McNamaras Folly PDF BY Hamilton Gregory

McNamaras FollyMany of us especially Vietnam veterans like myself know well he basic facts hat an escalation of roop levels began in The Demigod Files the mid 1960 s and peaked at about 550000 by 1968hat all otal 27 million Americans served in Vietnam during he war years and Big Sky Drifter that 58000 American s diedhere mostly in combat situations But how many know hat approximately 10% of hose casualties were suffered by low I men brought into he service under a plan sponsered by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamera hat drastically lowered Extreme Indifference the recruitment standards in ordero fill Mortal Spoils the ranks while ostensibly servingo give Leading Business Change For Dummies these low functioning men a chanceo better Rigid Body Dynamics Algorithms themselves The program was known as McNamara s 100000 forhe number of substandard men A Peoples Power to be recruited each year who became commonly called McNamara s Morons Whilehe program did not necessary intend o send hose men many of whom were illiterate into combat Tales Of India Vol 3 they often ended up onhe front lines dying at a rate Destiny Maker threeime higher han heir cohorts of normal intelligence Haminton Gregory a Vietnam veteran journalist and college professor ells he story with a compelling blend of objectivity and restrained moral force Gregory went The Wolf Talk through Army boot camp at Fort Benning in 1967 where as a college graduate he was assignedo look out for another recruit who happened The Adventures Of Stout Mama to be one of McNamara s 100000 Gregory describes his astonishment at discoveringhat Biographical Dictionary Of Medallists Vol 2 this young man could not read writeie his shoes and did not understand hat he US was at war Such men got The Literary Ghost throughraining Gergory describes Attaining Manufacturing Excellence thankso leaders under pressure Philip Larkin to keephe pipeline full who were willing o look he other way Frustrated officers who Keskaeg Ja Uusaeg Jaapanis triedo resist and send low I recruits home were often rebuffed by Amor Vincit Omnia the chain of commandThoughhe haunting story of Disaster Movies this program is full of fascinating anecdotes and statistics Gregorgy grounds it inhe larger social context of conscription during Vapour Trails the Vietnam era The pipeline neededo be pumped full of less A Saga Das Mos than combat capable individuals because so many ofhe most intelligent young men were managing o avoid his increasingly unpopular war Sons of he upper middle class and upper class had no rouble getting student deferrements and other means of avoidance All it A Face To Die For tooko get a medical pass was a New Thoughts On Tarot tripo Lone Stars Of David the right doctor If you hadhe wherewithal you could flee o Canada or Sweden far from he killing fields of Indochina The argument can even be made The Druid King thathe need The Classic Works Of Hilda Doolittle to reach lower and lower intohe barrel of potential recruits contributed Democracy And Americas War On Terror to suchragedies as Palabras De Auga the My Lai Massacre wherehe Cordinas Crown Jewel Cordina 4 troops were led by a college dropout Aside from a single instance of mild redundancyhis book has Hujan Pun Menari the ualities of a pageurner a well Family Finance Handbook toldale of a compelling situation Though Love Amp Economics the subject may have special resonance forhose of us who came of age during Alienation Victim the Vietnam War era its message still speaks just as stronglyoday Our modern wars in Ira and Afganistan are being fought by an all volunteer military These men Hamilton Gregory attempts The Golden Peaches Of Samarkand to straddlehree worlds That of a historian documenting a sordid incident if Adobe Air Bible the death wounding ofhousands can be considered an incident On Sayang Awak Sayang this he does an adeuate job It would have been better done for himo name names not of Storm Warning the handicapped persons who didheir duty as best The Ghost Hunter they could but ofhose who perpetrated hese outrages MacNamara and Johnson did not act alone and Reagan s Secretary of he Navy is a public figure He does single out appropriately call out Dick Cheney and George W Bush for successfully evading service in Viet Nam as young men but interestingly except for a single positive mention not John Kerry who s Ghengis Khan comment in No Regrets the early 70 s youngish and his get stuck in Ira comment of 2005 decidedly not young Unless I mi The firsthree parts are uite good describing he personal account of he author and his experience with he low I section of he US milliary After Little Dick Tranny thathe rest of he book is just short disorganized anecdotes from people he interviewed years later There s a lot of not his real name and he declined o give specifics which combined with De Pruikenmaker En De Prins the facthat Where Girls Dare these anecdotes simply rehashhe author s experiences don Die Ballade Von Max Und Amelie t lend much It s an interesting read buthere weren Maintaining The Spirit Of Place t manyakeaways other Edna St Vincent Millay 1892 1950 than don let idiots handle grenades I received my copy of McNamara s Folly from he author himself He had read he first "poem and later others in my book Love Poems for Cannibals and also learned hat "and later others in my book Love Poems for Cannibals and also learned hat am a Vietnam Veteran July 1967 July 1968 The poem that he read was Dream Frag of Robert Strange McNamara This poem clearly and correctly communicatedo Hamilton Gregory hat I never liked McNamara very muchWhereas my poem was personally hostile and wild and darkly funny regarding McNamara McNamara s Folly is informative dispassionate in he best sense and utterly compelling as a statement of painful Ramphyr truth This is an important book because it contributeso our understan There s a uote from The Fog of War which I like a whole lot How much evil must we do The Dressmakers Guide 1840 1865 to do good Knowhat you will do evil but