able to comeown from his superhuman status It made him appealing even though his assassin robotic nature was what appealed to me initiallyWhat I really loved about this novel was the romance Boy Nobody got somebody I also really liked the twists just when I though I knew something I found out I was wrong This book reminded me why I really liked this story in the first place solidifying itself as one of my favorite YA seriesMy final opinion Readers will really love the character evelopment from book one to book three Book two was a little isappointing but it sets up for a stunning conclusion in book three You ll get the answers to all your uestions and you get moments of laughter because of the sarcasm of the characters The characters are solid and entertaining and the action is heart pounding A totally worthwhile series Raised as a weapon with no conscience Boy Nobody has uestioned the Program Mother and Father and now he has gone rogue There are eyes and ears everywhere and the only one he can trust is Howard the first friend he ever had But will that friendship cause Howard s Innovative Turkey Hunting death Will his past be revealed and his true parentage unveiled Trust is a rare commodity will it always be just out of his reachI Am the Traitor a young adult suspense thriller by Allen Zadoff is the final episode of the trilogy of a boy trained to kill Mr Zadoff has portrayed Boy Nobody as a lost soul struggling to find his true past and to understand what and why he has been trained to be an assassin Filled with technological feats twists turnseceit and incredible suspense eac. R target he was given But now after going rogue he is on his own mission to rescue his friend Howard who was captured by The Program Boy Nobody manages to free Howard as well as Tanya a mysterious girl who was being held with him Howard and Tanya help Boy Nobody collect inform. .