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Ne way or anotherI can see why some people had problems with the pacing because there s a lot of fleshed out characters with a lot of different side stories going on Sometimes I found it difficult to shift too but the narrative kept me so riveted I wanted to know about everything and hear from everyone particularly the apathetic and committee American Jews who of course got a bad rap with most of these characters Near the end of novel Spiro has a fascinating argument with end of the Spiro has a fascinating argument with rival a rabbi But I also wanted to hear from Irene and Abe s daughter Judith In fact Judith did get a chapter and although it was mostly there for the plot she didn t come off as bitchy and shallow as I feared She s definitely a little self centered and a little sheltered but she picked up on things and had genuine feelings about her relationships too I felt somewhat similar with an AbeIrene altercation near the end too I don t know maybe it was all a little too much Actually this had me thinking about Tolstoy s novels and how I ought to read them blush but mostly about how he combines characters and their rich interior lives with huge societal topics Maybe this novel should have been longer encompassing time than just 1941In fact Brooks s insistence on the 1941 time frame led her to take liberties with parts of history she wanted her characters to interact with the St Louis for example which in reality made it s doomed journey a couple of ears before Some folks took issue with this but eh Historical fiction gives the work some leeway and so long as Brooks remains true to the impact of these real events and people then I m coolIn terms of her plot I don t want to give anything away but I think it s clever how Brooks doles out the details about the event that sparked this book into motion This is still a novel and although the characters are on varying paths we are tied into the story by the synagogue fire in the beginning and the attack on Pearl Harbor at the end I m a little ambivalent about the epilogue the premise is a little schmaltzy but the way Brooks tells it ties into all of the other thoughts and feelings that she churned up in me throughout I m not sure this will be in my tip top favorite books of the ear but it s definitely in the 5 star club P Pro Captures what might have been the emotional weather of the Jewish American home front during the beginning of the ShoahCon 1 Its ahistorical chronology For example Brooks has the 1939 voyage of The St Louis occurring in 1941 2 Brooks prose includes too many cliches and forced figurative turns of phrase The writingcharacter development did not love up to the potential of the story summary Finishing it was work. E known aspect of the war and highlights the network of organizations seeking to help Jews abroad just as masses of people seeking to escape Europe are turned away from American shores It moves seamlessly from the Yiddish theaters of Second Avenue to the junkyards of Utica to the covert world of political activists Jewish immigrants and the stars and discontents of New York’s Yiddish stage Ultimately The Houseguest is a moving story about identity family and the decisions that define who we will become. Were uickly scuttled to the wind Brooks is an evocative writer in setting up physical descriptions and in probing the nuances of relationships and personal narratives And beyond any of that the book was transcendent I could feel my frustrations rising at the Jewish American community those who sat in useless committees shifting blame and those who ignored the crisis in and those who ignored the crisis in all together It s easy to get riled up when the Holocaust is in hindsight but I also couldn t help but realize that nothing s much changed We have a far robust media machine in the 21st century we re connected like never before plus it s far accepted to show empathy for refugees and the marginalized But still atrocities continue to happen all around the world and for those of us removed this is often our responseSo to recap the setting is predominately New York in 1941 on the cusp of America s involvement in WWII We open on a synagogue fire in Manhattan which seems to bring the antisemitism in Europe a little closer to home This is our stepping stone to be introduced to a variety of characters Shmuel Spiro who desires to start a Jewish army to fight back his friend Max Hoffman once politically active and now a rabbi upstate Abe Auer one of Max s congregants whom he encourages to take in a refugee at Spiro s reuest and Ana Beidler said refugee There are two general plotlines a domestic one where Ana stirs things up in the Auer household and a political one where Max gets involved in refugee activism at Spiro s reuestI don t mean stirs up trouble the way that the cover flap implies this is no tawdry affair about a simple family getting hoodwinked by a vixen Ana is