[ epub / Pdf ] The Silenced Krewe of Hunters #15 ☆ Heather Graham

T convinced I know about or Meg than I did from the blurb Oh they like dogsThe plot was and I thought than I did from the blurb Oh they like dogsThe plot was stale and I thought In order to go for a shock factor you have to introduce the reader to the killers in the book at some point so there is a OMG moment Well I knew one of The action packed thriller The Silenced combines a murder mystery the paranormal and romance into a chilling tale that begins when Lara Mayhew Congressman Ian Walker s media relations assistant disappears after a disturbing meeting with her boss and his aides After FBI trainee Meg Murray receives a cryptic message from Lara she joins the Krewe Hunters an FBI branch of paranormal investigators to hunt for her childhood friend With her new partner Matt Bosworth a seasoned agent they begin the search not only for Meg s friend but a psychotic serial killer who s murdering young women In a thriller that takes the reader through Civil War battlefields and graveyards from Harpers Ferry to Gettysburg Heather Graham blends conspiracy deception and murder into an exciting story Fast paced and intense the plot heats p when Meg and Matt Dynamics Of Structures uncover clues that connect the murders not only to Lara s disappearance but to a noted Congressman Withnexpected twists and turns Heather Graham cleverly creates an intricate plot that takes the reader from the estioning of ghosts at a cemetery to ghostly encounters at a Civil War re enactment and infuses them into a political conspiracy and the murder of a presidential hopeful As the violence builds and tension increases with the murderer s defilement of his victims bodies and his hunger for killing the suspense is tempered by the romantic sparks that ignite between Meg and Matt and their sudden ownership of Killer an gly but adorable little dog Tall and lithe Meg Murray a novice FBI agent is independent tough and feisty Trained at Manet uantico she expects to be attached to the criminal divisionntil her friend disappears and she joins the Krewe Hunters Perceptive shrewd and gifted like Matt able to communicate with the dead Meg is determined to find Lara and bring a killer to justice Special Agent Matt Bosworth the seasoned pro is blunt self confident and intuitive He trusts his gut instinct that Lara s alive and searches her diary for clues to where she "s been hidden The romance between Meg and Matt is interesting as what starts as "been hidden The romance between Meg and Matt is interesting as what starts as clash of wills The Catcher In The Rye De J D Salinger uickly explodes into a sexual interlude as they become intoxicated with one another Yet of all the characters it s Slash McNeil a dangerous arrogant psychotic killer with his access to powerful people one who hasnleashed a deadly scheme that add a terrifying and realistic chill to the storyI enjoyed Heather Graham s The Silenced a thrilling blend of mystery murder and the paranormal that kept me on the edge of my seat ntil the en. The past visiting battlefields and graveyards from Harpers Ferry to Gettysburg Places where the dead share their secrets with those who can hear As Meg and Matt pursue the possibility of a serial killer they find themselves in the middle of a political conspiracy Is there a connection And who besides each other can they trus. ,

I always like it when a book turns out to be better than I thought it would be This is a fast paced mysterythriller with good strong characters The slight paranormal aspect really added a notch p to the story Good narration This would make a good movie You don t have to be a firm believer in ghosts andor the paranormal to enjoy author Heather Graham s Krewe of Hunters series Her latest release THE SILENCED is a prime example of her impressive writingNarrator Phil Gigante does an excellent job bringing the various characters to life His varied cadence and mannerisms gives distinct voices to the characters both male and female His vocals emphasizes the emotions and tension of the storyLara Mayhew a congressional media assistant goes missing *SHORTLY AFTER LEAVING A CRYPTIC MESSAGE FOR HER CHILDHOOD *after leaving a cryptic message for her childhood Meg Murray an FBI agent fresh out of the academy When bodies fitting Lara s description begin turning Marcos In Red Cory In Yellow Ramos In Blue Erap In Peach Gloria In Excelsis up brutally murdered Meg fears her friend may be the next victimMeanwhile Meg has been recruited by the leader of the Krewe of Hunters a special FBInit for paranormal investigation Paired with Special Agent Matt Bosworth Meg is determined to find her friend and S unravel the political conspiracy she appears to be entangled in The attraction between Meg and Matt heatsp as they close in on a twisted serial killerGraham has created characters that not only deal with the paranormal but are realistic likable and well developed Their interactions and dialogue flows smoothly in this fast pace adventure The story is filled with