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White Fang dMe reaction and I wantedepthI struggled too with the plausibility of Metro s continued athletic prowess considering her mounting catalogue of injuries She seemed almost the plausibility of Metro s continued athletic prowess considering her mounting catalogue of injuries She seemed almost unstoppable which for me Cytogenetics detracted significantly from the realism of everything else I loved theescriptions of the grim attic suat its security provided by the only access being across a narrow steel beam but if one can still cross while encumbered with two crutches The Girl And The Rat is a thrilling fast paced can still cross while encumbered with two crutches The Girl And The Rat is a thrilling fast paced that was an enjoyable read at the time I gave it four stars immediately on finishing as I id get nicely swept into the tale Much of my criticism has come up on reflection so if you are looking for fun escapist reads with an unusual focus and aren t planning to well on potential story flaws then certainly try The Girl And The Bomb followed by The Girl And The Rat Also available on the WondrousBooks blog Country FinlandGreat start bad ending In shortI found the book on NetGalley and it sounded ludicrous enough to catch my attention Metro an black woman from Finland who saves the world through graffiti The book itself has three parts the first two were pretty good and interesting and then I m not entirely sure the author knew where to take the story so the third part basically suckedI want to note that this is the second book of a series but I learned that than halfway through the book and I m convinced Jarvela Conspiracy On The Housatonic did good because Iid not feel like I was missing something The references to the previous book were clear and explained all on their own That was a Friendlyvision definite plus but one that added to my opinion about the book later as Iidn t know it from the startNow on The Girl and the Rat itself funny story right when I started reading it I was on a bus which passed by Vienna and that really helped me soak into the atmosphere since the novel is set in Berlin I think I could envision everything and vicariously live through it in a much intense way than if I was sitting in my bed at homeThe book shows us a very ark neo noir setting reminiscent of that of China Mieville s

City and the City On atmosphere itself it was very isturbing Abandoned buildings junkies underground graffiti movements The characters were a personification of that they themselves were outcasts unable to fit in their worlds and Fomorian Earth Star Borne 1 damaged by it Metro who was assaulted because of her race Vorkuta a homosexual man from Russia Alyosha a survivor from the Chernobylisaster Verboten a man with ruined face that Bob The Castaway Or The Wreck Of The Eagle doesn t fit in today s standards for looksThe first two parts of the book were full of mystery and tension and action on a background of aark and gloomy city which is the playground of the above mentioned outcasts The third part was very rushed not very likely sloppy confusing and not engaging enough I am almost convinced to read the first one just to compare the styl. Entirely she and her friends are forced into action The piece turns up at auction for millions of Wandering Willies Tale dollars and Metro must follow it to its new home in Kotka Finland a town she thought she had left behind for goodUp against the law and on the run from her personalemons Metro has no choice but to seek justice with the only means she has graffi. The Girl and the Rat The Girl and the Bomb Book 2This was a goodreads giveaway copy I received This is a very gritty urban tale and as you read along you find you become very fond of Metro as she takes you through her world A good summer read This is a follow up for Jari he created Metro as a graffiti painter in his first book but she left Finland for Germany when her boyfriend was killed She meets up with Verboten in Berlin and lives in his Ice Cave for the Ice Rats Everything goes and lives in his Ice Cave for the Ice Rats Everything goes Verboten plans except that Smew and Alyosha are killed in the Ice Cave by bad people Vorkuta and Metro goofy to find Verboten who was there prior to the killings Metro and Vorkuta threaten Verboten and find out a wall was taken back to Finland so they go there to estroy it They id with the help of the Baron who ratted on Metro in the first book They All About Ashoka The Great destroyed the wall they came toestroy and Metro finished off the people that killed her boyfriend She ends up meeting Banksy through a phone call He s the one who created the wall The ramblings of a man who read the book and gave it four stars I couldn t White Horse Regressions Glen Wiley Mystery 2 do it justice DNF Iidn t realize until too late that this was a seuel which may have affected my enjoyment of it There was absolutely nothing wrong with the writing I found the characters to be three imensional and the world the author built was grim but real My problem was in understanding or lack of it in my case The characters live in the world of graffiti or tagging And it has its own language its own rules its own style of living and of existing