( Read ) Orions Fate (Hunted #3) By A. Zavarelli

Orions Fate (Hunted #3)

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Nks This serials will entice those readers who have penchant for stalking and mindfuck elements Well nfortunately I m done Falling so can I have we can call it Fell That s what has happened I fell I felt so many things during this last installment of the series Fear Frustration Relief Love This was a great endingbut I really don t want it to be over I m a true believer in Alphas finding their mates and all becoming right in their world I really like the changes and growth we see finding their mates and all becoming right in their world I really like the changes and growth we see the two leads of this series I fell in love with their storyARC provided *IN EXCHANGE FOR HONEST REVIEW WHEN *exchange for honest review When Colletti moved to NY she didn t expect to fall in love Gabriel Maddox isn t looking for anyone but finds Victoria to his taste Sex is a top priority for the 2 What is Vitoria s pastWhat is in Gabriel s secret past Could the 2 actually fall in love Warning This book is for adults only contains adult content extreme violence killing murders etc profanity or sexually explicit scenarios It may be offensive to some readers I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors I am Life Without Me under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover great font writing style A very well written steamy hot BDSM erotic book It was very easy for me to readfollow from startfinish never a dull moment There were no grammartypo errors nor any repetitive or out of line seuence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios with several twiststurns a great set ofniue characters to keep track of This could also make great BDSM sex movie or paid per view mini TV series Short sweet Not my cup of tea but I will still rate it at 5 stars Thank you for the free Goodreads Author PDF book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn Falling into Surrender is the third and last book of the Falling series and it was absolutely fantastic This book is pack with action suspense anxiety tears passion love and most definitely hot sexy steamy parts that will make you panting for I love Gabriel and Victoria They both deserve happily ever after Note These are my personal opinionsI rarely do this but to ote the book Completely and tterly ruthless in his perfection That the. As the clock ticks down on their time together she will have to make a decision A decision to stay and put Gabriel’s life in danger or to leave the man that she loves behind But just when she thinks the choice is actually hers to make fate steps in and shows he. .

Awesome series really enjoyed it I love this author and she ll be on my list to read from now on My only wish for this last book would have been an epilogue I love seeing a glimpse into the future especially when you love the couple and story so much Wasn t a bad series at all but with this installment it felt like something was missing from the story Maybe it was because we don t get a pov from Gabriel like we did with the others Once we learn Some Things Out Able things out able it would have been nice to know a little bit about that And also able to see fatherson interactions With the stuff that went out with Alanna she should have her own novella or at least received a pov And how come we never meet Nathan I m not saying that he should have been in the whole book but at least some type of interaction Wasn t a fan of how the story ended out But that s a personal thing If it ends with an engagement I want like epilogue or another chapter letting s get a sneak peak into their lives I know I m a greedy reader 475 Falling stars A Zavarelli Please note This book contains explicit sexual content language and elements of BDSM and dark erotica This is the third and conclusion story of Victoria Colletti and BDSM and dark erotica This is the third and conclusion story of Victoria Colletti and Maddox which apparently picks p the end of book 2Victoria s still hellbent to walk away in her relationship with the charismatic billionaire Gabriel Maddox But Gabriel Maddox but Gabriel also determined to not let Victoria to get away with him ever But what will happen if the danger of your past collides with the present are you still willing to fight the futureSince the book 1 i absolutely hooked by this serials especially with the MC s Victoria and Gabriel which harboring a same dark past I loved Victoria s character she is so caring sweet and a loving bestfriend as for Gabriel his character started with being an arrogant ass but as the story goes on i ve witness the changes from being rude arrogant ass to being loyal and protectiveWell i love the plot of this story from the dysfunctional family of Gabriel to the PsychoticObsessive Step mother of Victoriai will not say on this lol A Zavarelli delivers an amazing tell tale great story line and awesome building of characters plus scorching sex scenes with a bit of ki. When Victoria Colletti moved to New York she didn’t expect to fall in love But the city that never sleeps has captured her heart right along with Gabriel Maddox Unfortunately love can’t change her circumstances and some things will always be out of her grasp.
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Re is the reason why I love this book and seriesbecause of Gabriel The likes and dislikes apart from it being fiction and I can t have my own Gabriel Really hot in the sex roomcraved of thoseI had a little have my own Gabriel Really hot in the sex roomcraved of thoseI had a little with the formatting and editing but they were minor and barely botheredThe mythlegend thing playing out in this book was outstandingly coolSPOILER I thought it a little stupid the not taking the bail SPOILER I hated the assumed betrayal regarding Gabriel Like hear a guy out damn itWanted of Gabriel s perspective againThe pace is good maybe just a little too rushed at some partsThe Maddox family dirty secret revealhow does it fit in I suppose I m just a little confused but I felt like the mention that they were a happy family Book Two I think before the money made it seem family Book Two I think before the money made it seem didn t have that specific issue and Gabriel was born before they were Momma Dont Hit Me Shannons Nh Diaries Book 1 utterly richThe reader in me wanted just a titbit of the what happened next Notes on characters Victoria I didn t like her character very much in this bookGabriel Read the first sentencemhmmArthur Made me think of the Monopoly man so loved hisirkinessAll and all BEST SERIES I VE READ THIS YEAR so far still a new all time favourite EndingGod Lord Great series I was hoping there would be than this but sad to say that s all she wrote Very emotional stories Hung to every work that was written Epic conclusion to an awesome series What can I say I fell in love with these characters and am disappointed to see it end This one has a few twists and you will have to read it to see how Victoria and GABRIEL S STORY PLAYS OUT THAT s story plays out That said I found this whole series intriguing and loved it from the beginning to end It was nice to see Gabriel and Victoria grow through out and I found myself rooting for them And just when you think things might be ok A throws a curveball in and leaves you wondering where the story will go from there If you like a great read filled with steamy scenes and lots of twists and turns this series will definitely be for you It was an amazing book for the last in the seriesI couldn t put it down it kept me intrigued and had lots Pounded By Bikers unexpected events happening I gotpset thinking they might not last but really happy with what happen in the end. R it has other plans Not only could she lose Gabriel but she could lose him for goodPlease note This book contains explicit sexual content including elements of BDSM and dark erotica Also a very alpha male who likes to drop the f bomb freuently You have been warn.

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