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Loved this book when I was a kid Was interesting to read about the reat 1913 flood in Dayton OH where I rew up There was interesting to read about the reat 1913 flood in Dayton OH where I Identity grew up There was a story told in my husband s family about hisrandfather stealing a horse to Whom The Gods Destroy get home when the waters were starting to rise in downtown Dayton I read this again as an adult and it held up well This was a surprisinglyood read about a teenage irl an aspiring writer who along with her family survives the flood of Dayton Ohio in 1913 Still remember this book from reading it approx 30 years ago I loved this book as a child and as an adult When I had A YOUNG TEENAGE DAUGHTER WE READ IT TOGETHER AND young teenage daughter we read it together and together we went on our own tour of downtown Dayton etting out and walking over the bridge and also driving to some of the main places mentioned in the book My two randmothers used to talk to me regarding their experiences in the Dayton flood and those along with the book made the time very real to me It is a history that all Daytonians shou. Virginia known as Ginger O'Neal who like many of her age envisions for herself a literary career The place is Dayton the time 1913 when the disastrous flood occurred Ginger's

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Promises in the AtticDayton Flood of 1913 I "Was Surprised To Read How "surprised to read how the waters rose in Dayton homes The impact came swiftly and must have been terrifying 467 people were killed and over 40000 homes were flooded I loved reading how the city of Dayton came together after the flood to care for one another and to rebuild the cityThere are some ender stereotypes that bothered me but they
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have been included because the time period Altogether though I truly enjoyed this book Good book especially if you live in Dayton Ohio I ve never read it myself my 7th Zoeys Broken Heart Making Out 26 grade teacher read it to us but still veryood The publication date cannot be correct I Read This Book For The First read this book for the first in 5th or 6th rade and reread it many times after That was well before 1975 I loved she was a writer she had an attic always wanted one of those and she prevailed despite life threatening conditions Now that I see Friermood s other titles I know I read some of the others but none stuck with me as this one did. D fancy It takes disaster and enforced retreat to the attic of her inundated home to make her wake up to herself and bring into focus the realities of which books should be mad. ,

Ld know and the book is very informative as well as exciting
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read this book in school and have been trying to find it for years I decided "To Look It Up With "look it up with keywords today and was very excited to find it I also found a copy of it in our library system and I m oing to check it out This was one of the ood old books that our tiny I m oing to check it out This was one of the Radical Feminists Of Heterodoxy good old books that our tiny had when I first moved to a new town after 3 years there was a big new library with nothing any better to read This isre A The Hermetic Garden Of Daniel Stolcius great old fashioned story I imagine some people may consider it outdated but I loved reading about Ginger s daily life I learned a lot about the devastating flood that occurred in Dayton Ohio during 1913 view spoilerI wanted to cry when the Judson family was almost killed The author did a wonderful job of describing the despair Ginger and herrandpa felt when they witnessed the rescue boat capsize I was overjoyed when I learned they survived hide spoiler This is a reat historical fiction about the. Igh spirit and healthy narcissism make her somewhat oblivious to the actual world around her and she retreats into a phantom world as she spins out unlikely tales of romance an. ,

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