Doing Social Media So It Matters try and minimize it Well Secretary McNamara you just MAXIMIZED evilThe genesis of Project 100000 McNamara s programo lower standards for admittance Acadian To Cajun tohe military was simple As State Capitalism In Russia the Vietnam War heated up in 1965 bodies were neededo man Batrice the line Mobilizinghe National Guard and reducing deferments for students would have political costs as Cfnm Princess the children ofhe middle class and elites had connections The Naked King to makeheir displeasure felt in Washington The brilliant plan as organized by McNamara and President Johnson over he objections of he entire military bureaucracy was o dramatically reduce standards for he draft Something like 350000 men drafted were drafted despite failing pre 1966 criteria and Neurosurgery Case Review they died at a ratehree Spanked By Her Stepdaughter times higherhan Amharic Ethiopia Bible the average soldier deployedo VietnamThe army has long been in he intelligence business Carson s article Army Alpha Army Brass and he Search for Army Intelligence a great read if you have JSTORE access shows hat at he entry Lintellettuale Militante Critica Sociale E Impegno Politico Nel Novecento to WW1 when America facedhe Three Steps On The Ladder Of Writing task of ahirteen fold expansion of Liker Stilen the Army beyond it s prewar size iturned o he nascent science of intelligence Fallen Diva testingo separate out NCOs and officers from In Search Of The Ultimate High the mass of general recruits Inhe 1960s Royal Families Of Medieval Scandinavia Flanders And Kiev the Armed Forces ualification Test AFT was a standard part ofhe intake process Only recruits who scored above a Category III euivalent Vaiko Ir Paauglio Psichologija to I 92 could serveProject 100000 erasedhat limit McNamara argued Complete Dentures that many low scoringroops were merely poorly educated and it s Henri Matisse truehat in Eaters Digest the upper range of Category 4here were a number of people who had nothing intrinsically wrong with Alazars Book Of Bondage Volume 2 them but simply hadn been educated who had Legacy Of Greyladies Greyladies 3 the potentialo be fine soldiers But Category 4 and Category 5 included masses of people with profound developmental disabilities who would never make good soldiersGregory went hrough Basic with several of McNamara s Morons as men drafted under he new lower standards were called He had responsibility for one who was completely illiterate and wound up in Stan Podgorczkowy the Special Training company with many after developing near fatal heat stroke on araining march His personal story is heart wrenching and in Literary Criticism In The Monthly Review From 1760 1770 the decades on he collected every anecdote puto print about Edgar Allan Poe these men As expecthey fared poorly in

You may not have o a poet or a mathematician o carry a rifle but uick hinking is necessary Small units depend on everybody pulling heir weight and McNamara s Morons were weak links who either found a protector who kept from combat or who became scapegoats for Well Done Secret Seven The Secret Seven 3 the rest ofhe platoon In a final cruelty McNamara argued Our American Cousin that service would educate and improvehese men but many were discharged other han honorably marking hem as misfits and failures for The World Of Earl Hines the rest ofheir lives McNamara s Folly blends memoir and somewhat amateurish scholarship into a persuasive whole This is not Cognitive Psychology to sayhat Gregory is wrong but as someone with letters after his name I care about he difference between a collection of anecdotes no matter how complete and compelling and an actual research uestion I would have loved o see some systematic analysis of Well Done Secret Seven the origins of Project 100000 andhe careers of Seeing Things the men drafted under it Sometimes it is easyo get caught in a bubble of where you work and To Catch A Dark Thief Books Of The Stone Veil 2 the people you hang out with Books likehese are nice since Treasons River Reluctant Adventures Of Lieutenant Martin Jerrold 3 they provide context and make you understandhe world on a holistic level Most surprising were The Underground Is Massive thathe new minimum I ualifications for military service didn Fluffy Chick t seemhat low Die Groe Liebe to me whereas beforehe military reuired a score in Lockdown the 31st percentile it was lowered as part of Project 100000 downo he 10th percentile Although he author goes into Esena Eficienei the facthat a large number of recruits were let in Love Conquers Nothing A Glandular History Of Civilization through administrative acceptance and actually had scores even lower it was still surprisingo me how stark a contrast La Cour Des Grandes there was in 31 vs 10I would only give 35 stars however becausehe second part of Welfare Happiness And Ethics the book becomes repetitive very uickly and probably isn worth a read The author chooses o go into stories of individuals without ever focusing on anyone for han a few paragraphs This makes it hard o connect with hose described and results in what feels like a mass of stories haphazardly smashed Raising A Leader For Life togetherOverall would recommend reading but onlyhe first half parts 1 3 The author does a good job of defining any military concepts or slang which is nice for readers Verdens Uartigste Dreng that don have previous familiarity Ebook 2h See also Gregory s 2016 Arrls Hf Digital Handbook talk Low Aptitude Men In The Military Who Profits Who Pays Laurence Ramberger 1991 It s not well known but one ofhe most consistent long Guinevere term sponsors of research into intelligence has beenhe US military This is because contrary Judge Dredd Vs Aliens to lay wisdomhat I only measures how well you do on a est or book learning cognitive ability predicts performance in all occupations down o Strange Angels Strange Angels 1 the simplest manual laborhis might seem surprising but Alex Paine there are a lot of wayso screw up a simple job and cause losses outside one s area For example aiming and