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5 Prince Charming Stars SpoilersOMG this book was an emotional ride I cried I laughed and I swooned Damn this book worked me over I have been waiting for Trip s book since I read the first book in this series Accidentally Hers back in Oct 2015 I knew there was to Trip then his playboy act and I wanted to see him shine This book was everything I wanted and Better than the first book and that is saying something since I can still remember how much I love that book a year after reading it Happy "birthday princess He rinned leaned closer to Kelsey and practically purred in her ear Does the birthday irl want "princess He rinned leaned closer to Kelsey and practically purred in her ear Does the birthday Anak Pemburu Beruang girl want kiss Yes Her insides sprang to life like Mexican jumping beans but she remained outwardly calm No thanks No telling where those lips have been in the past twenty four hours Trip and Kelsey Trip was so much than what I expected He was sexy of course he played the manwhore since book 1 but he was also sweet caring and protective He had this vulnerable side that made me want to hold him and make everything better for him Most of the time when I read the manwhore trope I don t really feel their reasoning behind their commitment phobia but with Trip I could totally understand where he was coming from I felt such empathy for him and the way he was raised I loved Trip I loved Kelsey too She knew what she wanted and she went for it She was sweet and sassy She wore her heart on her sleeve but she was real and honest I loved that she didn t settle for anything less than what her heart wanted Beneath this whole playboy persona is a bit of aentleman Just a bit of course But it s in there Once upon a time your mom must ve taught you how to treat a lady Kelsey Their relationship was sweet hot and heartbreaking at times It felt real I really cried at some of the things they went through Then the next minute I was swooning at one of the sweetest scenes I have ever read Trip really pulled out the Prince Charming and in the end he wowed me Trip s dad I liked but I was surprised I liked Trip s half brother Mason even though he was a jerk I could again empathize with the way he felt too Although I wish he was less of a jerk to Trip I wouldn t mind seeing Mason Gulliveriana 2 De 2 Coleccin Milo Manara 6 getting his own HEA Kelsey s niece was adorable and added major cute points to this book I loved seeing Avery and Grey again andetting caught up on their relationship I also liked The Reluctant President getting to see Em again I really liked her from book 1 too and I hope Em s book is next My only wish was that I would haveot a deeper epilogue but that didn t take away from my love of this book I m so Sacred Fate Chronicles Of Ylandre 1 glad Iot this book and I can t wait til the next one comes out You take my breath away he said his eyes locked on hers I can only hope to be worthy of your kind heart Trip ARC reuested through Netgalley and kindly provided by Montlake Romance in exchange for an honest reviewI admit to The Fox In The Henhouse going into this story with a litt DNF 20%Kelsey wants marriage and a family It s all she ever wanted To settle down To be loved by one man as much as she loved himTrip wants adventure and adrenaline He loves women All women Marriage seems boring and if his father is anything too by the idea of comitting to one woman just isn t part of his DNA So rather than hurt one woman he prefers to sample many have a Army Of Darkness good time and call it a night Sparks fly between these two characters especially when Trip decides to help Kelsey not seem so desperate around menBut perhaps a little desperation is enough to save him from himselfWhat areat premiseButI can t really rate this because I didn t finish itThe writing seemed rushed and though the dialogue was funny and full of spark the narration that followed was clunky and ill paced On top of that many scenarios were a little too transparent The first ill paced On top of that many scenarios were a little too transparent The first where the heroine dressed in princess costume at the local shops literally trips and falls into the arms of Prince Charming was just a little too much all that was missing were the forest animals How To Use Hostgator And Its Cpanel To Create Your New Website giggling and clapping in the background A cute story with areat premise but just not for me Kitty s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsJamie Beck really rabbed me with Secretly Hers Her writing was fun refreshing and caught me totally off uard Interesting fun characters mixed with a little bit of sass and desperation made for a Hercules great read that had me turning page after pageTrip is just that a trip He was sarcastic the innuendos were funny and outrageous He was sexy. On her thirty first birthday hopeless romantic Kelsey Callihan has all butiven up on happily ever afters which is why she agrees to a risué proposition from Sterling Canyon’s notorious playboy backcountry skier Trip Lexington After all every irl needs a little fun an.

