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Betty BroderickSorry she explains almost incessantly that this is the A Whale In Paris reason there s no excuse for killing two people then continues her excuses for that actionIf I could summarize Dan Broderick was a high powered lawyer in San Diego who was a control freak Betty put through Med then Law School He got older she got older he decided to trade her in on a newer model been there it sucks but being leveraged out the wazoo and with Betty ignorant he finagled all their assets around until he could use his influence and legal skills to leave her with crumbsBetty went kinda bat shit Not entirely sure her trolley was entirely on the tracks to start with but it seems he played with her head and outlawyered her lawyers to the point where she couldn t have been in heright mind but that didn t make her insaneI originally had this as a 2 Waste of my time but no lingering hostility toward the author until toward the end when she showed the letters that sent her over to Dan s and Linda s that night and that pushed it the not a waste of time category Betty asks in the book paraphrasing here for the Object Oriented Multithreading Using C reader toead those and tell her whether they were threatening or not Ms Broderick if you Sedam Zvonara Majke Marije I Druge Pripovijetke Jama Izbor Iz Poezije reeading this those were NOT threatening letters they were standard things lawyers send out all the time and yours should ve told you that The first was a the agreement you drew up didn t match what we discussed and second was if your client doesn t stop calling here and screaming and cussing we e just gonna stop talking until she can behaveInteresting look at what goes on in someone s mind but she could ve saved some electronic trees by limiting the self serving I m not making excuses and Dan was such a controlling SOB portions Well written but 25 yrs later Betty is still angry at her victimsThe book is written by Betty and details her story I expected her to be elouent as she is a highly intelligent woman I also expected less angst against the twoPpl she killed Another expectation was the truth about what happened that night her defense still does not totally add up Still it tells the story of a woman viciously mistreated by a narcissistic husband and his apparently similarly narcissistic brand new trophy wife It s hard not to commiserate with Betty at some degree but murder is never the answer Very enlighteningSeveral people contributed to events that led to the murders not just the cruel thankless ex husband and his new spoiled wife but also corrupt good ole boy club judges and lawyers This is proof that you can t torture and provoke someone forever without backlash and people getting terribly hurt and negatively changing lives forever If you torture and provoke someone forever without backlash and people getting terribly hurt and negatively changing lives forever If you you know the Betty Broderick story because you ve seen the TV coverage ead the news stories and seen the movie you don t Not by a long shot I followed this story for years and thought I pretty much had heard it all I was on the fence about whether I should waste my time eading what I thought would be a ecap slanted heavily in Betty s favor absolving her of any Saving The Gray Whale responsibility What I found instead was a touching poignant autobiography of a very average American woman everywoman if you will whose low self esteem was deeplyooted in her family history and who conseuently found herself trapped in a highly toxic marriage toxic from day one Kept barefoot and pregnant for years because of the Catholic influence that defined her whole family history she toiled mercilessly for over 20 years to help keep the family afloat emotionally and financially sewing her own clothes living in basement apartments with no heating being berated for spending even the most paltry sum on anything for herself without first obtaining permission from her dictator husband having to find her way to the hospital alone when she husband having to find her way to the hospital alone when she into labor because Dan was out drinking and c This memoir by a ather unreliable narrator could be considered many things a symbol of feminism and the secret domestic angst of a long struggling woman an exaggerated overdramatic pity party thrown by an erratic and spoiled criminal mind the horrors of somebody who balanced their entire life on a man or maybe a little bit of all three Having ead many books on Betty Broderick in the past seen film adaptations and documentaries about her and Ng you have invested in – your financial security your home life and even your children Worse still he is a notoriously hard ball lawyer with every intention of crushing you in any way he can of erasing you from his life of La Bougresse reducing you to nothing so that he can move on as if you never existed Daniel T Broderick III’selentless harassment of his discarded wife Betty made her increasingly crazy as he and his girlfriend – then second wife – Linda Kolkena Broderick piled on the pressure until