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Ind such marvelous translationsThere s lots of Mandelstam I see he must be a favorite of the book s editors He s a variegated poet so than I d realized Classicist but also modern Here s a bit of a long poem The Horseshoe Finder A Pindaric Fragment 1923 A rustle runs along the trees like some green ballChildren play at knucklebones with vertebrae of dead animalsThe fragile chronology of our era is drawing to a closeThanks for everything that wasI made mistakes myself fell astray botched my reckoningThe era rang like a golden spherehollow molded sustained by no one There s mistakes myself fell astray botched my reckoningThe era rang like a golden spherehollow molded sustained by no one There s wonderful translation of Mayakovsky s poem on the suicide of Yesenin in 1925 when he himself would follow the same path five ears later Criticism sympathy still the hope that life is worth it And defense of the genius of the peasant poethooligan against the growing avalanche of mediocrities climbing up the literary bureaucratic ladder career ladder Here s part of itthese are stepped I don t know why Goodreads isn t stepping them I m putting where it is supposed to be a return and a tab for two tabs The nation and the wordsmith s brotherhoodhave lost the apprentice drunkard of the wordAnd people come with their supply of trashy verseunchanged from previous deaths regurgitateddefile our grave with doggerel or worse Is that how poet s lives are celebrated ChronologyIntroduction The Eighteenth Century Gavrila Derzhavin 1743 1816 God To Rulers and Judges On the Death of Prince Meshchersky The Waterfall extract Monument To

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Life at extract On TransienceIvan Krylov 1769 1844 The Donkey and the Nightingale The Geese Going to Market The Fly and the Travellers The Hind and the Hermit The Kite and the Butterfly The Lion s Share The Peasants and the River The Prodigal and the Swallow The Pig under the Oak Tree The Sheep with Shaggy Fleeces The Lion the Chamois and the Fox Around Pushkin Vasily Zhukovsky 1783 1852 To Her 9 March 1823 Still he lay without moving as if after some difficult task Konstantin Batyushkov 1787 1855 To My Friends You wake O Baiae from our tomb Imitations of the Ancients extract Reader have ou not heard Prince Pyotr Vyazemsky 1792 1878 The Russian God Farewell to a Dressing Gown extract Life in old age is like a worn out gown Wilhelm K chelbecker 1797 1846 FragmentAnton Delvig 1798 1831 Russian Song The Poet s LotYevgeny Baratynsky 1800 44 Disillusionment My talent is pitiful my voice not loud The Muse On the Death of Goethe Autumn Thought et thought Poor artist of the word A Grumble Rhyme extractNikolay Yazykov 1803 46 On the D In this expansive anthology Robert Chandler summarises the past three hundred Oka Yogi Atma Katha years of Russian poetry into a surprisingly tight 528 pages Beginning with Gavrila Derzhavin and ending with Marina Boroditskaya sixty six Russian poets grace the pages of this book all of whom sit around a rotunda at the centre of which Pushkin sits proudlyPrior to reading this collection my knowledge of Russian poetry was nil Thankfully this book was written exactly for me the absolute beginner Chandler holdsour hand as he weaves ou through history poet by poet providing a small biography of each person as well as a handful of their work Treat this book like a fan of paint swatches investigating which shades ou love which shades ou hate and which ones clash horribly Great emphasis is placed on Pushkin as Pushkin is to Russian literature what Shakespeare is to English Early sections are even titled for him You begin. Ronology and individual introductions to each poetFor than sixty five ears Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English speaking world With than 1500 titles Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors as well as up to date translations by award winning translators. Am Shalamov 1907 82Arseny Tarkovsky 1907 89Maria Petrovykh 1908 79Olga Berggolts 1910 75Semyon Lipkin 1911 