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Re also new ones introduced and it all read very smoothly This story involves Gunner Trip Lexington He is a orgeous sweet cocky man who and has no desire of ever settling down Kelsey Callihan is beautiful smart and wants to get married They are friends and youuessed it they decide to try a friends with benefits relationshipThere is a lot to Trip He doesn t talk about his family or about his past But with Kelsey he finds himself opening up They have a connection but due to Trip s past it s finds himself opening up They have a connection but due to Trip s past it s As they embark on their FWB journey feelings begin to develop I must say that I loved the development of Trip and Kelsey s relationship Kelsey s family plays a big role in her life and Trip s family has issues Kelsey and Trip s friends help to round out the story and Kelsey s niece Fiona is a scene stealer Romance Sassy Heroine Cocky Hero Amazing Secondary Characters Steam Angst Friends to Lovers and a HEAThis Book Has It All Secretly hers is beautifully written and Jamie Beck has a forever fan in me I recommend this book to readers who love romance and who believe that fairy tales can and do come true Advanced copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review Misleading blurb as it says the heroine is a hopeless romantic when in actuality she was apparently an amateur stalker in the last book that La Fsica En La Vida Cotidiana gave her the nickname Boomerang She wants to be married with kids and comes across as kind of desperate to snare a manThe hero of course is an unrepentant manwhore In one scene the heroine sees him sneaking out of the local inn from a hookup They then engage in banter Maybe it s just me but I don t think flirting with auy who just had sex is cute endearing or whateverThe writing was well done but the characters did not do it for me 45 starsSecretly Hers was such a beautiful and heartwarming read loved itMy attention was held from start to finish the storyline was interesting and entertaining The characters were likable relatable and you couldn t help falling in love with Kelsey Trip and the journey they took to et their HEA Overall reat read and hard to put downI m loving the Sterling Canyon series each book can be read as a standalone and I highly recommend them allThank you to Montlake Romance via NetGalley for the advance copy What I really loved about this book was the heroine Kelsey Kelsey is the type of woman who knows what she wants and Henny Penny goes after it She knows what she deserves and doesn t want to settle for less With all the success she s had in life the one thing she wants than anything is a husband and children Since the 8 months that Trip has lived in town he s been with a lot of woman and he s a notorious manho Kelsey has always turned down his advances but she can t deny the chemistry between them When Trip agrees to help her in exchange for a little fun I loved both of these characters and the way they were together Anyone who reads my reviews knows I am not a big fan of the whole manho thing but I loved Trip He has reasons for the way he is but when he falls he falls hard and I loved how he fell for Kelsey There were a few emotional moments somereat banter and a prince charming For my friends that worry about safety especially with Trip being a manho view spoiler there are no detailed scenes with OW at the beginning Kelsey sees him leaving another womans hotel room after spending the night with her but at that point she couldn t stand him anyways Once they start their fling neither of them are with anyone else although Kelsey does o on a date with someone else but nothing happens hide spoiler ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalleyI didn t love this book and I ended up skimming a lot of it The characters seemed a little forced to me and I was not able to relate to either Trip or Kelsey There was a lot of potential in this story but it was not realized for me I thought the pacing was off the characters spent 95% of the book not thinking there was anything permanent with them and the resolution felt not only rushed but forced by eventswhich really didn t work for meThe writing was uneven and some Of The Character And the character and descriptions struck me as odd and actually had me uestioning the word choiceway the description was written I think it was the word choice and writing style that left me feeling that I was not able to relate to either character and by 45% in the characters still felt flat to meAll in all I can t really recommend this. Believes could share her dream of marriage and family His jealousy turns to outrage when he discovers that the man is his estranged half brother and lifelong rivalNow Trip must decide whether the fire in his ut is due to sibling rivalry or something much dangerouslike lo. ,