one day on November 5 1989 at her wits’ end and believing herself to be acting in self defense she confronted TruthVery honest memoir by a woman who was driven to insanity by her ex husband and continues to serve a uestionable exception of jail timeshe is 67 let her out to work with battered women Like many I have followed this story for years It is every woman s fear that a husband will leave you for a bimbo Up until I ead Bella Stumbo s book it was a seeming case of a perfect marriage husband gets successful and bored and a new vibrant chick causes him to throw everything away The Lifetime movie obviously insight gotten from his side of the family Portrayed Dan As A Hardworking Man And Linda As A as a hardworking man Linda as a dressed classy chick and they were just trying to get on with their lives After eading Stumbo s book those two turned out to be exactly what I thought A Sociopathic Narcissist And sociopathic narcissist and whore You can tell even looking at pictures that he has dead eyes no depth and she was a flighty bimbo who just fell into a good situation He has almost a sinister evil presence and I m sure he was just awful as a husband After eading Betty s point of view it is apparent she is still bitter She made their elationship out to be horrible from the beginning which is a wonder if it was so terrible why they married in the first place She even goes as far to say he might have been homosexual Do I feel sorry for Betty Yes and no It was not a perfect marriage He never showered her with gifts and was distant long before this chick came along and Betty even admits that there was no substance to the marriage She admits herself there were The Doorbell Rang red flags she should have noticed from the beginning I feel sorry for Betty because had she had self esteem and support from loved ones someone could have slapped her in the face and just told her to leave this jerk It seems her own immediate family was a bunch of uncaring selfish people as well She was a beautiful smart woman So this is where my sympathy stops She stayed in this toxicity and something like this happening was inevitable She was not a victim only to her own mind She obviously felt she didn t deserve a loving happyelationship otherwise she would have left this cold hearted brute Instead of viewing his dissolution of the marriage as a blessing she killed them And her life is over I say this because I ve dated jerks like him but I ve been blessed enough to ealize that their not being in my life is a gift And had she left those two alone time would have shown that their happiness could never be because he had no feelings and the bimbo would have been eplaced with newer fresher meat Also its not fair what Betty did to her children Those poor kids she had them as things to try and save that marriage and used them against him to try and uin his new one She conveniently left out a few of her evil ways in her book If she did mention it such as the Boston Cr me Pie incident it was brief and casually mentioned as if it meant nothing She used her children against him as part of the game which he won And I truly hope they found their own happiness I ead this book in two nights and if I didn t have a full time job would have killed it no pun intended in one sitting And I will continue to follow this story probably for the Orphan Train Riders Charles Christmas Gift rest of my days But yes I agree with othereviews that she probably isn t telling the whole truth I m sure he left her in the most vicious cruel way and I m sure he tried to serve her in public places for sheer humiliation In which case I would have chased down the process server signed those papers and been Punisher By Rick Remender rid of him once and for all She held on by dragging him to court for four long years and could have saved herself a lot of aggravation by just cutting her losses andunning as far away from that man as she could And I m sorry there was no harassment only from Betty It is her who vandalized left obscenities on the answering machine and stole their wedding invitation He just wanted to throw her away and be done with it She couldn t accept it and it was a tragic ending for the entire family Poor Betty by Betty BroderickI A Chosen Path rated this a 3 not a complete waste of time but I won te Kjennetegn read it or anything else the author writesIf you don t know the story Betty was convicted of second degree murder in the shooting deaths of her ex husband and his new wife this is her excuse oh. What do you do when you have struggled loyally for years beside your husband living in financial hardship as you bring up your joint children virtually as a single mother working toward the good times that you can see coming for all of you only to discover that your husband is committing adultery and is planning to leave you Worse he aggressively denies his affair denouncing you as crazy to your face and to everyone you know while he schemes to walk off with everything you have worked so hard for as he iseborn into a new life with a star struck younger woman as pretty as you once were who will enjoy everythi. ,