pointing a rifle or Emma And The Banderwigh Tales Of Widowswood 1 throwing a grenade might seem like a simpleask but it s also easy Reiki to screw up by pointing athe wrong point reuires fast reflexes reflexes are one of The Allure Of Grammar the most consistent correlations with intelligence memory for procedures like strippinghe ability Constantinople In The Early Eighth Century to read ammo box labels or orders as one Marine drill instructor noted and common sense like not indulging in practical jokes byossing grenades at one s comrades and forgetting Dyslexia Learning And The Brain to removehe fuse common sense is not so common as Frostlands Splinterlands Book 2 the saying goes Such men were not even useful cannon fodder ashey were as much a danger A Companion To Feminist Art tohe men around hem as hemselves never mind he enemy and jammed up he system A particularly striking non Vietnam example is Roman Vergil the case of one ofhe largest non nuclear explosions ever he Port Chicago disaster which killed 320 people any complex disaster like hat has many causes of course but one of them was simplyhat he explosives were being handled by he dregs of The Claw Of The Conciliator The Book Of The New Sun 2 the Navy not even bottom decile but bottom duo decile hado look Histoire Des Ducs De Bourgogne De La Maison De Valois 1364 1477 Vol 7 that one up and other stations kept raiding it for anyone competentGregory s book collates stories about what happened whenhe US military was forced o ignore hese facts it knew perfectly well in Cave Of Danger the service of Robert McNamara Lyndon Johnson s Project 100000 ideao kill wo birds with one stone by drafting recruits who were developmentally disabled unhealthy evil or just oo dumb Sexual Borderlands to be conscripted previously it would providehe warm bodies needed for Vietnam and use In My Wild Dream Wild 5 the militaryo educate The Mass Explained To Children the least fortunate and givehem a leg up as part of Nonlinear Analysis In Chemical Engineering the Great Society s faith in educationo eliminate individual differences and refute Tr A Ca Nhng Ngn Tay the ideahat intelligence is realIt did not go wellThe main value of The Swingers Vacation the book is providing many concrete examples of what a lack of intelligence can mean useful for people who spendheir whole lives in high I bubbles and have no idea of what Dictionary Of Ecclesiastical Latin that means examples in Gottfredson s Why g Matters The Complexity of Everyday Lifehe difficulty of implementing social welfare programs McNamara s education fantasies never materialized for lack of funds he enlistees not being smart enough o ualify in An Early Anadidymus Of The Chick the first place and a forceful denunciation ofhe harms cruelty committed by a willful blindness Ghosts Of The Carolinas tohe fact of individual differences harms which fall on Never Deny A Duke Decadent Dukes Society 3 those least ableo understand or withstand The Hare With The Pearl Earring them He was perpetually angry and aggrieved and healked back Tiempo Pasado tohe sergeants When Meditation To Help You Meet Your Spirit Guide they cursed him andhreatened him he would say angrily I just wanna go home Why don Typewriting Behavior t you let me go home The phrase banality of evil comes repeatedlyo mind in examining Toward A Pentecostal Ecclesiology the ramifications of McNamara s blank slatismhrough The Massey Murder the military sy. In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara were desperateo find additional Dancing Days Magic Bunny 5 troops forhe Vietnam War but The Sweetest Thing they fearedhat hey would alienate middle class voters if hey drafted college boys or sent Reservists and National Guardsmen Clear Blue Sky to Vietnam So on October 1 1966 McNamara lowered mental sta. StemGregory himself received an early introduction intohe Feeding Desire topic when he showed up for boot camp and was put in charge of one ofhose conscripted men o his bafflement his scrawny ward Gupton was illiterate couldn understand he idea of a war or basic raining couldn Light The Menorah t memorize his serial number didn know who Hitler was nor what state he was from nor his grandmother s nameaddress apparently he had no parents or didn The Ecumenical Movement t rememberhem was Dragonlance Dungeon Masters Screen terrified of injections endlessly fascinated byhe dog ags he was reuired o wear and Crimson Nation thought a nickel was worthhan a dime because it was bigger and routinely got into Cuentos De Cinco Minutos Five Minute Short Stories El Duende Verde trouble because he couldn keep rankshonorifics straight or hopelessly literal understand humor or military slang in commands and while he was unable Vital Found The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy 2 to learno make his bed another recruit was able The Golden Buddha Changing Masks to eventuallyeach Gupton The Mothers Day Murder Christine Bennett 12 to at leastie his shoelaces The cruelties began early on when Gregory accompanies several of McNamara s morons Gupton The Excruciating History Of Dentistry toheir barracks where they are orderedo leave Petualang Asmara Serial Pedang Kayu Harum 2 their backpacks out allheir money is stolen in he night by he sergeant who The Fathers Tale thenells Mutiara Hitam Serial Bu Kek Siansu 4 themo report F B Eyes the crimeo him rather Louisiana Hotshot Talba Wallis 1 thanhe MPs which Sisig Lang Ang May Utak they guilelessly do Gregory noteshat Dalcroze Today the sergeants appearedo have been argeting he morons routinely and getting away with it every time Life is hard but it s much harder when you re dumbThe story of Gupton has a relatively happy ending while eventually graduating boot camp and sento Vietnam despite Gregory s attempt Design Noir to get him safely discharged he apparently was sheltered by a sergeant who had a mentally handicapped sister of his own and understood survived hisour and returned eventually dying at age 57 But note thathis is still far short of a normal male life expectancy The Space Between Us the Iall cause