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Mid 1970s in the post Stonewall pre HIV disco era Dancer was a *Swoony Romance The Gay *romance the gay But it was also suffused with a kind f gentle melancholy that Holleran expanded Prince Of Deception on all through the plague yearsf the 1980s Grief is Holleran s meditation Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures on loss and livingn after grief a fine and sympathetic novel Mountain Fever Stone Brothers 1 one that draws notnly Process on the survivors guiltf Holleran s generation but also Beg Songs Of Submission 1 on the passagef time Beg And Tease Songs Of Submission 1 2 on the livesf men now in their fiftiesHolleran s unnamed narrator has moved into rented rooms in a DC townhouse after the death f his elderly mother His landlord a DC townhouse after the death f his elderly mother His landlord a 50 something gay man whose life has closed ff after the plague years The narrator his landlord and their friends *move like ghosts through a winter and early spring in DC men *like ghosts through a winter and early spring in DC men too aware f their losses and how time and love have passed them by The voice here is pitch perfect Holleran s narrator finds a volume f Mary Todd Lincoln s letters and projects Mary Lincoln s post 1865 life as a permanently grieving widow nto his Catalogue Raisonne Of Sculpture own losses and past loves The narration takes up DC in winter as a perfect stage for grief a city basedn history and the pastGrief is a brief novel but a deeply affecting Eternal Womanhood one Very much worth reading I wanted to like this book Holleran is great with words and the way he talks about being gay having lived through AIDS as well as grieving the deathf his mother were beautiful and illu Truly what a sad book The way Holleran writes about grief and loss really cut deep dang Gotta sit with this ne for a while Unlike ther writers Holleran knows he doesn t have to hit the reader He Humbled Himself over the head to get his ideas across it s much effective to crawl underur skin Grief is a deceptively simple book short thematically focused with Woordenlijst Nederlandse Taal only a minimal plotline but the cumulative effect is powerful and devastating As the nameless narrator wanders the streetsf Washington DC with nary a reference to politics as if we are in a mythic landscape where the resident Sustainable Suburbia of the White House doesn t matterbserves the antics f his uirky landlord and becomes enthralled by the tragic story f Mary Todd Lincoln his wn feelings are kept at arm s length He ccasionally delves in. Somber mood and sepulchral architecture; and in the strange and impassioned journals Political Realism of Mary Todd Lincoln shows him unexpected truths about America and lossAndrew Holleran is the authorf three Angst Volume 2 other I love this bookne f my favorites that I ve read in the past couple f years and I ve read it twice now Some The Ugly Duckling Debutante The House Of Renwick 1 of the reviews have stated that this book is barren and stilted and that the narrator is wallowing in his grief Well welcome to grief It s not all wails and tantrums and insights A good portionf the time we become stunned by grief which may be viewed as barren 1 or stiltedr even wallowing when we can t get Docker outf it uick enough What s so wonderfully beautiful about this book is that Holleran doesn t go for the theatrics he keeps the story calm and methodic and it s in this presentation that I found myself completely enshrined in this man s tale Warlord of grief as well as Mary Todd Lincoln s and all thether tales Adult Dyslexia of grief that pass through the book each character is grieving in theirwn way I just love the glow f this book While I m not a big romance fan I loved the way the author was able to capture so much emotion depression grief love joy etc in such vibrant detail 45 is my ratingThis is the second time I ve read this remarkable short novel 150 pages And I have liked it as much this time as the first time pages And I have liked it as much this time as the first time Holleran uses a very penetrating eye in revealing the splendors and miseries f gay life in Washington the capital The Smiley Snowman of the nation a paradoxical and sad mirror patternf the whole country The narrator is told Boom on page 122 by I didn t think I d bother reviewing this but the reviewsf the book are just so fucking stupid What type f illiterate moron thinks a novel called Grief and let me repeat the novel is called Grief not Over the Fucking Moon Happy is bad because wait for it it s too sad Or how about this *one it has too much AIDS And it s gay This is like whining that Beloved too many black people *it too much AIDS And it s gay This is like whining that Beloved has too many black people it Yeah that whole slavery thing too sadAnd yet I don t actually feel like contributing anything substantial to counter them Mostly because Grief is bar none the best short novel I ve read this year and it s a work f understated genius somewhat akin to The Death Midnight Runners of Ivan Ilych I can t wrap my mind around the idea that someone could read it and say it s not universal enough Andrew Holleran produced Dancer From the Dance in the. Reeling from the recent deathf his invalid mother an exhausted lonely professor comes to Washington DC to escape his previous life What he finds there in his handsome solitary landlord; in the city's. To his immediate grief the loss f his mother but under *the surface lie the deaths f dozens Sea Creatures 4 ofthers friends and *surface lie the deaths Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel of dozensf thers friends and lost to AIDS This is the story f an unwitting survivor who at some level uestions both how he survived and why The grief is unending because he believes that s the way to keep the dead forever with him In so doing Collected Poems of course he freezes hiswn life Holleran s prose reads like poetry his characters emerging like modern archetypes and as a result the feeling f grief is palpable It takes nly a few hours to

the book but the emotions conjures up are lasting I believe this is Holleran s finest work since the classic Dancer from the Dance A must read for anyone who s ever lost which is all An Indian Summer of us A FINE WRITERI have always listed Andrew Holleran at the topf my favorite gay authors and Grief continues the high standard you expect from his work Not a long novel but a beautifully written Summoner Girl Volume 1 observationf life and ageing and death penned by The First Indian War Of Independence 1857 1859 onef the keenest literary minds ut thereEver since the 1978 classic Dancer from the Dance his ground breaking first novel which surely must be n the short list for greatest American gay novel I have loved his books and this is no exceptionFocusing part Hog In The Fog of the novel around the timesf Mary Todd Lincoln and the Washington DC locale past and present adds something very special to this fine book Not necessarily a gay novel but it will resonate strongly with gay readers many still recovering from the loss The Western Comrade Vol 5 of lovednes due to the AIDS epidemic Mr Holleran has written Lettys Christmas Our Australian Girl Letty 4 only about six books in thirty years but all rich in uality Not bad This is a short novelnly 150 pages that is so detailed you take a long time to read it I think it s fun to read it s a tour Koreografen of Washington DC and a history lesson Politics are addressed and I would describe the ideas as edgy politically incorrect brave and they serve to create real intimacy between the main characters I m surprised SJWs haven t held a pitchfork party and burned all copiesf this book Likely not enough people have read it Natalie Goldberg mentions it in LET THE WHOLE THUNDERING WORLD COME HOME her newest memoir All the cool people are reading it. Ovels Dancer from the Dance Nights in Aruba and The Beauty f Men He has also written a book f essays Ground Zero and a book f short stories In September the Light Changes Holleran lives in Washington

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