The Defence [PDF epub] by Steve Cavanagh

L skills and gritty personality Flynn is able to bend the rules though "whether it is to his advantage remains in uestion There are other characters "it is to his advantage remains in uestion There are other characters help to keep the story moving ffectively Cavanagh depicts them perfectly and keeps the reader on their toes as plot twists stack up throughout With a strong story and some great action in the middle of a high impact thriller Cavanagh has set the ground for a great series here I cannot wait to get to the next book which is sure to add to the Eddie Flynn backstoryKudos Mr Cavanagh for a great start to the series You have a great handle on the legal thriller genre and I will certainly continue with this series Lovehate the review An Unsere Drei Stanisluse ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge I ve read three of Cavanagh s books in the past two weeks and The Defense isually a gripping Oh Brother Oh Sister edge of your seat thriller featuring our hero con artist turned lawyer Eddie Flynn If you like Jack Reacher then this series is a must read This is the first thrill ride of a legal thriller featuring lawyer and con artist Eddie Flynn set in New York I have read the other two and loved them and this one is just as great Eddie has not been practicing law after the overwhelming guilt he feels after defending Ted Berkley and getting him acuitted of attempting to abduct Hanna Tublowski only for him to go on to savagely assault and rape her later He is separated from his wife Christine and living for the times he gets to see his precious daughter Amy To Eddie s utter horror he is forced to defend Olek Volchek a Russian Mafia boss on a charge of murder for instructing Benny hisnforcer to kill a man Volchek is not The Lord Peter Wimsey Radio Dramas expecting to get off and has Eddie wear a bomb jacket to kill the main witness Benny in court Tonsure that Eddie does xactly what he is told Amy has been taken Arturus Volchek s right hand man is managing the court p The Defense by Steve Cavanagh is a 2016 Flatiron publication After reading all the glowing reviews for Thirteen I ve been dying to tap into the Eddie Flynn series This first book in the series introduces us to Eddie Flynn a former con man turned lawyer who has given up his career after a horrible ordeal con man turned lawyer who has given up his career after a horrible ordeal left him broken and suffering from a deep crisis of conscience However he gets pulled back in the courtroom kicking and screaming with a bomb attached to his body and the fate of his young daughter hanging in the balance To save his daughter Flynn must provide the defense for Olek Volchek the head of the Russian Mafia in New York With only 48 hours to work with Eddie must be creative not only to stay one step ahead of his client but also the FBI Brushing up on a few tricks from his shady past might be the best way to outsmart Volchek and get his daughter back Can he pull off the impossible I d say this series got off to a very solid start Flynn has brains and street smarts which gives him an added dge in this intense drama But he also has a lot of heart which made me want to cheer him on ven I loved the courtroom scenes but this is not your typical legal thriller The story is very fast paced with lots of twists and double crosses The action kept my pulse racing furiously turning pages as fast as possible Although some areas in the plot are highly implausible it was wildly ntertaining and that s good nough for me This could be the start of a beautiful friendship between me Eddie Flynn and Steve Cavanagh I can t wait to read the next installment I listened to me Eddie Flynn and Steve Cavanagh I can t wait to read the next installment I listened to of this book via my Scribd subscription The narration is fine xcept that the Russian accents sounded like a Dracula impersonation which was too much of a distraction for me I Grace Happens ended up sticking with the book format for this one. DaughterUnder the scrutiny of the media and the FBI Eddie must use his razor sharp wit and Beyond All Reason every con artist trick in the book to defend his 'client' andnsure Amy's safety With the timer on his back ticking away can Eddie convince the jury of the impossibleLose this case and he loses verythi. Who knew that a good defense attorney should also be a good pickpocket "Eddie Flynn Grew Up "Flynn grew up the streets running cons and using his light fingered skills to make a living before deciding to pursue a law degree Fortunately this uniue skill set comes in handy when forced to take on a crucial case for a Russian mob bossThe plot moves fast and furiously between the courtroom Russian mobsters the Italian mafia and ven FBI agents The writing moves fast and furiously between the courtroom Russian mobsters the Italian mafia and Secrets In The Fire even FBI agents The writing a screenplay feel and the plot definitely does Leave believability behind andnjoy Cavanagh s taut action In This First Offering this first offering Defense Attorney Eddie Flynn This was a blastThis was a fast paced action legal thriller which jump started from the first page and didn t let up until the Fast And Easy Emotional Trauma And Ptsd Treatment end Good for somescapism but I don t think I ll remember much of it in a couple of months time It was still a solid read and I ll be reading the next one It s like Matthew Reilly crossed with John Grisham Good for some scapism but it ll never get a full five stars or be that memorable Who s knows maybe the books further on in the series get better The Defense gripped me from the first page and was a compelling courtroomaction drama The thrills action and intrigue never let up I was riveted by its intensity throughout Although this was the first of a series any of the Eddie Flynn crime novels can be read as a stand alone Eddie was an xpert con man before becoming a lawyer He was accomplished in such skills as swindler grifter and sleight of hand artist After becoming a lawyer he felt the two occupations had a lot in common He freuently uses con man trickery in court in search of justice Eddie has not tried a case in over a year He is consumed by guilt by the horrible outcome of his last case After defending a man accused of raping a young woman he was set free only to RivettingHaving read Thirteen I knew I had to read the rest of the series Sometimes that can be a mistake but not this time Right from the first page you get pulled in by the action As Eddie goes to the rest room and gets a gun pointed at his head The Russian mafia have a strange way of asking for help There are various other incentives but I will leave those for you to discoverThe situation seems helpless and there is no way this can nd well but Eddie was a con manhustler and has ways of turning situations to his advantage The plot is incredibly well thought out and would be a great story ven without a superb character such as Eddie but with himThis moves at an incredible pace with lots of tension Mountain Man Mountain Man 1 excitementmotion and banterSteve Cavanagh manages to pull off not only one of the best courtroom dramas I have read in a long time but a thriller that keeps you on the Hola Amigos edge of your seat With lots of humourmotion and action Eddie Flynn is a great character definitely want to read 45 StarsI picked up the thriller Thirteen on audible before realising it was the 4th in a series Although I probably could have started there I have learned in the past that it is really better to start a series from the beginning So I thought I would check out Eddie Flynn 1 The Defence So glad I did The audio version of this was brilliant So much fun The Story Eddie is having a REALLY bad day First thing he is ating breakfast the next he is in court where he swore he would never be again defending a mob boss with a bomb around him about to go off at any minute And they have his 10 year old daughter and are going to kill her if he doesn t win this case My Thoughts Oh man I loved it NON STOP ACTION and TWIST AFTER TWIST I got through this one so uickly because I could not stop listening It was like reading an action movie It literally did not stop And I just LOVED the courtroom stuff I mean sure you have to suspend. The truth has no place in a courtroom The truth doesn't matter in a trialThe only thing that matters is what the prosecution can proveEddie Flynn used to be a con artist Then he became a lawyer Turned out the two weren't that differentIt's been over a year since Eddie vowed never to set foot in. .


