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Wanting to find some evidence of a plot but at that point I threw in the towel Another problem I had with this book was the language It was translated into English from the Turkish and I found it difficult to read The prose didn t flow well and in a few instances it didn t make sense The prose didn t flow well and in a few instances it didn t make sense in Ankara Turkey Ece Temelkuran sThe Time of Mute Swans follows the lives of two children Ali and Ayse as they try to comprehend the changing world around them Though separated by social standing one poor and one well to do both Ali and Ayse s family embrace leftist political beliefs which leaves both families vulnerable to beliefs which leaves both families vulnerable to from those who stand in oppositionBy alternating the perspective between Ali and Ayse the story embodies a fable like uality Both children see the world in colorful idyllic imagery a stark contrast to the brash reality both family s live in Temelkuran shows how personal lives were affected in the days leading up to the 1980 coup neighbor turning against neighbor people taking their own lives to avoid being torturedThe Time of Mute Swans provides a compelling narrative with two captivating protagonists on a mission to save the swans Ece Temelkuran s first fiction novel is very much worth readinghttpstastefortalescom20180214 I read for nowledge I read for the beauty of wonder and I read for escape This book offered me nowledge of the history of peoples movements in Turkey meditations on priorities as philosophic decisions escape with vivid descriptions of a lifestyle different from mine In this book I saw orange butterflies jars of honey nestled under an administrator s desk neighbors who hide weapons in I loved this book It takes place in Turkey just before the 1980 coup and describes the socialpoliticalideologic chaos from the perspective of two small children The difficulties of that "period in history are very well described but with the humor and lightheartedness of a child s perspective Amazing " in history are very well described but with the humor and lightheartedness of a child s perspective Amazing talent to capture something so dark in a light fun and entertaining way Another book I just could not put dow. Pe unfolds its wonders its rich smells and colors as they try to make sense of the events swirling around them And they hatch a plan For the first time in generations mute swans have migrated from Russia to the Black Sea and to a park at the center of Ankara For the generals they are an affirmation and their wings must be broken so they can't fly away But if the children can save one swan won't they have saved the freedom of

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Digressions It allowed for repetition as the narrators pondered and Returned To Puzzling ThingsThe Ending Was Satisfying And Beyond Anything to puzzling thingsThe ending was satisfying and beyond anything could have anticipated The Time of Mute Swans was written by Ece Temelkuran in 2015 and translated from the Turkish by Kenneth Dakan in 2017 This book was definitely a challenging read for me but by the end I fully enjoyed it Part of that challenge was due to my unfamiliarity with the events surrounding the 1980 coup in Turkey My nowledge on the topic was very basic so I stopped and read up a bit on it before proceeding It added so much to the reading experience and the glossary in the back was a useful reference as wellThis is a story from the view point of two children from different walks of life who become friends during a tumultuous time in their country and within their families Ali is a young Alevi boy from a poor area of Ankara and is extremely introverted except sometimes when he is with Ay e Ay e is an outgoing young girl from a middle class family who employs Ali s mother as a helper after Ali s home is burnt down Ali has seen the violence and unrest first hand and been touched by it Ay e is mostly protected from it with stories and games to make it all look less terrifying They spend their days observing the revolutionaries in their neighbourhoods and families and become inspired Together they decide to become revolutionaries in their own right by completing two tasks getting butterflies into parliment and by saving the mute swans in the park from having their wings clippedThis story is heartbreaking and hopeful and I found myself smiling and sad often within the same page I love stories told by children for their innocence and their uncanny and uniue understanding of events Now I am looking forward to picking up the next book by Temelkuran The first chapter is titled This is My Family and it s followed by a chapter called This is My Neighborhood Chapter four is titled This a chapter called This is My Neighborhood Chapter four is titled This Our City and it s followed by Our Friends the Animals I got as far as page 80 within chapter five. Enforce law and order In the summer of 1980 tensions are building Homes of the poor are being burnt down Armed revolutionaries on college campuses battle right wings militias in the city's neighborhoods The lines between good and bad right and wrong and beautiful and ugly are blurred by shed blood Two children one from a family living in misery and one well off form an alliance amid the turmoil Through their senses the citysca. ,
Innovative storytelling through the eyes of two children softened the harshness of some events but a little confusing in the early stages of the book The translation a little rough around the edges IN PARTS PROBABLY GIVES ENGLISH READERS parts probably gives English readers flavor of the original Turkish All in all a book well worth reading Thank you for making this title available Unfortunately the further I read the I was convinced that this was not the ind of book that I would enjoy This is no kind of book that I would enjoy This is no whatsoever of the plot characters writing style setting or the author Merely a statement of my own preferences I had visited Turkey several years ago during a time of protest in areas and thought this book would give me a further view of life and protests there This was a rather unusual read about protests and civil unrest in 1980 as seen through the eyes of two 7 or 8 year old children who became friends Their views had a very child like and imaginative understanding although Ali was from the poor neighbourhood the rebelprotest side and Asye lived in a bourgeoise area of Ankara with parents who worked for the State Very interesting read Mini RTC that was Interesting But I M Glad but I m glad m done I had a head start hearing Temelkuran talk about the context for the book She told actual history of the 80s coup and of swans being taken from a publc park and put into a private garden surgery to their wings so they couldn t fly away It would have been clear in the novel but having heard that it was obvious to pay attention sooner Also intriguing was her comment that the book was about the gap between not forgetting and rememberingThe first three chapters were a bit dull as they mostly functioned to introduce the two children who would narrate and their families and friends The whole was told in first person and nowledge of family and friend names helped identify which child was the I of a section so the information was important My interest picked up considerable in chapter 4 and then stayed highHaving 8 year olds narrate allowed for some interetsing pacing in their. This timely bestselling novel about a military coup in Turkey told through the eyes of two children resonates deeply with events there todayAnkara the capital city in the heart of Turkey at the crossroads of Europe and Asia East and West is a hotspot in the Cold War torn between communism and conservatism Western freedoms and traditional ways with an army fearful of democracy and a government that employs thugs and torture to.

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