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Lustful DesiresEy try YasssNina and Marcus Davis LOVED THE BOOKIT WASN YOUR the bookIt wasn t your thug book I readIt was actually an adult bookThey were mature and actually loved each other and didn t cheatIm so glad it had a happy ending to it PovI actually read it on wattpad and I love this book How they were so in love makes me wish to have a relationship like theirs Must ReadFrom the prologue I was drawn into the story immediately The settings in each part was clear and very descriptive Every secret and lie was thrilling nexpected and all twisted into what seemed each part was clear and very descriptive Every secret and lie was thrilling nexpected and all twisted into what seemed a never ending web of dece. Erfect She’s gorgeous sweet and innocent Marcus instantly sees her as wifey and the mother of his babies Nina sees Marcus to be the perfect man for her A man who cares and loves her for everything except sex; which due to her job as a stripper she's seen that a man like that is hard to find Marcus is handsome loving and treats her with the true respect that she deserve. IssaMotherFckinBangaya loved e ond e ween arc n na glad a dav na d dn co e e ween e nd a a old arc ecre nd a arc nd jere y d dn all co ple ely o n na a very rong wo an o c ro g er pro e LiteraryGoddessBooBear LGBB Approved This Banga NopeThis was all my children as the world turns General hospital young and the restless and one life to live all in one Stories were ridiculous the lines were forced and the acting was just bad It gets a star for being a standalone just bad It gets a star for being a standalone because Nina and Marcus made it very good A love storyI enjoyed this book no one can block true love no matter how hard th. THIS IS A FULL LENGTH STANDALONE NOVEL “Lust is temporary romance can be nice but love is the most important thing of all because the most important thing of all Because love lust and romance will always be short lived” Danielle Steel When Nina Howard and Marcus Davis first cross paths they instantly fall in love Marcus finds himself ncontrollably in love with Nina Everything about her to him is

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It There was a few misspelled words but other than that the Storyline Was Amazing I was amazing I happy and satisfied with the ending Miss Jeneseua I am a fan Must read great bookThis book had me at the beginning but that Daviana She Was Something Else Can T Wait For Part she was something else can t wait for part To find out what s going on with Max and Rochelle this book is a MUST READ Miss Jenesua did her thank SweetNina and Marcus went through a lot before their wedding day He found out 2 of his friends betrayed him but they still remained friends He had a crazy ex I would like to read about Max and Rochelle Jeremy and Hannah also. S With their wedding Dare To Love uickly approaching they both find themselves craving each other than ever before They plan to get married and live happily ever after but will they be able to with the constant battle of love and lust Will their family troubles and personal secrets be the leader to their doom Or will annexpected visitor from Marcus’ past tear their sweet love apa.