mortality correlation is substantial particularly at an extremeOther stories did not end well Some wererapped in boot camp Gregory describes how many would be sent o remedial raining repeatedly failing Kill 4 Me the exercise reuirements becausehey didn Capitalism Socialism And Democracy t understand howo correctly execute actions in swinging from monkey bars Sarashi Asobi Sarashi Asobi 1 they wouldry The Education Dissertation to swing one bar at aime coming o a halt each ime in running an obstacle course Manet they would haveo pause in front of each arrow and Daniel think about what an arrow meant before understanding which directiono go costing Memory And The Human Lifespan themoo much Tamirisin Gecesular timeo ever beat Addiction Treatment the deadlinehey would insist on Sender Unknown throwing grenades like a baseball directlyo Hay Made Marian 8 5 thearget not understanding Secrets thathrowing up in a parabola would gain hem he necessary distance and in Prepping With Mason Jars Several Beginner Steps For Urban Preppers To Using Mason Jars To Prepare For Disasters the mile runhey would sprint as fast as possible at Sam Walton The Inside Story Of Americas the start and be surprised whenhey became utterly exhausted long before he finish line One mutinied from he drills under Saartjie Se Geveg Saartjie 9 the impressionhat being sent Asperger Syndrome And Adolescence tohe stockade meant going home until it was explained The Gale Encyclopedia Of Alternative Medicine to himhat Verbal Behavior Analysis the word meant jail Onehing worth noting is Cnn Video For Facts Amp Figures And Thoughts And Notions that many ofhe short or unintelligent people came from very poor environments In Rojin Fay Kr 3 thinking abouthe past it s easy Earth Shattering Poems to forget how poorhe USA was until recently Pasaules Dikais Tirgonis the USA during Vietnamo say nothing of earlier The life of American workers in 1915 was what we would consider a Third World country Gupton for example was very How To Change A Habit thin ate ravenously duringraining and had abscessed Ben Le Vays Eccentric Oxford teeth because he had never seen a dentist in his part of Appalachia one enlistee considered himself blessedo be in Unrequited the Army ratherhan Mississippi where he could eat meat every day indeed every meal of which A Row Of Crows A Satellite Book there werehree got beautiful new clothes free doctor dentist visits and was even paid money once a month another enlistee was Kentut Kosmopolitan thrilled about how he could suddenly see people s faces nowhat he had glasses after an Army doctor gave him a vision Herb Witch Lord Alchemist Duology 1 test Neverthelesshe improved environment of Compras Principios Generales the Army appearso have made little difference It is not surprising Kings Of The Water that McNamara s morons could be spotted on sight because ofheir shortness funny looking faces and general ugliness Eagles tohe point where Gregory goes into detail about Letters From Rifka the one exceptionhe handsome Freddie Hensley who nevertheless was not he sharpest ool in Beat The Story Drum the shedo Oxford Elementary Learners Dictionary the surprise of everyone interacting with him and discoveringhings like his reflexes being far Kathryn Mail Order Brides Of The West 6 Mccutcheon Family 6 too slowo shoot a rifle or believing Socialism And International Economic Order thathere was no connection between The Princess And The Pea thunder and lightning Hensley was sent into combat and died I was not surprisedo discover hat he had been killed in combat With his good looks he probably was assumed o be normal and was moved along o Vietnam and sent out into probably was assumed o be normal and was moved along Journey To The Altar to Vietnam and sent out into fieldBefore long she was expressing grief and anger and bewilderment Sheold me Trial Of Ebenezer Scrooge that when Freddie received his draft notice she and other family members wento The Riddle And The Rune Gom 2 the induction center and explainedhat Freddie had been in EMR educable mentally retarded classes in school and had not been able Deception to drive a car andhat it would be a mistake Back To Christmas The Scandari Saga Book 3 to draft him In response a sergeant reassuredhe family The Unmanly Man that Freddie would not be put into danger he would just do menial jobs such as sweeping floors and peeling potatoes He was a good boy she said When he was little we usedo go everywhere Be Bold together He was my Little Man She begano sob and she lamented Why did The Summer Is Ended And We Are Not Yet Saved they haveo draft him I want Years Of Dust to know why When forcedhrough basic Lady Oscar Vol 6 training by hook or by crook furtherraining generally proved pointless here weren enough funds Pulsating Words to pay forhe extensive hand holding so Vietnam the fancy education direct instruction apparently McNamara put faith in either wasn enough or simply never happened in A Homeless Mans Burden the first place Thus demonstratinghe iron brass laws of social programs as well program efficacy always declines as it scales up because it must be run by exactly Voyage Dans Legypte Des Pharaons Avec Christian Jacq those people failing athe The Ghost In The Universe task inhe first place for lack of resourcescompetenceincentivesmeaningful interventions Where education was Resurgent Antisemitism tried iturned out Doug to be futile andhose who did Henry Moore trainhem found hem oo slow or Slam February 2007 Issue too dangerouso rust A man assigned o Jane Shore A Tragedy Written In Imitation Of Shakespeares Style By Nicholas Rowe Esq Marked With The Variations In The Managers Book At The Theatre Royal In Drury Lane t shirt printing shop was unableo understand alphabetization and had The Pioneer Woman to pick out each letter for printing by scanninghrough Gold Mine The Dark Of The Sun The Eye Of The Tiger the box one by one a sergeantrained The Cambridge Companion To Thomas Pynchon two meno drive military The Ball Of Twin Moonszero No Tsukaima 9 trucks somewhat successfully buthey were oo dangerous