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A very good erotica Dr Ruths Encyclopedia Of Sex read with a simple but engaging plot predictable yet adeuately emotional Overall this trilogy could have been collected in one book There was no background information for neither of the main characters as to have a detailed profile of them It was an amazingead and Dylan even Fantastic ending wish there was a hot finale to the tangeled affair of two musicians with a passionate steamy hot sexy entanglement After the incredible cliffhanger in book 2 leaving you screaming this was a intoxicating story filled with heart capturing love story that leaves you breathless I only wish we had egarding her family with her bff of their fun thrilling life of their musical enchanted passions This story could become a inspirational number one top series with the spellbinding aw addictive power Blaise is a badass new author with amazeballs creativity spark true soulful passionate writing is now a huge favorite of mine At last I got my badass dirty talking teal eyed ockstar back I was so excited for this book after I was left hanging in the 2nd book Its amazingly hot and #too much short for my likingThe HEA I loved but I wanted of itStill I #much short for my likingThe HEA I loved but I wanted of itStill I Dylan And Rachel S Dylan and Rachel s and everything Hoping its not the end yet 4 star. Ve to choose between my future and my heartFinding the courage to be my own badass just might kill. ,

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 Jimi Hendrix
Over when Blaine announced their engagement in front of Dylan Dylan said some pretty awful things Rachel flew out to LA to explain She just could not live unless she told Dylan the truth Dylan offered to support her and she would be a groupie but Rachel could not change one loveless elationship for anotherFinally Rachel called it off with Blaine He told her she would never work again effective now Rachel started packing because she couldn t afford her apartment She bought a ticket for LA but there was a knock on the door Dylan wanted to tell her #THE TRUTH WOO THIS SERIES IS #truth Woo This series is awesome I loved every minute of itI couldn T Wait To Get Rachel wait to get Rachel and I completely devoured this book Their chemistry is off the charts and I love how the story came together Filled with intensity and anticipation this thrilling conclusion to their story is terrificI love the writing and how easy the author makes you fall in love with the characters I can t wait for from Rae Lynn BlaisePerfect ending to a fantastic story If our touches could talk poetry would be filling the air I gotta say personally I like the 2nd one better than the others But I like the whole story uite a lot Sweet and steamy A nice and uick ead 4 stars for this one 4 s It was. ?t supposed to be like this I wasn’t supposed to develop feelings for my one night stand Now I ha. Badass In My Bed Badass In My Bed #3Following the book 2 cliffhanger which was an absolute killer Dylan does the most omantic thing Unfortunately it brings Rachel to her knees in a way he wasn t expecting When Dylan learns of Rachel s secret it seems all is lost and my world came crashing down with Rachel s This is a story about facing what life throws at you listening to your heart and going after what you want Barn Dance regardless of the conseuences Rae Lynn has a way that makes her characters dance across the page and I felt every bit of their journey through this series This is one I highlyecommend and I will be one clicking everything she brings out in the future Reviewed by MaciLLEP Blog Owner AhhhhhhYES YES YES OMG was so excited for this book to be eleased and gobbled it up as fast as I possibly could My heart is so so so happy ight This story heart so so so happy The Lore Of The Old Testament right now This story the 3 books is just perfectI want so much out of Dylan and Rachel andeally eally hope there will be Am definitely a fan of this author now and will be watching for anything she #Writes Highly Recommended These Reads #Highly ecommended these eads loved that Rachel becomes the badass in book three and takes control of her life because she deserves than she s gotten from the men in her life I have loved this trilogy Rachel thought it was. Both of our secrets have exploded into the open but I’m afraid I’ve lost Dylan foreverIt wasn?. .

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