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Same attributesPlotIn the beginning of the book Jose and his brother are taking down an old barbecuer The whole city of 12 families comes to see this happen because it is a very big deal Nothing eventful happens in La Rupa the little town Jose lives in Jose s father and brother leave to go to a close town when a hurricane hits causing a mudslide The mudslide wipes out all of the houses in the town except for Jose s house Jose s little brother Juan suddenly gets very sick Jose knows what he needs to do so he goes on a mission to get a doctor at a nearby town While he is on his mission he hears something moving around in the bushes Jose thinks it is a aguar but it is actually his dog Berti He continues on his mission to find a doctor and runs into a rushing river Right as he goes to cross the river three trucks rush across the river He catches their attention so they stop The three trucks stop and tell him they are looking for the city of La Rupa That is the hometown of Jose Finally help has arrived after the hurricane CharacterizationJose is the main character in the book He evolves throughout the book by becoming a man In the beginning of the book he is a little kid that loves to play soccer and play with action figures In the middle of the book he is sent on a mission of his life When he takes this mission he realizes he is now a man and has to do what needs to be done The other character is the hurricane This character is not an actual character but a storm This character basically is what causes all of the trouble for Jose If the storm had not happened the mudslide would not have happened The mudslide took out the city making Jose get help for his city and brother SettingThe main setting in

"The Book Is La Rupa "
book is La Rupa This is a key setting because that is where Jose lives This is also where the mudslide took place wiping out the city The book takes place in present time The season the book takes place in is the end of summerThematic RelationsThe main theme in the book is Appearance vs Reality because Jose has the appearance of Unholy Love just being a little kid enjoying his summer Reality is that he is a man who steps up to the plate when the time calls He makes the decision to help his brother because he is sick He makes the decision to go because he knows if he doesn t go get help no one will and his brother will die RecommendationsI would recommend this book to any middle schooler or older The reading level was appropriate so they could comprehend what was going on easily I would also recommend this to either boy or girl because I think both would be able to relate with the fact of survival There were also boys and girls in the book so they could relate to the characters I would rate this a four out of five stars I was still in elementary school when Hurricane Katrina first hit the world back in August I remember it well from news reports but luckily being up here in Atlantic Canada hurricanes haven t been much of a concern for me Hurricane is based instead off of Hurricane Mitch which I would have been less than a year old when it occurred and thus I knew very little about it before reading this YA thriller about Jos a boy living in a small town called La Rupa with his family This book is a bit short and simplistic yet it conveys strong themes of survival and all the emotion you d expect from such an ordeal without being too dramatic or violentBilingual and a street smart student at a nearby school Jos knows how to cope with whatever life can toss his way but when the hurricane hits his homeland and the devastating weather effects sweep away most of his family it s up to him to track them down and seek help This incredibleourney is both well written and unforgettable reminiscent of Barefoot Gen and raising awareness of the importance of aid in times of crisis For a lot of readers awareness of the importance of aid in times of crisis For a lot of readers don t live in areas prone to hurricanes Hurricane shows them the things that matter most in times of disaster family friendship and hope Of course we all face disasters be it man made or natural fires or floods so this book will also be one many readers can relate to especially since Jos is such an endearing and realistic characte. Pt for the desperate courage of those who survived that terrifying nightBut his nightmare has only begun as he and the few who are left in his small village dig for survivors search for food and water and try to start pulling their lives back togethe.

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May 2018I read this book for the first time with a group of students this May a group that included several VERY reluctant readers Everyone read the whole book And they LOVED IT My two most reluctant readers even finished it before whole book And they LOVED IT My two most reluctant readers even finished it before due date They loved that the action started right at the beginning They loved that the problems and tension kept mounting exponentially throughout the book They loved that the chapters and the book were short They loved that the book was brutally honest about what life is like in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane This is a book I will definitely read again with students either as a book club or as part of a larger unit on survivalnatural disasters It s ust greatJuly 2016I really enjoyed this book I am really coming to enjoy and appreciate novelized nonfiction does that make sense Is it a thing Books like A Long Walk to Water Based on a True Story and Never Fall Down books that place a fictional character within the world of a real event This book is short enough that it could be read by a class as part of a larger unit or as a fictional pairing with a nonfiction work like Bodies From the Ash Life and Death in Ancient Pompeii Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K 12 or a YA book about Hurricane Katrina if anyone knows of a good nonfiction work about Hurricane Katrina I d love to hear about it I am going to use this as my read aloud for our weather unit Could also be used as mentor text for personal narrative Tells the read aloud for our weather unit Could also be used as mentor text for personal narrative Tells the of a 13 year old boy from a village in Honduras that gets wiped out by Hurricane Mitch Deals a lot with the aftermath of the hurricane such as finding food and water death of neighbors and loved ones broken sewers and UN doctors Trueman Terry Hurricane 144 p HarperCollins 2008 Language PG Back in 1998 a killer hurricane struck the country of Honduras and wreaked havoc up and down the coast and further inland than the people have ever seen Jos and his family live in a tiny village and disaster is about the strike How many people in their village will be alive by morning and how will they be able to survive the next few days let alone rebuild As poignant as Jos s plight is I can only hope that America kids will respond to his world even if it is so different from what they know There are a handful of swears but it all fits together This would be a good read aloud option if you need something short I especially liked the speedy response from the Honduran government it s a nice contrast to the after math of Hurricane Katrina EL MS OPTIONAL Cindy Library Teacherhttpkissthebookblogspotcom2008 This is an interesting read for the tween set With the earthuake in Mexico and hurricane Harvey and Irma causing so much destruction this September it was great to see the perspective on a natural disaster and Irma causing so much destruction this September it was great to see the perspective on a natural disaster that of a boy living through the experience and its aftermath Jose gives us a view at how scary it is to live through something like a hurricane and landslide The book has good examples of how people can find the strength to do what they have to and band together for survival There are cultural references in the book that are a window into the way people that live in a small Honduran village might think The time period is 2003 you know this because it is base on a real hurricane but the book doesn t seem to have any references that make it seem dated Poor is poor no matter what decade you live in The book really made me think about contributing to international aid organization I sent off money to Shelter Box that provides tents and supplies to places all over the world that suffer from natural disasters that wipe out the buildings in whole villages The story makes the reader imagine what it might be like for your whole neighborhood to be living in your house when your house is the only one left standing Shelter for all the families is really needed Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToocomWith HURRICANE author Terry Trueman brings to life in vivid detail the almost complete devastation of 1998 s Hurricane Mitch on Honduras In the tiny village of La Rupa there are only a handful of homes One of those at one end of town is the house of Jose and his family his. The powerful story of a boy's fear and courage in the face of a force of nature too huge to even imagineBased on Hurricane Mitch's devastation of Honduras in 1998 Terry Trueman's acclaimed Hurricane is a gripping realistic story told from the persp. ,