drivers o be used and were You Didnt Complete Me transferred out another simply forgoto get back on Crocodile Smile the helicopters after a village search forcing a second retrieval mission another was lucky enougho be sheltered by his sergeant in mess hall duties until a mortar hit it killing him one played a prank on his suad mates ossing a defused grenade at hem Grand Prix Greats twoimes but on Marginal Annotations And Other Poems thehird Vcs Of The First World War throw forgoto disable it another wandered away from an ambush and wandering back was killed by his suad while yet another almost shot his commander with a LAW rocket when startled another did kill his commander while on guard duty when he forgot Lost Worlds to ask forhe password before shooting another forgot The Adventures Of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to put his rifle safety on shooting a suad mate inhe foot who died another Elfie Gdzie Jeste tripped a boobyrap while not paying attention another was captured by La Grande Madre Il Culto Femminile Nella Storia the NVA and went insane screaming endlessly and defecating on himself while being beaten It is unsurprisinghat many of Delicious Wicked Lovers 3 them would be madeo walk point or ejected somehow in addition o he constant insults and abuse a new recruit was Songs Of Milarepa toldhe NVA would kill Emulation Working Explained them all in a few hours went insane from fear climbed up a flag pole and jumped off it and another was beateno death in Marine basic Meest Modermismen Modermismen 3 training McNamara may have had good intentions but inhe social sciences good results follow good intentions much as Jazz Guitar Chord Mastery Guitar Chords In Context Book 2 the rain followshe plow which is The Victory Garden to sayhey do mostly by accident and we find it easier Priestess Of The Fire Temple Druid 3 toailor our preferences Dankbare Kinderen Huilen Niet tohe results Trollops In Love than vice versa Only a few ofhe stories like The Collected Works Of Edward Schillebeeckx Volume 9 the recruit who was confused by havingwo left boots and wo right boots but no complete pairs of boots or he one who Introductory College Physics thought semen was urine orhe extremely short man who received an honorable discharge medical pension for contracting Clarks Creek Ranch Box Set theerrible disability of dwarfism in a war zone or The Reality Of The Person Of The Holy Spirit Volume 5 the draftee whoried o commit suicide by drinking a bottle of Head "Shoulders shampoo could be considered all hat funny Most are painful o read But educational again especially if you are in "shampoo could be considered all hat funny Most are painful Souten No Koumori to read But educational again especially if you are in high I bubble and have a lack of empathy for what low intelligence means Once you ve read some ofhese anecdotes other anecdotes like Scott Alexander s experiences in Haiti no longer seem like such a stretchOne of he most striking examples is hat Americas Church the My Lai massacre itself may have been directly dueo lowered recruiting standardsHe cited Lieutenant William Calley convicted in Dinosaur Quest At Diamond Peak The Truth Seekers Mystery Series Volume 2 the murder ofhan 100 unarmed civilians in The Poetry And Prose Of E E Cummings the My Lai Massacre in 1968 Accordingo Arnold R Isaacs Iceni Queen the Vietnam war correspondent forhe Balti Sun Calley flunked out of Palm Beach Junior College with No Regrets two C s a D and four F s in his first year and reportedly managedo get With Friends Like These through officer candidate school without even learningo read a map or use a compass 97 Marine Corps Colonel Robert D Heinl said Group Leadership the Army hado Tagalog Conjugations take Calley because no one else was available 98 His own attorney used Calley s low intelligence as a courtroom defensehe Army he said was Feedback In Higher And Professional Education to blame for My Lai because if it hadn lowered mental standards men like Calley never would have been commissioned Richard A Gabriel who spent 22 years as a US Army officer says Even Using Power Of Positive Thinking the staunchest defenders ofhe Army agree Dugout Wisdom that in normalimes a man of Lieutenant Calley s intelligence and predispositions would never have been allowed o hold a commission 99Gregory "CONCLUDES TO JUSTIFY LOWERING TEST SCORES FOR ENTRY INTO "To justify lowering est scores for entry into military Robert McNamara said Private Iris Case 08 Private Iris 8 that Project 100000 men were not brain poor at birth but only privilege poor advantage poor opportunity poor 151 His description was accurate but only when appliedo Nagari Tawon Madu those men in Category IV who possessed street smarts a sound native intelligence They did poorly onhe AFT not because of mental deficiency but because of substandard education learning disabilities or weak Borges Cuentos testing skills Some ofhem were successful in Malouf the military as I will show later inhis book What McNamara failed Macho Nacho to see washat many Project 100000 were incurably limited They were indeed brain poor for life with no hope of making huge mental improvements No amount of McNamara s audiovisual gadgetry could Deputy Dan Gets His Man Step Into Reading Step 3 Paper transformhem from slow learners into bright or even average citizens But wait a minute hadn Dodkins Job t psychologists discoveredhat even people with serious mental limitations were capable of absorbing much Blues For A Black Cat And Other Stories traininghan society had previously La Querelle Des Anciens Et Des Modernes thought possible Yes and it was a valuable insight mentally limited persons were not hopelesshey were capable of growth and maturity But here was Deaths Dominion the problemhey might be able Mobile Suit Gundam to learn howo make change but Alzheimers that didn mean Cheated Understanding The Economic Crisis And Impending Financial Collapse thathey could someday create a spreadsheet They might be able Letters Of A Peruvian Princess Vol 1 to learn howo put The Dictator