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I don t really know why #I VE KEPT IT BUT EVERYTIME # ve kept it but verytime thought about giving it away I just couldn t bring myself to do it Maybe it was the old fashioned cover with the ship and the ocean I m a sucker for romances on the high seas Maybe it was the fact that theres very little about this book anywhere and almost nothing but negative reviews seems to peak my curiousity I can be such a glutton for punishment There s of course always the hope that between the cheesy awful cover I would find an Logic From Kant To Russell epic bodice ripping saga with soap opera dialouge and stupidlyntertaining misunderstandingsI didn t get any of thatThis was a rape y racist sexist waste of ink and paper and I mourn the dead trees that were killed to print this hot messThe Captains Doxy is split into four partsthe first part starts a little like Flame and the FlowerHeather Katy is a poor little working class maid for Lord Percy One night he comes home drunk and tries to rape her She stabs him with a pair of scissors and runs away In the midst of running away she meets a woman named Charity Charity says she can get her a job as a seamstress or doing other lady stuff Somehow she gets seperated from Charity *during their journey and bunch of pirates think she s a prostitute Meet your hero James Bartlett an abusive rapist asshole *their journey and bunch of pirates think she s a prostitute Meet your hero James Bartlett an abusive rapist asshole is also an alcoholicJames is offended by her virginal innocence right away and can t rape her Fast Enough When She enough When she all over the bed he realizes she wasn t lying but Eh it s your fault for being hawt After raping fainting and sobbing Katy realized she has fallen in love with James Her greatest fear is him not loving her so she won t tell himSome angst blah blah blah They tell achother of there undying love and Katy reveals she pregnant and they re super stoked because it s not like they re super disfunctional and abusive or anythi Oh wait Part Two follows them on their journey to Jamaica to visit Jamie s old friend Sir Henry Morgan and to get married Katy is terrified all the time and no one knows why it makes no sense Katy is raped again by some creep on the ship for some reason getting raped was harmful to the baby and she s not allowed to have sex until the baby is born This makes James cranky and hangryIn Part Three We meet Jamie s mother who keeps. Ere she was forced to share the bed of cruel and relentless James Bartlett captain of the buccaneersExalted by PassionAt first overcome by shame and revulsion at the lusty captain'. So this one killed my

#Desire To Read Romance #
to read romance for *several years and ven colors my review of romance ven today *years and ven colors my review of romance Quarantine Star Trek Voyager Starfleet Academy 3 even today don t care if it was pre feminist I don t care that rape fantasiesxist I m sorry if she scapes one rape and then is raped by a man who is really sorry but he thought she was doxy there is no difference between ither of the men Sorry She should have stabbed them both instead of just the one Just ran across an old list of books I hated in the 80 s The Captain s Doxy copyright 1980 was a disopointing book for me For starters the begining of the book was just way to close to The Flame And The Flower b Kathleen E Woodiwisscopyright 1972 In the begining of both books the h is a girl born to the working class there is an attempted rape by a titled person in wich she stabs him Thinking that she killed himshe runs The h Pardon Me For Mentioning Unpublished Letters To The Age And The Sydney Morning Herald ends up at a sea port and is mistaken for a prostitute The H is the captain of a ship and his men think that he needs a women for their next trip toase the hurt from another women The H s men mistaken the h for a prostitute brings her aboard the ship and gives her to the captain The H thinks that the whole scared virgin act is just thatan act and proceeds to rape her At this point he realises that she was telling the truth but with the damage already done he continues to rape her over and overAfter this the book does seem to go in it s own direction but it had already lost me So many things happen that have me rolling my The Dom With The Deviant Kittens Badass Brats 5 eyes maybe if this was the first bodice ripper that I had read I would have thought differently but I know there is so much better books than this one Ah in the time before feminist sensibilities Really really awful I kept reading to see whether the captain would be redeemed but he doesn t he remains a brutal abuser which we re supposed to find sexy or something Violent to the point of masochism it really says a lot about the author s psychology It could have been annjoyable historical romance if it wasn t for the deeply dodgy ongoing subtext of rape Read if you want t Absolutely terribleI ve had this book for uite awhile I found it in a batch of old romance I got for free from my library I nded up keeping the gems and donating most of them this was one of a small few that survived. Degraded by LustHomeless friendless and pursued by the law for stabbing a lecherous nobleman in defense of her honor lovely Katy Coswell was abducted aboard the pirate ship Hawk wh. ,

Hallucinating that he is his father and tries to kill Katy in a jealous rage James s father has the hawts for Katy Katy has the baby and nearly dies Jamie s gets all pissy for no good god damn reason and sleeps with one of his slaves The slaves rebel and Jamie makes peace with his father who is killed protecting Katy This book had some potential in the beginning but wow it went downhill fast Katy is nearly raped by her guardian then flees him only to nd up in the arms of another rapist She is taken aboard James s ship repeatedly raped as well as physically abused James never apologizes or *Attempts To Treat Katy Better *to treat Katy better long Katy decides she is deeply in love with James Her love grows so strong for him that it nearly kills her when he won t say that he loves her in return which is laughable in itselfKaty supposedly cares so much about her child when she becomes pregnant that at the first time her relationship struggles due to James being unfulfilled she s willing to risk the baby s life to just be with him We can have other babies Really Weirdly Neck Dissection enough Katy is desired by just aboutvery man in her life so it didn t really surprise me when several of them put the moves on hertry to rape her including James s father Nor did it surprise me when Katy standing up to James somehow led him into the arms of another woman a slave woman who he treated like trashDon t ven get me started into the arms of another woman a slave woman who he treated like trashDon t ven get me started the slave situation No wonder they rebelled These people were treated appallingly Ang Aso Ang Pulgas Ang Bonsai At Ang Kolorum even up to the bitternd One minute Katy wanted to fight for someone the next it was why does James have to be working out in the fields like the slaves In the endveryone just had to stand by and watch as James did as he pleased to his slavesTo top it all off James abandons Katy once again Katy then abandons her child with whomever probably the poor wetnurseslave Amanda to ride out to James s ship to convince him she never cheated on him Bad Marie even though he cheated on her and that she loves him Suddenly all is forgiven and Katy and James are happy together and so in love once againHonestly I was rooting for something to come of Katy s true family and she would go on to a better life Or for her and James s indentured servant Billy to find happiness together funny at times. S amorous advances Katy soon found herself responding withual ardor as his caresses aroused her to a frenzy of desire Now her only fear was that Jamie would never return her love.

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The Captain's Doxy