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Rted reading right away Was so happy to get my fix of one my favorite series characters I love me some Mason and Cash But digress my fix of one my favorite series characters I love me some Mason and Cash But digress makes you feel like these characters are like part of your family They just get under your skin and you want to help them out anyway you can I feel like Cash is the big brother trying to keep you in you place and keep you safe Aiden is the cool neighbor that comes in and just makes

life difficult getting 
difficult Getting trouble with you while trying to hit on you at the same time Amelia is you best friend that you want to have fun with but still need to trust her I mean I can see all OF THESE CHARACTERS AS PART OF these characters as part of life She also brings back a very bad character and adds a couple of others We ven see a couple of zombies trying to take out a chunk of our Maurin You will laugh and you will shed a tear or two But most of all you will be cheering for all of them Not going to say any cause I will blow the Secrecy ending for you And trust me the last pages are happy dance moments Rachel just gets better withach book in the series This book will take you on a ride with some twists and turns The story will keep you reading all night long I did get a book hang over from reading this book I did read it in a day it was that good Trust me from the very first page to the very last page you will be drawn in Ill Fated is packed full of hot werewolves vampires fae Love friendship and oh yes a kidnapping and a price on her head Now if that doesn t make you want to read then I don t know what will Oh yeah the zombies So if you want a great series please check out the MAURIN KINCAIDE SERIES and a if you have read the first five check out ILL FATED trust me you will not be disappointed at al. Head on a platter and people closest to her are disappearing Can Maurin master court politics and find her missing men before someone claims the bounty on her head. Ill Fated (Maurin Kincaide #5)

Review Ill Fated (Maurin Kincaide #5)

Is a Regulator she is over an investigator 2 trackers and a team of cleaners She is dating Mason the Captain of the SPTF and a member of the Wild Hunt It gets a bit tense because she has to work with her Chicken Little ex Aidan but luckily he can only come out at night Maurin is marked for death then her man goes missing Her friends work hard to keep her alive and find answers and Mason So many things can go wrong Ill Fated is twisty an turny to keep it interesting It has steady action and builds up uite nicely Themotions are displayed so well on the pages It is asy to feel them I recommend this book for paranormal lovers It is a uniue romantic treat Exciting and dramaticThis is the best story In The Series I Was Happy To the series I was happy to Maurin achieve some much needed maturity as she continues the battles of her birthright Hopefully there will be further adventures I was so xcited when I got this book My favorite characters were back and getting into trouble then its worth Cash is back and babysitting Maurin as someone wants to kill her Her hot hunky and most drool worthy boyfriend Mason is still the head of the STPD Aiden is still pining for Maurin but has Ryanne So what does a girl do Now there is a new threat on Maurin s head and veryone is trying to keep her safe and as we know Maurin will not take things lying down The fae courts a fighting and its spilling all over Salem And the dark guard is after Maurin and they want her head On top of that her dog her father and her man are missing Can she find them without loosing her head and will she get the swing of court politics before they are doomed Just all in a day s work for our Maurin Like I said I was so happy when I found this was out I picked up and sta. D and things are getting complicated Trouble is brewing in the fae courts and it’s spilling over into Salem The UnSeelie Dark Guard have answered the call for her. .

GreatThis is a great series I loved this book Couldn t put it down didn t want it to be finished There this book Couldn t put it down didn t want it to be finished There action a kick butt main character of course all the others do too If you love urban fantasy THE YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK SO GET IT you will love this book So get it njoy the With bated breath I waited I had to know what would happen to Maurin Kincaide Cash Aiden and Mason Maurin s life has been far from carefree Her parents weren t her parents and she never fit in with the normal people she grew up with Bold and brash sometimes acting before she thinks Alright almost always crashing in with good intentions and dealing with the conseuences later that s our girl Her cohorts try their best to protect her and offer suggestions and low and behold our little one is growing up and starting to listenThis book presented Maurin with opportunities for growth She s had to deal with the conseuences of her actions and mending fences is part of the process It s good to see her handsome team mates have her back But there are hard decisions and when you re dealing with Light and Dark Fae you really wonder which is really light or is light right and dark just loony Action packed twists and turns loss and remorse all are carefully crafted into a wonderful installment I can t wait for Ill Fated was like nothing I had read before and that is a huge compliment The cast of characters and the plot are all all new and fresh for me Ill Fated is the 6th book in the series It can be read as a standalone as I have done but I felt like I was missing some Ann Petry Loa 314 Library Of America essential information by not reading the previous books That said it would not be a hardship reading the whole series if they are all as richly descriptive and action packed as this oneMaurin. Some things are destined tond in death After the first attempt on her life Maurin wasn’t scared Hell she was almost flattered But someone put a price on her hea.

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