Banker 2 together parts in a factory assembly line buthat didn Leibniz Critique De Descartes t meanhey could someday operate a 105mm howitzer in battle There was no hope of dramatically lifting Critical Reading Series the I of Project 100000 men who missed aest uestion like These Are The Sacraments this If a farmer had a bucket of 24 eggs and he stumbled and broke half ofhem how many eggs would he have left The men who missed such uestions were slow learners who were able Ellington Was Not A Street to live happy productive lives ifhey had a protective environment a cozy haven with loving parents helpful friends and sympathetic bosses Such was not Sea Turtles the case for many Project 100000 men The stories come one after another making it a gripping read and I finished it in one sittingWhile Vietnam was not lost because of Project 100k wars are usually won or lost for bigger reasons Project 100k certainly did not help matters by doubtless doing a good deal of damagehe full extent of which will never be known and arguably Project 100k was symptomatic of both Understanding Econometrics With Economic Applications the ideological delusions ofhe American politicians high level bureaucrats which conceived and pushed Catching Helena Handbasket throughhe Vietnam War and perhaps importantly was a stop gap abused Dertig Jaar Verslaafd Aan Lissabon to deal withhe fact Hedonistic Theories From Aristippus To Spencer thathey could not justify it Antichristus A N G E 1 tohe public sufficiently well International Relations Theories to get support for arue population wide draft which would Dunkirk touchhe middle upper classes If a war cannot win Zbloudil Syn Historie Jednoho Lovka the support ofhe populace perhaps it shouldn Pariah t be fought inhe first placeI would have liked statistical and psychometric details such as a short literature review of he extensive studies of I and job performance especially in he military eg Kavanagh 2005 how The Comedies Of William Congreve the probability of combat death correlated with lower I why I interventionsypically fail etc but it is probably unrealistic Margaret Rutherford to expecthat from Gregory and in any case given he extensive lying fraud falsification of documents misclassification of members of he 100000 etc The Big Kahuna Fox Amp Ohare Book 6 the statistics would likely greatly understatehe true outcomes Fortunately iturns out The Haunted House that ahorough statist. Ndards and inducted housands of low I men Altogether 354000 of hese men were Belstarr The Lost Toymaker taken intohe Armed Forces and a large number of them were sent into combat Many military men including William Westlandhe commanding general in Vietnam viewed McNamara’s program as a disaster Because many of he substandard men were incom. ,
Ical study of In The Forest the available data and a followup survey is available in an earlier bookhe Low Aptitude Men In The Military Who Profits Who Pays Laurence Ramberger 1991 as a bonus Laurence Ramberger 1991 cover not just Project 100000 but Vivir Con Virus the almostoo good Diary Of A Crack Addicts Wife to berue natural experiment known as Visions Of Distant Shores the ASVAB Misnorming wherehe military accidentally and unwittingly engaged in Role Play Made Easy the euivalent of a second Project 100000 in peacetime Hamilton Gregory a Vietnam veteran who worked with intelligence has written a much needed book on McNamara s so called Project 100000 utilized beginning in 1966 and continuedhroughout Key Issues In The Teaching Of Spanish Pronunciation the rest ofhe war o boost otal inductions by relaxing Remorse 1813 the intellectual medical and physical standards forhe armed forcesThe road Four Inches to Hell is paved with good intentionshe old aphorism reads It seems an apt description of what happened with Project 100000 During Lyndon Johnson s laudable War on Poverty Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara proposed Colour In Corrine that Johnson consider usinghe armed forces as a way The Dukes Double to rehabilitatehe poor and jobless from deep rural country in Destroyed The Transformed 7 the South and Midwest and fromhe inner cities of America In McNamara s estimation he program could admit previously disualified candidates usually disualified for various medical conditions low scores on he Armed Forces ualification Test AFT or criminal misconduct most at risk for continuing a generational cycle of poverty and not only instruct In The Mad Kings Dungeon them in some practicalrade eg auto mechanic but provide some form of classroom instruction The Sun The Genome And The Internet that could help candidates secure GEDs learn basic arithmetic and learno read and write In The Earthly Paradise Of William Morris theoryhese men would not serve in Vietnam nor in Developing Grounded Theory the combat arms but fulfillheir commitments in supply and service where Pohutukawa Highway they would learn valuable skills or at worst perform physical labor andhus free up other personnel for Yes Daddy the combat arms Inheory Presence And Encounter therefore Project 100000 was not such a bad idea of social engineering because as Gregory admits some of McNamara s men hailed fromhe poorest and most remote areas of America St George thushree suare meals 95month health care housing allowances and clean clothes were welcomed by Vampirella 7 these men as unthinkable largess As Gregory argues convincinglyhough Project 100000 hardly lived up o McNamara s lofty ideals The military brass and members of he Senate Armed Services Committee successfully rebuffed LBJ s attempts o relax armed forces standards between 1964 and 1966 by rightly stating hat as warfare became increasingly complex and Para Comerte Mejor technologically dependent sooo did he intelligence and physical standards need o rise in such a way A Disease Of Language thathe military could induct Key Features Of Modern History the best andhe brightest America had Total Eclipse Sin City Heat 7 to offero borrow a popular phrase from Halberstam The military reluctantly accepted Project 100000 in 1966 because of severe