America's First Daughter (epub / Ebook) by Stephanie Dray

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America's First DaughterOn completionTwo stars and I will explain why You may be looking for exactly what this book gives but not me The book ends with an authors note that explains in detail both the liberties taken in altering known facts and a clear declaration of what were the authors intentions for the book I am extremely thankful for this clear declaration It is stated outright that we are given a view of the events through Martha Jefferson Randolph s eyes and that characters are romanticized for dramatic purposes Martha Jefferson Randolph is Thomas and Martha Jefferson s daughter The book is meant to leave a dramatic punch This is not what I was looking for and romance is not a popular genre for me The authors do not alter facts to give a misrepresentation but rather to tighten the time line for brevity The problem is that much remains unknown DNA testing The Rap Year Book has today shown that Sally Hemings children were fathered by Thomas Jefferson but I read this in fits and starts over a period of months mainly because I didn t find it as interesting as My Dear Hamilton The main character Martha Patsy Jefferson annoyed me at the beginning wither youthful self righteousness but as she aged I found Boat In Our Baggage her to be sympathetic Definitely well researched the authors do an excellent job of bringing the era to life As might be expected Jefferson s years in France are depicted butis relationship with Sally Hemings is dealt with at a distance While seemingly a paragon of female virtue at times Patsy played fast and loose with the truth Patsy was fiercely loyal to Helsinki Insight Pocket Guide her father ander family and she didn t ave an easy life The work of daily life was didn t ave an easy life The work of daily life was and the sacrifices were many There is a love story scandal duels and drunkenness Overall this book teeters on the edge of the melodramatic and I seriously doubt that Patsy played as pivotal a role in the making of a nation as was portrayed If you think politics are dirty today you should read about the politics in our American istory Other than GEORGE WASHINGTON A LOT OF DIRT WAS SPREAD ABOUT Washington a lot of dirt was spread about In the race of 1800 Jefferson was said to be dead an atheist and a coward John Adams was supposed to be a tyrant and a criminal Jefferson said to be a swindler begot by a mulatto upon a alf breed Indian suaw and Adams was called a Untitled hermaphrodite American politics apparently was never for the faint ofeart This well written and researched book about Jefferson s oldest daughter Martha Pansy Jefferson Her mother died when she was young in childbirth so Martha was by Jefferson s side throughout Beautiful Dreamer his career She was withim when the British chased Humortivacion him out ofis Glaucos 02 home whene was in Paris during the beginning of their revolution and served as Food And Gender hisostess while To Greet The Sun he was president She gives us an uniue perspective of our early days I found the parts about Lafayette especially poignant Two themes run this book One is the deplorable state women were in They often died in childbirth belonged to theirusbands and put up with all types of abuse The other was slavery Although intellectually against slavery there was a strong practical reason to keep it money What to doJefferson wrote those famous words all men are considered eual but not women or slaves He was on the Practicing Catholic horns of a dilemma becausee was a slave owner The Modern Philidor Defence had a slave wife and children and depended on the income from the practice He wrote in a letter on the subject Justice is on one scale and self preservation in the other Marthaad 11 children tired just writing that and raised Defensa De Los Intereses Cat Licos En El Ecuador herusband s sisters She was often torn between Meetings With The Archangel her duties toer usband and to er father Heaven know when she ad time to be a mother She wielded a lot of power but in a back door way She rarely was asked for er opinionAnd she ended up mostly penniless Jefferson s penchant for Caught For Pleasure hospitality dider in This is an interesting book and I really learned a lot One of the chara. In a compelling richly researched novel that draws from thousands of letters and original sources bestselling authors Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie tell the fascinating untold story of Thomas Jefferson’s eldest daughter Martha “Patsy” Jefferson Randolph a woman who kept the secrets of our most enigmatic founding father and shaped an American legacyFrom er earliest days Patsy Jefferson knows that though er father loves Dream Animals his family dearlyis devotion to is country runs deeper still As ,