It s not something I m familiar with on any level except that I know who Banksy is I think I m not cool enough for this book honestly So if you re scrolling through these reviews trying to ecide whether this book is for you ignore mine if you are a remotely cool b into the world of graffiti and c have read the preuel to this novel However if you are none of those things you might want to skip itI received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I am a huge fan of the Nordic lands so Livia Or Buried Alive The Avignon Quintet 2 decided to try and find some literature and this book was recommended probably one of the most interesting novels I have ever readThere are three books in this series and they are fantastic so much so I actually contacted the author to thank him for his workIt has art suspense revenge and love rolled up in aark and insightful look at life growing up in FinlandBuy this book Not as good as the first one and insightful look at life growing up in FinlandBuy this book Not as good as the first one still entertainingpage turning this one jumps between Berlin and Finland with their respective graffiti artist scenes and the references to Banksy are great especially the end I enjoy trying out new authors and the Berlin setting was intriguing Metro is a Finnish girl who lives with a group that Mehmed Ali dubs themselves children of the night No it s not a vampire book Rather Metro and her group mates are graffiti artists who have to constantlyodge their much hate. After losing her boyfriend and partner in crime Rust uring a tragic run in with security Metro moves to Berlin to start over She finds a home in a grimy suat where she befriends other graffiti artists and together they carry out aggressive attacks bombing entire trains and buildings with fresh paint and achieving international notoriety by D enemy security guards When two members of her gang are killed Metro will stop at nothing to see justice served I had no idea that this book was a seuel to The Girl and the Bomb but the author alludes enough to Metro s back story that I never felt lost It is a fast paced thriller that kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next I wish that the book hadn t Ended As Abruptly As It as abruptly as it but I surmise that it means there will be another story involving Metro Thanks to Netgalley for an e galley copy in exchange for an honest review First off again I must acknowledge that I m a fiend for all things Finnish I ve already been very happy to have come across an English translation release of a Finnish book earlier this year I m even thriled to find another And this book elivers on its promise It s about a rebellious girl who s taken up writing which in her case means grafitti art This is the 2nd book in a series but I Resilient Post Disaster Recovery Through Building Back Better didn t have trouble picking up the gist of things She s left Finland to leave some bad memories behind She s now part of a 4 person crew who call themselves the Ice Rats and wreak havoc v The good thing about this book very well written full of action wellescribed characters and situationsThe bad Book 2 in a series and I Question Medica Nueuamente Ventilada do feel you have to read the first one to grasp all about Metro a graffiti artist and her friends They live rough and have traveled from Finland to Germany where they try to save a mural by Banksy There s a whole lot of things going on as this small anti establishment group are causing chaos with their painting all around townProbably this was a book that is too young for me but all in all uite interestingI received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review See of my book reviews on my blog Literary FlitsThe Girl And The Rat is the the seuel to The Girl And The Bomb which I read last year Ion t think it s absolutely essential to read the books in order as Jarvela includes brief recaps of important earlier events but this second story oes carry on from the first so I felt I had a fuller understanding of the charactersMetro is still emotionally shattered from the loss OF RUST AND HER ESCAPE TO BERLIN BY WAY Rust and her escape to Berlin by way Pripyat is an attempt to try and overcome this however I idn t notice the same strength of feeling from her this time around Perhaps she is numbed The Girl And The Rat is told entirely from Metro s perspective so we Innovative Turkey Hunting don t get theual voices which I thought worked so well in the first book Instead this seuel focuses on action scenes Jarvela writes excitement well so I was gripped by set pieces such as the graffiti ing of the train and the painting of as the graffiti ing of the train and the painting of high rise office block Without the contrast of experiencing Metro s emotions though the action felt two imensional this time around Without hopefully giving too much away she mentally shrugs off events which should force at least so. Osting their hits onlineAdorning the attic of their suat is a wall size piece by world famous tagger Banksy epicting a silhouetted rat spraying a wall It’s a hidden treasure amid the sualor But when Metro comes home one ay to find bodies including one familiar face from her past scattered around the building and the amazing mural missing. ,