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Jenna is a problem solver and I Liked Her Character As liked her character as as Grayson s Her biggest problem at first is being on such a small cargo ship with a gorgeous pilot Heat rises uickly and is sated nicely Grayson is a nice guy who is stuck between a rock and a hard spot As we learn his story it is asy to sympathize with his moral dilemma The story is told with plenty of dialogue the plot is tight and flows well Most of the story takes place on the cargo ship between the two main characters and neither is afraid to get their hands dirty in one way or another I The Hebrides enjoyed thescape into their lives and I found the Where Are You Going You Monkeys endingxtremely satisfyingThis book contains adult situations that may not be suitable of young adultsNo significant rrorsOriginally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy Rating Five Stars Aria Kane has not disappointed me yet with a book I fell absolutely in love with the characters on the pages of this story Jenna wants nothing than to be home for this story Jenna wants nothing than to be home for but her job on Titan makes her miss her flight She is determined to get home ven if that means getting a ride with Grayson on his cargo Ship Soon sparks begin to fly between the two and when Jenna discovers Grayson is dealing in cargo that is illegal will she be able to look the other way or let him go no matter his reasoning I just want to thank veryone for all your support of my little story This was short but goodA Titan for Christmas is the first story I ve read by Aria Kane and I really njoyed it I ve met Aria a couple of times at the annual Coastal Magic Convention A Reading Challenge is part of the preconference Atlas Of Operative Craniofacial Surgery events and this year I m trying to read books by as many of the authors as I can before the virtual one in February 2021This was a pretty short novella but it containednough detail to make it really interesting I love that the female lead was an The Dom With The Kink Monsters Badass Brats 4 engineer who was able to fix the space ship she hitched a ride on when it broke downI knew that something funny was up with the pilot when he told her to stay out of the cargo hold and of course she didn t Ever Not a traditional Christmas romance I didnjoy it I loved both Jenna and Grayson I liked above all the setting Jenna is An Introduction To Genetic Engineering engineer in a Space station near Saturn The author did a good job of creating the world in a short amount of time I will definitely reread closer to the holiday. Nned on the passion thatrupts on the tiny cargo shipThen Jenna realizes Grayson is transporting extremely dangerous cargo When she discovers why a man like Grayson would take such a risk she has to decide whether she'll turn him in or help him. Another SF Christmas Romance This one actually takes place in space but no aliens this timeThe romance is hot and fast and there s a a very convenient and uick solution to the main conflict but once again I ll blame it on a Christmas Miracle I m starting to think these Holiday novella s are all about the warm fuzzy feelings and the rest is optional pStill this is annjoyable read so don t mind my snarking This was a fun little read that I knocked out in a couple hours over my spring break vacationI loved that was a fun little read that I knocked out in a couple hours over my spring break vacationI loved that main character is a female ngineer being an ngineer myself The sex scene was nice and hot not what I was xpecting kinda makes me want to get a spaceship and start trolling around looking for female ngineers needing a ride someplace Beyond that the story was short and to the point with a good ndingI look forward to reading from Aria to see what she can do with a longer novel where characters are given background and time to develop This review was originally posted on Reviewing in ChaosWhen I was offered the opportunity to review this book I thought Perfect Timing I needed a little Christmas cheer to get me in the holiday mood A Titan For Christmas was a uick read I read it in one sitting and really njoyed it Jenna can t seem to help herself it in one sitting and really njoyed it Jenna can t seem to help herself problem solving and fixing things Grayson is a "hottie with a secret The sparks are flying in the tiny little cargo ship I would definitely recommend this anytime "with a secret The sparks are flying in the tiny little cargo ship I would definitely recommend this anytime need to sink into a uick romance My only complaint I need Books are never long nough for me I hope the author writes books like this soon Cover I love this cover It is simple but at the same time it speaks volumes Things that I liked I really liked that the story could be or is realistic and Ms Aria Kane did an awesome job describing the surrounding for the characters involved in this story The descriptions of the characters were realistic as well I really Adams Gene And The Mitochondrial Eve enjoyed reading about their obstacles andndeavors throughout the three day trip from Titan to Earth A scene or two was a little steamy but I didn t have a problem with it and it was well written in my opinion Things that I didn t like There was only one section in the novella that I had a problem with and that was towards the beginning of the story It seems to transition a little harder than I was The Little Red Hen Beginning Reader Illustrated expecting but it wasn t too bad Overall I would give this novella a When Jenna's job as anngineer makes her miss her flight home from the mining colony on Titan she's heartbroken she won't be able to make it back to Earth in time for Christmas with her family Until a coworker gives her another option private

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Out of 5 stars I would recommend this to anyone who would like a uick read with a little steamy scene in the middle I m not normally a fan of romance but maybe Sci Fi romance is that sweet spot for me After reading A Titan for Christmas I will read SF romance because I really Brother Bullet enjoyed this bookJenna the heroine is truly a strong female character This is one of my big problems with most romances so I think this is what sold me on the book She s independent self sufficient and just the right amount of pig headed When things break she fixes them in thengine room and in her life She doesn t need a man to complete her but that doesn t mean she can t want and njoy one in her life Grayson the hero is a jerk at first of course this is romance but it turns out he has a really good reason for acting the way he does when they first meet To tell you would be a big spoiler but it s believable and he turns out to be very sweet This short novella is only told from
*jenna s pov *
s POV we don t get to know him as well as her I was worried about the plot sagging considering there are only two characters in a small space but I thought the plot moved along nicely The pacing was xcellent though I did feel the Enter The Dragon end was slightly rushed At around 13000 words this canasily be read in one sitting Readers should be aware there is one on screen sex scene which was well done though there is a lot of sexual tension throughout the story All in all it was a fun uick read with only a few flaws I look forward to reading from Aria KaneThis review was originally posted at wwwsiftreviewscom This review was originally posted on Big Al s Books and Pals review blog on Friday November 23 2012When Jenna s job as an ngineer causes her to miss the last scheduled passenger flight home from the mining colony on Titan she has to become creative to get home to Earth before Christmas She learns that sometimes private cargo pilots will take on passengers for the right priceThere is one small cargo ship piloted by Grayson that is getting ready to make the three day trip but he Doesn T Want Any t want any Jenna convinces Grayson to allow her aboard his ship so she can be home with her sisters on Christmas When she learns what he is transporting is xtremely dangerous and illegal she must decide whether to help him or turn him in to the authoritiesThis novelette is a uick light njoyable read. Argo pilots sometimes take on passengersGrayson pilots the only ship leaving Titan in time to make it back to Earth before Christmas He doesn't want any passengers but Jenna convinces him to take her on the three day trip Neither of them had pla.
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A Titan for Christmas