Mother and father older brother and sister Victor and Ruby and younger siblings Maria Angela and Juan There is also their dog Berti who can sometimes be persuaded to do than lie around in the sun La Rupa is the type of place where everyone knows one another there is no way to avoid it since the village is so small Jose who attends school at the bilingual International School in nearby San Pedro Sula is pretty so small Jose who attends school at the bilingual International School in nearby San Pedro Sula is pretty the only person in the town who can speak both Spanish and English fluently In September 1998 La Rupa literally
"Comes To A Standstill When "
to a standstill when Mitch destroys the town After a deadly mudslide the fifty plus population of La Rupa is chillingly reduced to only a little over twenty And Jose s father brother Victor and sister Ruby are missing having been on the road traveling when the Hurricane hit In this vivid and fast paced narrative Mr Trueman takes us through the days immediately following Mitch s destruction As a lack of food and water begins to haunt the survivors Jose is part of a group who must search the nearby trucha for supplies And when little Juan falls ill it is again up to the teenage Jose to venture out into the mud and muck to attempt to make his way to San Pedro Sula to find help HURRICANE is "A Vivid Fast Moving "vivid fast moving that even younger readers will find themselves immersed in as they struggle right along with Jose in learning to survive with next to nothing The emotions he feels as he worries about his family s fate both those missing and still at home will grip readers of all ages The author s note at the end of the book states that than 5000 people were initially killed in Honduras during the Hurricane In the months that followed bodies of the than 8000 missing individuals were also found Even now in 2008 the clean up and recovery period in Honduras is still ongoing This is one book that brings to life a plight of many that most of us never even knew about Poor Jose and his family go through a major ordeal during and after Hurricane Mitch hits Honduras The family is fictional but the story was repeated over and over throughout Honduras Jose is barely a teenager but he is forced to grow up uickly and be the man of the family in this time of crisis He grows and changes and it s beautiful how he changes and steps up When another character comes to the village and asks where it went he knows the answer is We are the pueblo That is a lovely sentiment As long as the people of the town are alive then the town is alive A good book for middle schoolers about Hurricane Mitch that hit Honduras in the late 90 s It is the story of a family whose entire neighborhood was wiped out It tells of how they survived and how they overcame things like a lack of water open sewers and sickness while part of their family is missing A good story This book is great for a real life experience Hurricane Mitch was no oke in 1998 and every detail mentioned in the book is true The rustic old style town featured a boy who had to take on the hurricane itself trying to find help for his little brother who became sick from the muddy water A mudslide also happened which caused Jose and his family to live with barely any food and muddy dirty water from rainwater Half of his little town were dead Jose s house was the only one that survived The half that lived had to stay in the house that Jose was in Many became sick and Jose and his neighbors looked in one of the neighbors food stand and dug out many cans of corn water and other goods to live on Both owners were dead but the alive families needed food This book is great for someone who likes suspense and adventure I would recommend this for someone who wants some insight as to what it would be like to be in a hurricane I finished the book in one day since I couldn t put it down It was so attention grabbing and was amazing Personal Response I enjoyed the book Hurricane by Terry Trueman because it showed what needed to happen in survival situations That is what kept me wanting to read it I often found myself reading the book and not wanting to put it down I can relate to the character Jose because when it came to his survival instinct I would say I have many of the. Ective of a hurricane survivorAfter hours of cowering in the dark with no lights no warmth and the terrible noises of the rain and wind pounding on the walls José walks out his front door and steps into a nightmare Everything is gone Everything exce. Hurricane