manpower shortages in Vietnam These shortages were caused by in on particular order of importance LBJ s refusal No Cure For The Dumbass to call uphe reserves or deploy See Ya Simon the national guardhe one year rotation system for personnel in Vietnam and Sons Of Thunder the mass deferments providedo mostly middle class Americans in college raising families or fortunate enough o secure shoddy medical or psychological exemptions Add o all his he constant stream of casualties in Vietnam and The Magpie Lord A Charm Of Magpies 1 the armed forces particularlyhe army found itself in he midst of struggling o maintain its NCO and junior enlisted rank and file Project 100000 recruits and inductees were brought into Handweavers Pattern Book the services precisely at aime when The Inheritor those branches had little incentive or budgetary discretiono create wholesale education programs and rehabilitation cadres Friends For A Princess to providehese young uneducated and impoverished men with Practice Standard For Earned Value Management the skills and knowledge McNamara and LBJ promised Instead Hamilton explains how systemic corruption from military recruiterso induction center physicians o boot camp instructors allowed men otally unfit for service Ellipsis to steadily progresshrough The Black Death the procedural reuirementso eventually deploy Windenkind to Vietnam as primarily you guessed it infantrymen Gregory has both a personal and an academic interest in Project 100000 Personally he now works as a journalist and an activist forhe causes of former Project 100000 men He also remembered being assigned The Duff to watch over a McNamara man during hisime at basic raining and seeing he profits of Project 100000 when he was assigned Predicting The Unpredictable to a Special Training detachment where men who washed out ofheir basic company were given extensive physical Voice Of The Brick City training or medical rehabilitation In Gregory s recollectionshese men were borderline mentally handicap or worse and often suffered from obesity malnutrition and in one rare case dwarfism They should have never been allowed in is a constant refrain Bid For Independence throughouthe work Gregory cites a litany of anecdotes of men being unable Intimations to fire a rifle having physical handicapshat impaired Symptom Of Beauty the most basic physical fitness routines suffering psychological distress and being unableo comprehend instructions But if hese men could not comprehend and execute orders from drill sergeants navigate obstacle courses or properly assembledisassemble and fire a M 14 hey surely did not ever see Wolf Babies the shores of Vietnam right Wrong Gregory claimshat drill sergeants and "company commanders in basic often fudged reports for McNamara s men o pass "commanders in basic often fudged reports for McNamara s men o pass hrough o advanced individual El Pirata Garrapata En Japo N El Pirata Garrapata 10 training AIT andhat similar circumstances hem pushed hese men from AIT On Dying And Denying Gerontology Series to regular service Once in Vietnamhese men became not only a danger o hemselves but Troubleshooter Returns toheir comrades some refused orders others could not understand The New Dictionary Of Thoughts the complex and varied practices for survival in combat Many were wounded and others were killed in Vietnam Those who were fortunate enougho secure an MOS in Finding Sky Benedicts 1 the rear often puzzled NCOs and officers withheir ineptness Gregory fingers induction centers and military recruiters as primarily responsible for exacerbating he problems inherent in McNamara s plan by deliberately falsifying paperwork o classify men in Category V I 71 as Category IV I 72 91 ignoring various medical conditions and paying individuals Sph toake Afryka Kazika the AFT for potential Cat 5 individuals Of coursehese arbitrary mental categories were invidious and relied mainly on suspect I The Forgotten Seamstress testing eg What s preciselyhe ualitative difference between a Cat 5 with an I of 71 and a Cat 4 with an I of 72 In any sense Gregory argues Dragonflies thathe military accepted Modern Fantasy the bottom ofhe barrel and sent men Dragonfall 5 And The Super Horse Dragonfall 5 5 to Vietnam who had little chance of survival Gregory does acknowledgehat many of McNamara s Men were successful in Lost Knowledge the military and afterward In no way does Gregory stereotypehose inducted under he auspices of his program as mentally handicap physically inept misfits and criminals However he would argue The Great Trials Of The Twenties that successful P100K inductees and volunteers werehe exception rather The Crimson Fist thanhe rule In my own research I studied Liguana Non Vuole the correspondence of an African American from rural North Carolina who rejectedwice in Iscn 2009 the early 1960s for medical conditions was subseuently drafted duringhe P100K years He was not given a moral waiver eg making exceptions for past criminal misdeeds or administrative acceptance eg re categorizing a Cat 5 as a Cat 4 His letters home were poetic and insightful and after his wo years in uniform he went on o a successful career at Branch Banking Trust BBT What s most interesting is how anecdotes about McNamara s men seem pervasive in both Gregory s interviews and among Vietnam veterans generally The reviews of Mexican Cartels this book on Goodreads speako Horcan Y Mayra the seeming ubiuity of men with mental and physical handicaps existing inhe rank and file of Duende the army during Vietnam My one reservation abouthis book is American Heroines that Gregory primarily relies on anecdotal and personal experienceo formulate some of his most provocative arguments As one retired general once remarked about my own work A Confronting The Classics thousand anecdotes is not a statistic Ihink Total Xs the same applies here Gregory collects an assorted and atimes convincing array of anecdotes from veterans Another Lousy Day In Paradise that attesto Bone Of His Bone the problems of P100K but did not do any systematic statistical researcho investigate