2003Lev Ozerov 1914 96Konstantin Simonov 1915 79Alexander 75Semyon Lipkin 1911 2003Lev Ozerov 1914 96Konstantin Simonov 1915 79Alexander 1918 77Boris Slutsky 1919 86David Samoilov 1920 90Rasul Gamzatov 1923 2003Alexander Mejirov 1923 2009Bulat Okudzhava 1924 97Yevgeny Vinokurov 1925 93Inna Lisnianskaya 1928 2014Vladimir Kornilov 1928 2002Andrey Voznesensky 1933 2010Yevgeny Yevtushenko b 1932Sergey Chudakov 1937 early 1990sBella Akhmadulina 1937 2010Vladimir Vysotsky 1938 80Joseph Brodsky 1940 966THREE MORE RECENT POETSDmitry Prigov 1940 2007Elena Shvarts 1948 2010Marina Boroditskaya b 1954 A marvelous introduction to Russian poetry for the English speaker it won the English PEN award for translation taking us from the 18th through the 20th Centuries and most heavily treats the 20th I m reading it simultaneously with a 1962 Penguin Book of Russian Verse which is bilingual with prose translations This book s timespan includes the wondrous Brodsky VoznesenskyAkhmadulina generation all the way up to recent poets Very fun to compare when the same poems are selected the prose translation with the verse Includes the stepped poems of Mayakovsky which the older version didn t have the room to reproduce Includes Arseny Tarkovsky familiar to many as the father of the film director whose poems are used to such dazzling effect in the film The Mirror and Sofia Parnok whose affair with Marina Tsvetaeyeva inspired a waterfall of stellar verse from the latter Not as compendious as the Yevtushenko anthology of 20th Century Russian verse but incredibly usefulI m especially liking how the editors have included excellent translations of poets they feel are overlooked people I ve never heard of like Anna Prismanova Varlam Shalamov and Georgy Ivanov and some fantastic translations of the oung peasant poet Yesenin Esenin it s sometimes spelled contemporary of AkhmatovaPasternakMayakovsky generation often called the Silver age Love the two page biographies of the poets help us understand their personalities and the aspects of life which most heavily come to bear on their work Beautiful translation of Christmas Star by Pasternak also his Hamlet which we were told in whose figure he coalesced the Shakespeare figure Christ and himself An incredible improvement in comparison with the one in my 1958 original translation of Doctor Zhivago Hamlet too was a Zhivago poem How shocking that I d never really paid attention to the poems in Doctor Zhivago the translations aren t very exciting Christmas Star is beautifully translated here by Peter Oram and the rhyme scheme the music Incredible It s four pages or I would copy the whole thing here The winter was deepWind whistled and howledIn the cave in the hills it was bitterly coldbut the child lay asleep for the breath of an ox cave in the hills it was bitterly coldbut the child lay asleep for the breath of an ox the coldness at bay Farm animals breathingwas rising and wreathinga warm haze hung over the crib where he layThe shepherds arose though they d not woken uiteshook the chaff off their coatsfrom the barley and oatsstared out from their cliff through the depths of the nightFar away snowy fields with a chapel nearbyold graves and their railingsa snowbound farm trailerand over the graveyard the starstudded nightIt s the thing hardest to capture the rhythm and rhyme without tying the whole thing up in a hopeless stilted mess ie Nabokov s awful translations of Russian verse I only regret there s not Pasternak in this I haven t read much of him and to When belief in reason and progress ielded once to a magical view of the world During the Soviet era poetry became a dangerous subversive activity; nevertheless poets such as Osip Mandelstam and Anna Akhmatova continued to defy the censors This anthology traces Russian poetry from its Golden Age to the modern era including work by several great poets Georgy Ivanov and Varlam Shalamov among them in captivating modern translations by Robert Chandler and others The volume also includes a general introduction ch. NB 20th century poetry takes up 60% of the bookMy absolute favourites were Derzhavin Pushkin Tyutchev Fet Annensky YevtushenkoComparing these to other translations in English of Tyutchev s poems it s clear that the uality is excellent And it won the English PEN award if ou re familiar with it I m not On the abyss s edge we slide and soon will plunge head first our life is given us with our death and we when we are born begin to die Without an ounce Of Pity Death Strikes pity death strikes things brings to nothing stars and suns are uenched by her cold breath destroyer of the universeI need