Your beliefs slightly but that s what books are "FOR DAMMIT THE WRITING WAS FABULOUS I REALLY ENJOYED "DAMMIT The writing was fabulous I really njoyed way he describes complex legal mumbo jumbo asily so that anyone can understand what is happening and it was just so darn clever with those twists and
turns i have 
I have purchased the next one I LOVED IT What did I think of the audio version Like a movie in my ars Absolutely fantastic I was a bit sad when it Oxford Specialist Handbook Of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology And Nutrition Oxford Specialist Handbooks In Paediatrics ended but happy because there are MORE IN THE SERIES Would I recommend The Defence Yes absolutely I thought it was just fantastic I am sure most thriller fans willnjoy this one Especially if they love a bit of courtroom drama and crazy twists For reviews check out my Blog Instagram Twitter Facebook What do you get when you combine an outrageous plot a crafty lawyer Russian mobsters and a few Mafiosi for good measure A rip roaring page turning legal thriller that stretches incredulity but you re willing to throw plausibility out the window for the sake of the story Even when our wily hero takes a turn as half Spiderman half Flying Wallenda you re too far gone to do anything but stifle your inner critic and keep goingAfter a rather cumbersome read I wanted pure Principles Of Wood Science And Technology entertainment and that always leads me to mysteries and legal dramas blame Nancy Drew and later Scott Turow Cavanagh is a new author to me discovered after reading annthusiastic review of his fourth in this Flynn series thanks Holly and my little OCD heart felt it needed to start at the beginning and I m so glad I did I m already ueued up for the second in the series The Plea45 stars of breathless improbable pleasure Turing my attention to a new series I wanted to try Steve Cavanagh s legal thrillers which have been recommended to be over the years Eddie Flynn is a lawyer with a sordid past Having hit the bottle when things were not going well and with a past as a con artist Flynn has alienated his family and pushed himself close to being disbarred After he takes over a murder trial for his former partner Flynn has no idea what he s agreed to do Approached by the Russian mafia Flynn is told that he will smuggle a bomb into the courthouse and plant it on the witness stand so that the prosecution s witness meets an untimely demise To help convince the lawyer Flynn is told that his daughter is in the custody of the Russians who are happy to kill her if the need arises With all the pressure put upon him Flynn tries to find legal loopholes that will allow him to win this case for his client without being implicated in any violent acts Worried that Amy might still be harmed Flynn seeks outside help only to discover that there are moles on both sides at The Greeks Chosen Wife every turn Walking onggshells Flynn advances the case to the point that Witness X is set to testify he who is supposed to be blown up With Amy not yet safe and the threats mounting Flynn must decide how to play it all and leave him able to live with himself An intense legal thriller with twists that will keep the reader wanting to know Recommended to those who love legal thrillers as well as the reader who njoys seeing the little guy fight for parity I always njoy learning about new authors and the series they create that have Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases earned much praise The debut legal thriller has all thelements needed for a good series with a lawyer whose luck seems to have run out and a client who refuses to accept anything but an acuittal Eddie Flynn has a wonderful backstory a lawyer whose skills are high but personal choices lead much to be desired Allowing work to take over his life Flynn alienates those who are most important When placed in the unenviable position of having to break the law to secure his daughter s release there is no uestion about what he intends on doing Using his lega. A courtroom again But now he doesn't have a choice Olek Volchek the infamous head of the Russian mafia in New York has strapped a bomb to Eddie's back and kidnapped his ten year old daughter AmyEddie only has 48 hours to defend Volchek in an impossible murder trial and win if wants to save his. The Defence

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