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E s younger cousin Luke this is not a super angsty bookThe back and forth between Gideon and Eddie was frustrating but FUN There was so much tension between these two you could cut it with a knife And even though I wanted to throttle Gideon n than Clouds Above The Hill oneccasion my heart went Prince Of Deception out to him Thank god Eddie was so patient and loving I loved the kitchen setting and the slightly kooky setf secondary characters Gideon and Eddie were HOT together and I appreciated the dual POV The ending was a very strong and realistic HFN and I really hope to hear about these guys Also I would be remiss if I didn t mention Eddie s roommate Leslie don t call him Les who with his motor mouth short shorts heels and creative weaponry a purse a fish stole every single scene he was in OMG Leslie I love you so hardSince this is book 1 I m VERY hopeful we ll get Leslie s story and Taylor s too Taylor is Eddie s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures other roommate and a very interesting character with a special talent This was a well written heartwarming beginning to what I think will be a great series I m certainly looking forward to book 2 35 StarsLet s just get thisut f the way I LOVE LESLIE There I said it Leslie and his Louboutins pink tees and Papa "Smurf slippers can get directly into my pocket Leslie alone will propel me to continue with this "slippers can get directly into my pocket Leslie alone will propel *me to continue with this Now that that s ut f the way let s talk about the restWe have *to continue with this Now that that s ut Beg Songs Of Submission 1 of the way let s talk about the restWe have chefs Gideon and Eddiene Beg And Tease Songs Of Submission 1 2 of which is a ginger thether Primal Law Mack Bolan The Executioner 344 of which is named Gideon Don t judge me I have a thing about that name It s what made me choose this book Well that and the chefing I m kindf bsessed with chefs cooking watching cooking shows and have somewhere in the neighborhood f a bazillion cookbooks Conservative estimate The upside f my bsession is I feel like I have a good grasp Catalogue Raisonne Of Sculpture of all things culinary including chef demeanors Gideon fits the prototypical chef mold tempermental arrogant and passionate Gideon was an up and comern the London culinary scene until a tragic accident took away his sense Eternal Womanhood of smell and taste a chef s lifeblood He tries to cope with the tragedy very unsuccessfully and it boilsver from time to time He probably goes too far a couple f times but Eddie is a chef too and does an admirable job f putting Gideon in his place Eddie as a character is pretty bland He blushes a lot and is into Gideon He s sweet and loyal to his friends Other than that shrugs There are two women who work with them in the restaurant that are so annoying I wanted to staple things to themI was enjoying the story their journey thought there was adeuate conflict between them their sexy times were pretty hot and I liked the uirkiness He Humbled Himself of Eddie s roommates who will undoubtedly be featured in the restf the series until the cousi. Tible passion Gideon Kent Woordenlijst Nederlandse Taal once had everything Then came tragedy It stole than Gideon’s home He hasn’t cooked since Until Eddie Tripp Fun loving and vivacious the Norfolk redhead’s a real up and comer in Gideon’s kitchen andther places Slim where Gideon’s broad easy going where Gideon is grow. .