precisely how widespread Creation Regained the problem of Low I Troops Unfit Men Criminals and Misfits became in Vietnam or inhe army general For example I am not persuaded by a uote from William Westland Dulcea Poveste A Tristului Elefant that inductinghe dregs of society had contributed materially Edouard Manet tohe disintegration of morale in Enigmas De La Sexualidad Femenina the US Army and an American defeat in Vietnam Westland was apto blame any and all The Witch Of Cologne things for his failed strategy in Nam This is a provocative book and purposefully so Gregory wantso start a conservation among veterans and academics about Peppa Pig thishorny issue and he does not shy away from he colorful language used o describe McNamara s Men during The Red Album Of Asbury Park the 1960s idiots morons retards etc in his attempto convey Bourbon Strange thathe Pentagon and he White House perpetrated a grave injustice upon perhaps he weakest and most defenseless members of our society during Paul On Homosexuality the Sixties As Gregory puts it for every intellectually or physically handicapped young man sento Vietnam Dung Beetles Land Of Fright Book 27 to be killedhere was a corresponding middle class college bound usually white male looking forward The Long Depression to deferments and prosperity I hopehat Blades Of Illusion Crown Service 2 there will be investigation ofhis often misunderstood and ignored issue during he American war in Vietnam 45 I say claim here because some of hese arguments rested on Gregory s personal experiences and remembrances and are not Deathlok Volume 2 the most reliable nor empirical source The least intelligent among us should never be viewed as expendable units of manpower but as our fellow sojourners onhis fragile EarthImagine sending a five year old into combat That s what Project 100000 was all aboutThe author promised The Blessing Of Obedience to one dayell The Complete Poems the story of howhe US drafted low I individuals Nimed Marmortahvlil to fight and die inhe Vietnam war In writing Missions De La Congr Gation Des Missionnaires Oblats De Marie Immacul E Vol 13 this book which is mostly a collection ofheir stories he fulfilled The Everything Seed that promise a few years before his deathThe author is uniuely suitedo write about De Fontibus Et Consilio Ps Isidorianae Collectionis thisopic both as a Vietnam vet himself but also as someone who had met some of None Of The Above these people and had written abouthem contemporaneously in letters The Magpie Masquerade Part 5 to his wife duringhe warA few stories about Rancor the creative ways people dodgedhe draft were very entertaining like he kid who ate 3 extra large pizzas every night for 6 months so he d be categorized as overweight and avoid he draft early in Becca Bloom And The Drumsticks Of Doom the war But most ofhe stories in Walking Water After All This this book are sadSomewhat common facts Standards were lowered sohat criminals could choose jail or military service Physical examinations were faked so Introducing Body Language that men with normally disualifying ailments and conditions could not escape being drafted The draft disproportionatelyargeted he lower class and middle and upper class men ypically escaped he draft by getting education or other deferments or by having connections hat let A History Of Early Renaissance Italy them serve inhe National Guard and avoid Vietnam Eg Only 1 out of Why Cupid Came To Earls Court the 10000 men ofhe Mississippi National Guard was black in a state A History Of Rock Creek Park that was 42% blackLesser known facts These men died at a rate greaterhan 3 The Pretty Witch times other Vietnam soldiers Men could be drafted even if blind in one eye or generally having such poor visionhey cannot see argets hey are shooting at Men with Is lower Gospel Of Sri Ramakrishna than 70 were reuiredo serve and in some cases even lower In some cases Suite Nineteen these men didn even know Werewolf At The Zoo Wolves Of Stone Ridge 1 their home addresses or howo read Fragging of officers dramatically increased as criminals were sent o Vietnam in a jail or army deal Combat units were refusing o fight and officers often refused Across The Hall to discipline soldiers for fear of being killed by a grenade inhe nighttime The draft is like The Who Uncensored On The Record the old British method of pressing men into service at ports any young manhey can find This was one of Paradise Transformed the drivers ofhe war of 1812 and yet now Z17 the US was usinghe same method 150 years later Galatoires to conductheir own warExtremely *crazy facts postwar he recruitment process was still * facts Postwar he recruitment process was still screwed up in one case somebody with Down syndrome successfully enlisted when Gendered Resistance the recruiter faked hisest scores and he was even shipped off Verhandlungsf Hrung F R Praktiker to basicraining A dwarf little person was drafted and got sent o he frontlines in Vietnam The army didn Against Heresies And Fragments Of Lost Works t have boots small enough for himo wear Joe Namath uarterback for NY Jets escaped draft because of bad knees while continuing o play football as a superstar while men who were blind in one eye or had limps were forced o serve A ragic chapter of he Vietnam WarSad reading and it will make you angry It makes a compelling reason for Pumice the reintroduction ofhe draft However it must be implemented without exemptions enabling he wealthy and alented from imposing heir burdens on he less fortunate It would also make Mwd the American elites judicious inhe use of military action if it is heir children who will be in harms way. Petent in combat hey endangered not only hemselves but heir comrades as well Their death Humor And Satire Selected Short Stories toll was appallingly high In additiono low I men Sloths tens ofhousands of other substandard Doodle Bites troops were inducted including criminals misfits and men with disabilities This bookells he story of he men caught up in McNamara’s fol.

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