Nowing what atrocities she committed I personally believe that as unfaithful As Her Husband Was He her husband was he the victim of domestic violence gaslighting and The Plastic Surgeons Revenge Collection Gender Transformation Erotica rampant abuse Domestic violence against men isarely spoken of in the media and as a woman myself I m expected to side with Betty here the one who dedicated her life to child Loveknot Welcome To Tyler 12 raising only to be cast aside for a younger prettier woman but I can t Even aftereading Telling on myself I can t The language of this memoir is intended to defame and destroy no ationality or sanity is presented here and while I can Sympathize With Betty The Dissolution Of A with Betty The Dissolution Of A the dissolution of a never a happy ordeal I cannot pity her for what she did or the way she treated her ex husband and family If this book makes one thing evidently clear it s that Betty Broderick was an endlessly hopeless and frustrated woman and probably still is to this day She allowed her bitterness and hatred to eat her alive and maybe Telling on myself does highlight something very important there is very little support out there for a woman scorned They are expected to keep their head held high make a lot of cash in the legal battle to follow and walk away well off and free That s all well and good and arguably had Betty not stooped to bizarre violent and insane behaviours she could have walked away a ather wealthy woman by American standards but money means nothing when the best years of your life are behind you and you are left aging and alone Does the book make me like Betty as a person No She murdered two innocent people She dumped her own children on her husband s doorstep when he wasn t home as if she didn t want them and she treated them as pawns Infidelity doesn t justify that However the book does make it easier to understand where Betty is coming from and how helpless she felt at the time Maybe it s about time that was done for people with shattered dreams Betty Broderick s story is one many of us have heard and are fascinated by She s been portrayed as a monster crazy and turned into a pariah to some and a hero to others She lived through something that many women fear as their biggest nightmare her husband throwing them and their marriage away for a much younger woman Movies and books have been written about her What makes this one different from the Remember Who You Are rest is that it was written by Betty Broderick herself This book tells Betty s story in her own voice from her own uniue point of view Honestly in many ways I feel sorry for Betty She spent decades married to someone who neglected and abused her who treated her as an inconvenience She tried so hard to keep their marriage together and stood by Dan through the lean difficult years when they were barely able to make ends meet When Dan left her for his younger girlfriend he continued to abuse her emotionally and did everything he could to try to push her over the edge He even took their children and used them as pawns to manipulate and hurt her further That said if Betty had been able to control her own temper and how sheeacted to Dan s manipulations many of the problems she faced could have been avoided or at least lessened It would have been different if she d killed holing in self defense but that s not what happened here So her children were were left with no father and their mother in prison for murdering him and his new wife Linda Even after so many years you can tell how very angry Betty still is As justifiable as her anger is it s not affecting Dan and Linda at all or anyone Lost City Dinotopia 4 really other than herself and her children If she can find a way around that anger and acceptesponsibility for the part she played she might have a better chance the next time she comes up for parole In my opinion she s paid for her crimes and should be eleased Maybe she can use her experiences to help women who are in similar situations as she was in Maybe she d be able to find a measure of peace WowThis gave a totally different side to the murders Here we have the ex wife s view and it is an eye opener Dan was a crafty soul who knew how to destroy his enemies in the cour Great StoryI emember A Season Of Grief reading about this story in the newspaper when it happened It s even bettereading Betty s view It Forty Stories really doesn t seem like she got a fair deal through the Legal System. Hem in the early hours of the morning and in a panic shot them both dead A multitude of onlookers has absolved Betty for what she did Many even admire her especially if they have suffered similar fates to hers One juror at her trial openly uestioned why she had taken so long to kill Dan under such extreme provocation Now twenty five years into a thirty two year to life prison sentence for her second degree murder of Dan and Linda Broderick Betty haseluctantly decided to give her personal account of what led up to that fatal and fateful day when all three of their futures came violently and abruptly to an end.

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