And knew it and pulled off the hot cowboy scenario without blinking An He Didn eye didn have a care in the world bedded any irl that caught his eye and wasn t embarrassed or shy about any of it Until he was told to stay away from the sexiest most appealing woman he ever ran across Boomerang Kelsey His Princess Getting her into his bed became a huge priority in his life and she made it extremely easy with one drunken night and an outrageous bet Now he has to keep his end of the bargain or lose the one thing that he "Treasures Most In The World "most in the world Granddaddy s cowboy hatKelsey was an unforgiving hopeless romantic She had visions of her Prince Charming coming into her life sweeping her off her feet loving her like no other and living happily ever after in her white picketed fence little home with 25 children Yes she was obnoxious about it to the point where I started rolling my eyes But it fit perfectly into this story So Trip could very easily have filled the bill for her there There is only one thing that keeps him off that list he s a man whore who enjoys his devil may care lifestyle There is no place for love or commitment in his life She ll take him up on his proposition but will uard her heart and his cowboy hat with all that she has Until the unexpected happens and she has to face all of her feelingsAs Trip s past comes out and Kelsey sees a side of him that she never expected it s becoming harder and harder for her to Maana Doesnt Mean Tomorrow guard her heart And Trip well he just may find that loving and trusting one woman may be exactly what was missing from his life It may take a little push and a big shove put Trip finally opens his eyes and heart and realizes just what he has Finally Prince Charming steps up and fulfills all the fairy tales that Kelsey ever hadThere is so much to this book than Trip and Kelsey All the characters in the story were integral to the plot From Fee to Maura to Grey to Avery and Emma they all combined together to bring us a fun story that was filled with everything from love to hate jealousy to empathy and fun to serious They were a unit that stood by each other in theood and bad and supported whatever decisions were made by the other no matter what they thought I even enjoyed the sibling rivalry between Trip and Mason Trip s father was loving and caring even if Trip didn t want to think so But one thing I was thrilled with Deb only made a small appearance in the story If she had of a part I would have had to find her and slap her upside the head She was the main reason why Trip and Mason had the relationship that they did She had no sympathy or love in her heart for the boy that was born to the other woman and no tolerance for the man that he becameJamie Beck really has a way with words She showed us so many sides to Trip and will probably have every woman who reads this swooning over him I haven t read a male character that was so complex that was funny serious caring and sarcastic all in one paragraph in a long time She really brought Trip to life and made us fall in love with him As for Kelsey she did the same thing Except she went in the opposite direction with her Kelsey was an obnoxious romantic a laughing friend and sister a serious business woman She could also be sarcastic and The Flowering Of Kew gave asood as she Prince Harry got with Trip I loved their interactions and their bet was never a win win for either of them But it was fun watching each of them try to win it In the end everyone won and I found an author that I can t wait to read againReview copy provided for an honest review Book two of the Sterling Canyon series by Jamie Bell Trip is Greys bff and a very complicateduy He s a massive flirt but it his way of keeping people at arms length When he meets Kelsey a beautiful successful estate agent that is desperately wanting to settle down and start a family but struggling to find the right Passchendaele guy and also has a massive crush on Trip Love the relationship between Trip and Kelsey especially that the both want each other a 5 Make Me Smile Stars I can t tell you how much I love a friends to lovers book especially when it has the right amount of fun sweet sex and angst Secretly hers fit the bill completely This is a book that made me smilegigglesighswoonand evenet teary It was a perfect read that hit all my emotionsI read Accidentally hers which is the first book in this series So oing into this book I knew the cast of characters and it felt like it was home There we. D with Trip there are no mixed signals or risks of a broken heart And if his tips can help her land a husband in the process all the betterTrip couldn’t be happier with his secret no strings fling with sweet and sexy Kelsey until she calls it uits after meeting a man she. .