suspense highlighted by great twists and turnsThe political aspects of the story are interesting while the historical setting is mesmerizing THE SILENCED focuses on a vicious killer and the lengths he will go to achieve the My Love My Hero ultimate reward The paranormal element adds to the intrigue but doesn t overwhelm the story This story is a standalone and listenersreaders won t be left in the dark if this is their first venture into the work of the Krewe of HuntersFTC Full Disclosure A copy of this audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it However receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely 35 StarsAnother great Krewe of Hunters novel Challenges RRRC November 2017 Monthly Challenge 6 Occult Day Candylandarterly Challenge Task Orange Cover This was a really enjoyable read Southern charm strong characters and good effort to market historical places This was a really enjoyable read Southern charm strong characters and good effort to market historical places Washington Harpers Ferry and Gettysburg Oh yes and the supernatural playing a pivotal road in saving the lives of the two dedicated FBI agents Well done indeed Rating is lower for the political monologues which was a bit intrusive here and there as well as the historical information slowing the narrat. Where is Lara Mayhew Lara a congressman's media assistant suddenly its her job and disappears on the way to her Washington DC apartment Novice FBI agent Meg Murray a childhood friend of Lara's gets a message from her that same night a message that says she's disillusioned and going home To Richmond Virginia Meg discovers tha. The Silenced Krewe of Hunters #15Ive down Although only slightly annoying Overall though a recommended read for historical fictionadas as well as detective drama groupies For me personally it was a win win win three favorite genres combinedA touch of chick lit added for those who need a voyeuristic fix The elements in the plot was actually really well balanced otherwise I might read this author again Graham s Krewe is a special nit of the FBI that Historien Om Sverige Nyttan Och Njet utilizes theniue gifts of its crew and I love this paranormal element Meg Murray has just graduated from the FBI Academy when her friend Lara goes missing She is assigned to work the Krewe case and is partnered with senior agent Matt Bosworth Both Meg and Matt have the ability to see the dead and their investigation soon finds them traveling from Harpers Ferry to GettysburgThe setting was wonderful and familiar as I have visited Vanguard uite a few of the historical sites and cemeteries mentioned Graham always weaves in local lore and history her series which I enjoy immensely She vividly paints the landscape and ampsp the suspense with her descriptionsThe missing person and murders were my favorite aspect of the Silenced Graham gave Principles Of Cell Biology us perspectives from the killer and slipping inside his mind really notchedp the suspense The case began to weave the missing person murders and events around a DC Senator with eyes on the White House Red herrings and twists kept me engaged and I enjoyed seeing all of the threads come together as Lara and Matt connected the dotsMatt and Lara had a rough awkward start but slowly began developing feelings for each other I loved the banter between them and Graham added a special element to the mix that brought humor and helped with the case There is some heat and once things ignited the relationship moved ickly While not my favorite romance of the series I enjoyed these charactersCopy provided by publisher This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer Oh my godthe freaking exclamation pointsI almost can t comment on the story because every single exclamation point took me out of the story This is one of the very few of these stories which I generally love that I didn t read in one sitting More then once I threw it down because I couldn "t handle the stupid exclamation points Another great paranormal FBI team mystery solvedThe Silenced by "handle the stupid exclamation points Another great paranormal FBI team mystery solvedThe Silenced by Graham takes the reader along on another Krewe assignment These are FBI agents that get the supernatural cases This one involves a dead politician ghosts a missing friend to a new FBI agents that get the supernatural cases This one involves a dead politician ghosts a missing friend to a new graduate and a serial killer I so enjoyed this Krewe book especially Matt Meg and Killer Great insight into historical sites regarding the civil war I find that I either love or hate books by this author This one was firmly in the hate column Firmly The characters were flat and I am still no. T she never got there And bodies fitting Lara's description are showing p in nearby rivers Could she be the victim of a serial killer Meg is assigned to work with special agent Matt Bosworth a hard nosed pro in the FBI's nit of paranormal investigators the Krewe of Hunters They trace the route Meg and Lara took than once in. ,