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find this as soon as possible To get a taste of this fascinating collection here is an extract from a poem by Maximilian VoloshinFrom Civil WarAnd from the ranks of both armies the same voice the same refrainHe who is not with us is against usYou must take sides Justice is oursAnd I stand alone in the midst of themamidst the roar of fire and smokeand pray with all my strength for thosewho fight on this side and on that side 1919Tr Robert Chandler well worth getting very different from the previous Penguin Russian poetry also essential verse translations not prose transliterations and a different taste in authors One of the few books i bought in the last 5 ears Translations by various authorstranslators with very different results Whether Ivota Sladk Hokosti you know a lot of Russian poetry and want a selection of translations orou re a beginner wanting to know where to dive in highly recommended Utterly brilliant intro to Russian poetry Reuires no proper knowledge and will take Orice Om I Este Team you through history with verse andou acuire knowledge about Russia without even realising it I really enjoyed reading this book bit by bit over a few weeks dipping in and out of the poetry and making my way through the centuries I absolutely loved this collection I have no idea why there aren t as many reviews for it The structure of this was brilliant it was so amazing to have a short biography of the poet to make ou aware of the historical context of their writing The translations were beautiful and extensive notes provided at the back were really helpful I really wish people were aware of this collection and I ve found a fair few poets that I want to explore of their work I liked the post WWII ones the most I hadn t read any of them before And of course the famous Silver Age ones 1THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURYGavrila Derzhavin 1743 1816Ivan Krylov 1769 18442AROUND PUSHKINVasily Zhukovsky 1783 1852Konstantin Batyushkov 1787 1855Prince Pyotr Vyazemsky 1792 1878Wilhelm K chelbecker 1797 1846Anton Delvig 1798 1831Yevgeny Baratynsky 1800 44Nikolay Yazykov 1803 463ALEXANDER PUSHKINAlexander Pushkin 1799 18374AFTER PUSHKINFyodor Tyutchev 1803 73Mikhail Lermontov 1814 41A K Tolstoy 1817 75Afanasy Fet 1820 92Apollon Maikov 1821 97Nikolay Nekrasov 1821 785THE TWENTIETH CENTURYInnokenty Annensky 1855 1909Fyodor Sologub 1863 1927Zinaida Gippius 1869 1945Ivan Bunin 1870 1953Teffi 1872 1952Mikhail Kuzmin 1872 1936Valery Bryusov 1873 1924Maximilian Voloshin 1877 1932Alexander Blok 1880 1921Velimir Khlebnikov 1885 1922Sofia Parnok 1885 1933Nikolay Gumilyov 1886 1921Vladislav Khodasevich 1886 1939Anna Akhmatova 1889 1966Boris Pasternak 1890 1960Osip Mandelstam 1891 1938Anna Prismanova 1892 1960Marina Tsvetaeva 1892 1941Vladimir Mayakovsky 1893 1930Georgy Ivanov 1894 1958Sergey Yesenin 1895 1925Nikolay Oleinikov 1898 1937Nikolay Zabolotsky 1903 58Alexander Vvedensky 1904 41Daniil Kharms 1905 42Varl. An enchanting collection of the very best of Russian poetry edited by acclaimed translator Robert Chandler together with poets Boris Dralyuk and Irina MashinskiIn the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries poetry's pre eminence in Russia was unchallenged with Pushkin and his contemporaries ushering in the 'Golden Age' of Russian literature Prose briefly gained the high ground in the second half of the nineteenth century but poetry again became dominant in the 'Silver Age' the early twentieth century. The Penguin Book of Russian Poetry