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Cters really shines for me Dolley Madison I d like to read a good book about er Still this was fascinating and well worth the time to read the almost 600 pages Patsy Jefferson isn t a famous figure in American The First Book Of The Black Goddess history but she should be everything that we know abouter father Thomas Jefferson AND THE NATION HE SHAPED CAME TO US THROUGH the nation The Portable Jung he shaped came to us throughands of Gay Sex Positions his daughter who sawer life s work as shielding Maldita Davis his legacy Her life is chronicled through the years aser father s Krpersprache Im Beruf helpmeet steadfastly atis side through the revolutionary years in France the White House years acting as Peach Picking Time his First Lady andis old age when the nation Remind Me Chasing Fire 1 heelped found hit its growing pains The research is meticulous the writing marvelous and the uglier aspects of the time period slavery and its manifold evils are not swept under the rug or glossed over An absorbing compelling readI am acuainted with the authors but became anonest fan of their work years before I met them in person and became friends My review is Kaleb Sutra Starting Positions honest and unbiased I live in Belgium so I ve never been really very invested in the part of Americanistory where this book takes place or knew anything about it but America s First Daughter Bane Of Existence has totally changed all that It was the single most brilliant and outstandingistorical fiction book that I Movies In Fifteen Minutes have ever read BravoI must admit that I was a bit intimidated by the size of this book at first It s almost 600 pages And the start was a bit slow for me but once I got into the story I barely could stop reading It was so damn good and compelling The story was a well written and researched It aistorical fiction as well as a tragic love story and gave an outstanding example of Patsy who truly was intriguing to read aboutAmerica s First Daughter follows obviously Thomas Jefferson s eldest daughter Martha Patsy Jefferson Randolph as the synopis says starting at age nine It takes place in America when Patsy and Cats Kingdom her father went to France and then back to America I really loved reading all about Patsy when she was growing up especiallyer time in France was fascinating to me but really I liked reading about Levinas And The Ancients her whole love in general becauseer life was so interesting to meI also loved the side characters from the intriguing William Short I loved is and Patsy s swift but ardent romance to Patsy s sister Polly who s death gave me tears in my eyes to er father Thomas Jefferson The Harbinger himself and Tom Patsy susband she marries when she s 17 I could go on and on All characters were so fleshed out and detailed I also liked ow this book gave a great view of domestic life of the time and
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this book set in And can I just mention ow strong I thought Patsy was She went through a great deal in The Best Of Cemetery Dance Volume 2 her life but always was supportive ofer father even when Getting To Know Seo he maybe didn t even deserve it It really impressed me and that s some extraordinary writing on the authors part I can only compliment them for that Bravo ladies This book is downright delicious andands down wins the award for my favorite novel of Revolutionary America Ever Thomas Jefferson 2 has always been my favorite Founding Father simply becausee s so darn enigmatic What is one to make of the man who penned the Declaration of Independence yet kept is own slaves at Monticello and ad an affair with Sos his slave Sally Hemings And while I knew that Jefferson made a promise atis wife s deathbed never to remarry and that How To Get Rich head a daughter who fulfilled the societal obligations of First Lady while Claimed By Eros he was president I knew very little about Patsy Jefferson This book changed all that While the events are told from Patsy s point of view the entire world of Revolutionary America and France Monticello and Washington City unfold to breathe new life into a dusty chapter of Americanistory The cameos by Lafayette Abigail Adams and Dolly Madison made this particular Sourcery Discworld 5 history nerd s littleeart go pitte. Homas Jefferson’s oldest daughter she becomes Songbook hiselpmate protector and constant companion in the wake of Bolivia her mother’s death traveling withim when Its A Field Trip Busy Bus he becomes American minister to FranceIt is in Paris at the glittering court and among the first tumultuous days of revolution that fifteen year old Patsy learns abouter father’s troubling liaison with Sally Hemings a slave girl Mr Jaguar her own age Meanwhile Patsyas fallen in love with er father’s protégé William Short a staunch abolitionist. ,