surely a flawed person sometimes rude often self absorbed and occasionally she uses people for her emotional needs But she s also very human with motivations and a backstory that define her as than a one dimensional refugeeSimilarly her affair with Abe isn t just about sex appeal but also because of his own motivations and backstory as a Russian immigrant with his own traumas he sees appeal but also because of his own motivations and backstory as a Russian immigrant with his own traumas he sees kindred spirit in her His wife daughter and neighbors often ignore the Old World and it s sufferings Brooks is also letting us into a cusp of time in American Jewish history before the Holocaust was fully understood before most Jews were considered white and when there was still a schism between assimilated German Jews like Abe s wife Irene and greenhorn Eastern European Jews like himself I also feel as a Jew a palpable connection to this time Jewish history today is so much different than it was 76 ears ago BECAUSE of the Holocaust and the founding of Israel but this was shpilkes that got us there And largely still governs us in Ell as the ghost of his dead brotherAs news filters out of Europe American Jews struggle to make sense of the atrocities Some want to bury their heads in the sand while others want to create a Jewish army that would fight Hitler and promote bold wide spread rescue initiatives And when a popular Manhattan synagogue is burned to the ground our characters begin to feel the drumbeat of war is marching ever closer to homeSet on the eve of America’s involvement in World War II The Houseguest examines a littl. ,
A rare look at lives impacted by WWII from the other side of the ocean frustrating hearbreaking and mysterious I felt like this was work to finish The characters felt as superficial as their actions or inactions in the book The stories jumped and rambled and felt very stilted Ultimately I did not care what happened to any of them The historical references were just that mentions of events or organizations with no depth This was an enjoyable read for me not because of the context I just did not connect to any of the characters I could not put this book down I wish I wrote the name of the reference so I could personally thank the personreviewer who referred this book to me Overall I enjoyed this although it was slow in places It s 1941 and Abe a Russian immigrant living in New York leads a happy successful life with his wife and daughter When he is Asked To Temporarily House A Woman Who Has Escaped The to temporarily house a woman who has escaped the s Abe is initially reluctant but then agrees Ana a beautiful Yiddish actress is an intriguing woman who causes unrest in Abe s home and in his mind as he recollects painful memories about his family Max a rabbi in the same community is an interesting man although ineffectual as he struggles to find his place in a radical Jewish group is trying to gain attention for the plight of European Jews I found the narrations among the many characters disconnected And as some reviewers have noted for a novel based on historical events some of the dates are incorrect Interesting perspective generally well written Auschwitz galvanizes the US infantrymanhis mind slips nowit must be known to the worldhe saves what s leftof humanity in front of his platoonsymbolism saves himburning himself aliveoffering his life upto the perished racewhile the Jews in New Yorkwring their hands talking cheapthey do nothing substantialand they do nothing lastingTo all the Jews slaughteredI carry ou In My SoulI Mourn YouChris Roberts Compelling Story Of The my soulI mourn ouChris Roberts Compelling story of the American movement to evacuate European Jews in the path of Hitler with a focus on just a few fully fleshed characters This novel is full of beautiful writing I m looking forward to whatever Brooks writes next I wasn t expecting too much when I read the cover copy which promised the story of a volatile and alluring refugee who stirred up the home of her hosts so much so that the patriarch Abe became consumed by his desire and went on a hodge podge journey through actors and activists to find her Seemed rather soapy I also took into account the low reviews on GoodReads and the grumblings about unlikable characters though personally I m a fan of the flawed It s the one dimensional sort that annoy meThese concerns. It is the summer of 1941 and Abe Auer a Russian immigrant and small town junkyard owner has become disenchanted with his life So when his friend Max Hoffman a local rabbi with a dark past asks Abe to take in a European refugee he agrees unaware that the woman coming to live with him is a volatile and alluring actress named Ana Beidler Ana regales the Auer family with tales of her lost stardom and charms and mystifies Abe with her glamour and unabashed sexuality forcing him to confront his own desire as ,

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