35 StarsI thought this Sustainable Suburbia one was pretty good I mean a broody chefwhat s not to love right Though I have to say Gideon s broody prickly behavior borderedn asshole from time to time too But
"Then Again Who Doesn T "
again who doesn t a good asshole from time to timeI thought the banter between Gideon and Eddie was uite funny at times Eddie really stole the show I just wanted to hug him And I liked that a portion f the story took place in a kitchen Eddie s roommates were great additions as side characters though the whole psychic plot line was a bit weird for me Overall it was a uick enjoyable read with some good steam and banter I ll definitely check ut the Sir Edmund Hillary others in the series 35 StarsThis was an enjoyable story and I m surprised that people haven t read thisGawd Gideon is a fucking prickly bastard Understandably angry and bitter he takes his frustrationsut Political Realism on anyone who s handy and mostf the time it s his extraordinary sous chef Eddie who gets the brunt end Despite his Angst Volume 2 oft bad moods Gideon also can t help his attraction to the sweet ta This is a fun loving sexy and very satisfying MM read from Susan Mac Nicol Gideon is a famous chef but ironically lost his sensef taste and smell after a traumatic event and finds himself angry and explosive at most everyone around him His restaurant is thriving but he is still traumatized by recurring nightmares and anxietyEnter Eddie "a young chef who is instantly attracted to his boss Gideon but finds the gruff facade and the fact "young chef who is instantly attracted to his boss Gideon but finds the gruff facade and the fact he is the boss very ff putting Will the two f them be able to fight through the barriers that stand in their way I loved reading the sexy banter between all The Ugly Duckling Debutante The House Of Renwick 1 of the characters in this book and especially with Eddie s very colorful and funny friends I also loved the reading about the sights and soundsn LondonThis book is filled with very British references which I loved It is a very steamy passionate very sexy and humorous story with a very happy ending for both 1 ofur heroes It is a very sweet and loving book and I absolutely enjoyed every minute All in all highly recommended for all readers Docker of MM romance who would like a little somethingn the lighter sideARC provided by the author in return for an honest review What s sexier than a man who can cook TWO men who can cookone Warlord of them a ginger Following a tragic accident up and coming chef Gideon no longer finds joy in the kitchen After all what good is a chef who s lost his sensef smell Maybe that s why Gideon s so irritated with his new star sous chef Eddie Or maybe it s because he can t stop Adult Dyslexia ogling Eddie s ass wondering what his hands would look like tuggingn Eddie s wild red hair Despite Gideon s terrible rdeal and subseuent mood swings and the gripping side story concerning Eddi. One f London’s up and coming chefs Eddie Tripp has just the right recipe to drive tragedy from the mind The Smiley Snowman of Gideon Kent and leave him senseless with desire THE MEN OF LONDON From Soho to Norwich there’s no escaping love A TASTE OF FOREVER An award winning chef with hiswn restaurant and an inexhaus. .
N kerfuffle I don t know what the purpose Boom of that was I thought Gideon and Eddie had enough to contend with without addingutside drama From that point Judge Dredd on I felt like the story sortf skidded into the finale n cheese skates Final note it s unacceptable for an author to forget their MC s name Recommend to culinary enthusiasts and those who
"Enjoy Hurtcomfort Reads A Review "
hurtcomfort reads A review was provided in exchange for an honest review 35 Stars Sweet Sexy SoapybI enjoyed reading Love You Senseless it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside Just what "I NeededA Very Entertaining "neededA very entertaining with lots f delicious hot AF sexy times snarky cheeky banter and a cast f nice main and secondary characters Looking forward reading ther books Sea Creatures 4 of the seriesI received a free copyf this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review 35 StarsGideon Kent was Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel once a rising star in the food industry until a tragic fire resulted in the lossf his sense f taste and smell No longer confident in the kitchen Gideon settles for a life behind the scenes instead running a successful restaurant in London Regardless f Gideon s Collected Poems often irritable mood swings his employees respect him greatly but none bears the brunt f his wrath than the restaurant s newest star sous chef Eddie Tripp Gideon knows he s a grumpy bastard to Eddie but he just can t help getting worked up every time he comes into contact with the talented red headEddie can t help but be attracted to his ill tempered but h so sexy boss He knows Gideon has been through some seriously traumatic shit and he knows the snarky and ften scathing remarks Gideon throws his way are coming from a defensive place within Gideon that just needs some love and care Eddie feels that just given the chance he could be just what Gideon needs to turn that frown upside down These two men were sweet together and sparks definitely flew during the slow build up to their explosive coupling However the side stories although enjoyable seemed to deter slightly from the relationship development towards the end which was a shame but I did find myself liking the secondary characters and I m intrigued to read nward to find Summoner Girl Volume 1 out about Eddie s interesting roommates This was my first time reading a book by Susan Mac Nicol and I m happy to have enjoyed the experience enough to read from her catalogue that s for certain Love You Senseless is a contemporary mm romance and as usual it was another great read from Susan Mac Nicol It s about Gideon Kent an award winning chef who is not working as a chef due to a tragic accident and Eddie Tripp a chef in Gideon s restaurantThe romance was well written and there was plentyf heat woven into the story I definitely can t wait for in the Men The First Indian War Of Independence 1857 1859 of London series 35 STAR. Ly he and Gideon seem polarpposites and yet Eddie conjures flavors that would tempt anyone with a taste for perfection The sauce The Fire Of Spring of love is already simmering and this pair is about to dinen the most delicious dish they’ve ever prepared Because Eddie’s been Gideon’s missing ingredient all along. .

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Love You Senseless (Men f London, #1)
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